Why Free Web Hosting Services Aren’t the Best Deals for You

Why Free Web Hosting Services Aren’t the Best Deals for You
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Why Free Web Hosting Services Aren’t the Best Deals for You

Why Free Web Hosting Services Aren’t the Best Deals for You- Free hosting? That may sound great really, as one imagines not spending anything on them. Before you get too excited however, remember nothing is truly free. Such free web hosting companies use this freemium model to promote their premium service at the expense of those they provide hosting to. The free label such services bear does not come without its own fair share of drawbacks.

Why Free Web Hosting Services Aren’t the Best Deals for You

  1. Low Uptime

Going for a free web hosting service provider simply means that you will lack a stable uptime. Because it is free, expect user traffic. Free hosts will not provide much resource to control such traffic, meaning you have to expect a consistent downtime. Ideally, you won’t like to disappoint your readers with a “Server Not Found” message or related errors all the time. Going for paid hosting will help you avoid a situation where you write a very attractive post which goes viral only to check analytics the next day and find it below the expected range. Lifestyle blog

  1. Limited Features

Another problem with free hosts is lack of vital features that a normal web host ought to have. In any case, they offer a limited number of features to only holders of premium accounts. They do not have critical features like softaculous, which simply means, you will have a hard time installing word press. Limited features on premium web hosts means that, as an account holder, much of your time will be wasted trying to create them instead of working on other beneficial stuffs.

  1. Slow Load speeds

Have you ever wondered why sometimes pages of a site take too long to load? Free hosts have a poor configuration and this will have an effect of slowing the speed of loading the pages. No one would like it if their readers bookmarked their post and forget about it forever.

  1. Insecurity

Free hosts are normally a target of hackers as their security is usually poor. In hosting, if the hackers are able to access a website, they can easily get access to other sites by a malware or other hacking methods. For ecommerce sites and other businesses depending on online payments, a simple security hitch can cost you a fortune. You might not only lose essential data but also important customer credentials. To avoid falling victim of this, simply avoid the free host services at all costs.

Choose wisely

Truly, for anyone serious about online business and in need of a professional website, they should avoid free hosting services. Instead, they should opt for paid but worthy web hosting services. Yes, you may be in need of keeping your budget as minimal as possible, but owing to the above effects that are as a result of free hosting, there is need to offer quality services as well. Keeping your budget tight doesn’t mean compromising on quality and service delivery. It is more preferable to opt for an affordable shared web-hosting package than a free version.

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