Women’s Fashion Glove Styles For 2020


Winter is less than three weeks away which means women everywhere will be, if not already prizing open their wardrobes open and ready their winter garments for the next few months! Coats, hats, scarfs and gloves that have not seen action for the best part of a year will be dusted off and recommissioned to face the winter of 2019. Warm winter clothing is essential for comfort no matter what lifestyles we lead but with cold-weather garments being used only a portion of the year, it’s easy to forget that fashion changes over time. Ladies Leather Gloves are the pinnacle of winter clothing accessories because they have the power to completely alter the context of your outfit. With this in mind, we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on the freshest women’s fashion glove styles for 2020.

Velvet Gloves

If you’re looking for a subtle yet eye-catching material glove, then king among them is the classic crushed velvet glove. Velvet, once a 1970s formal wear staple has experienced a modern-day revival mainly due to its unrivalled smooth and refined look. One of the unique things about velvet is how the fine surface pile catches light and takes on a wondrous luminous quality making it both matte and incandescent at the same time. You can only imagine how wonderful this looks on a golden sunny winters morning as the light highlights the surface of velvet. 2019 has seen a rise in popularity of velvet gloves which can in part be attributed to a vintage rework scene which has seen a revival of classic materials and styles.

Evening Gloves

Arm gloves or “evening gloves” are the perfect example of a formalwear classic that screams elegance. Popularised by style icons like Jackie Kennedy, the arm glove has enjoyed status as a much loved timeless accessory since the 1800s. The evening glove is a long-cut glove that reaches roughly just below the elbow and can be made from a number of thin materials like silk, velvet or satin. The thinner the better as these gloves are designed to look streamlined and fitted without showing any baggage or excess material. If you have a calendar packed full of formal occasions be it dinner parties, black tie events or weddings, a pair of silk evening gloves are sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons and they look fantastic when paired with a strapless frock and small envelope handbag.

Technology Gloves

With the ever-rising popularity of touch screen features like iPads and smartphones it is becoming a necessity to have gloves that keep you warm and are compatible with touchscreen devices. One of the largest bug bearers for many women when it comes to gloves is the inconvenience of having to take one glove off to check a phone. Repeated exchanges of WhatsApp messages and texts are huge inconveniences and often end up in having to compromise warmth and comfort for phone functionality.

Technology gloves are the answer to this but if you thought that functionality overrules fashion you are mistaken. Patagonia, Timberland and UGG are a few among many brands that have managed to develop an amazingly diverse offering of touchscreen gloves across many spanning many styles. Touch screens work by using minute electrical charges in your body to initiate certain actions on a device eg. opening an app or scrolling through a text. Whereas normal Glove fabric obstructs your natural electrical charge, technology gloves contain conductive fingertips which carry the charge from your fingertips through to the screen.

Faux Fur Gloves

2019 has seen an unprecedented rise in the popularity of ethical and vegan fashion. For many women, the faux fur is now a credible means of enjoying the majesty of fur whilst abiding by vegan principals. Dents and Jayle both offer some of the highest quality faux gloves in terms of luxury, style and warmth so we advise that you check these brands out. There’s no denying that faux fur gloves smoulder with classic glamour which makes them a great option for adding an extra touch of finary to both smart and casual outfits.

While being glamorous, it’s possible to use faux fur in a way that’s not too austintactions and It’s more than possible to wear it in a restrained way that’s not too rocky horror-esque. Simply find a pair where the fur lining does not exceed from the cuff more than a couple of inches, this way you will get the wrist-warming comfort without having showing too much of the faux fur itself.

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