What To Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot

What To Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot

What To Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot

Picking out the right outfit for your family photo shoot can be a challenge. You don’t want your entire family to wear just a white shirt and a pair of jeans — this may have been popular decades ago, but not anymore.

What To Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot

What To Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot
What To Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot

If you are at a loss, here are a few ideas and suggestions to help you out:

  1. Keep it casual

Pick out outfits that you would typically wear if you went out for a picnic or for the weekend. Don’t choose clothes that are too formal, stiff or shiny. Kids, especially, don’t like to wear those types of clothes and they may end up being fussy during the shoot.

Wear clothes that are comfortable. Nothing too loose or too tight. For the girls, perhaps a cotton dress or a light blouse worn over a pair of shorts and sandals. The guys can wear a checkered shirt with khaki shorts or pants.

  1. Choose complementary outfits

No need to wear matching clothes. Instead, what you can do is wear clothes in complementary colors. Choose two main colors that work well each other. You can then add softer hues to make the look consistent. For instance, pair pinks with purples or greens with blues. One or two members can wear plaid shirts or accessories.

If you want a simpler look, you can go monochromatic instead. Pick one main color and look for various shades of that color to go with it.

  1. Consider the details

Footwear, hats, scarves, jewelry and other accessories can add texture to your outfits. These can make or break the look, so examine the color, pattern or even the material of the accessories carefully.


Avoid loud colors or distracting patterns as these can be too overwhelming and may grab all of the attention from the viewer.

  1. Take note of the season

Some colors and patterns work better with certain seasons. For instance, during the summer, outfits in pastels are recommended. Vibrant colors are better for autumn or winter shoots. You may also need to consider layering clothes in different shades of the same color, especially during the cooler months.

  1. Environmental factors

Where you decide to have the shoot can also influence what you and your family can wear. Pick outfits that go well with the background or the surrounding environment. For instance, if you are having your family photos taken at the beach, you may want to ditch the stilettos and formal leather shoes. If your home interior consists of vintage furniture from the Renaissance period, wearing plaids and a pair of jeans may not work out either.

  1. Avoid branded clothes

Wearing a T-shirt with a witty slogan may seem like a cool idea right now but they won’t be so fashionable after a few weeks or months. Avoid wearing any type of clothes that feature slogans, abbreviations, brands, popular characters or personalities. They look tacky and may grab all of the attention towards one person.

  1. Go for a classic look

When it comes to family photos, a timeless feel is more recommended. The holidays are popular for taking pictures of the entire clan. However, do not be tempted to take out your knitted sweaters and reindeer antler hats. If you want to put your family photo in a prominent area inside your home throughout the year, then you should avoid wearing any seasonal outfits.

Play with a few ideas on this list. Pick at least two looks for your family. You may want to consult with your photographer before the actual shoot if the clothes are suitable. Talking about it beforehand can help speed up the shoot on the day itself. Getting your outfits settled will also help make the photo shoot less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your entire family.



Linda Pasfield is best known for her skill to capture emotion on film and expression in an art form. Linda has had 20 years of experience photographing weddings, portraiture and documentary. She is an award winning photographer and Linda’s career has taken her worldwide, photographing for Olim Aid International, Worship Centre and Cross Rds, and numerous other organisations. Photography is Linda’s passion and “capturing the true feelings on the day, blending creativity and lighting in the right way is a joy”.

Linda says the secret to capturing amazing images is to “read light, direct clients into the right lighting, and making them feel comfortable so that they can be themselves, love your People it breaks the barriers.” Her accolades include the Linda Pasfield Greeting Card range, which was launched all over Australia. Linda’s photography has also been featured in numerous magazines and calendars including, ‘Australian Outback’, ‘Bonnie Babies Foundation’ Calendars, ‘That’s Life’, and has also appeared on Channel Nine’s ‘The Today Show’ and ‘Extra’.





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