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Hello Girls 🙂  Today Am sharing Ultimate trend of jewelry 🙂

Things to keep in mind if you are a monsoon bride

With the onset of monsoon and romance bubbling in the air, it’s the perfect time to tie knots with your loved one! Although it’s not as easy and dreamy as it sounds, there are millions of hitches and glitches as you’re breaking the monotony with the perfect ‘monsoon wedding’. And it’s obvious that in a wedding, the main center of attraction remains the bride so congratulations! the level of stress goes a notch higher. But not to worry, we give you one less reason to worry about by covering you up for the wedding bridal jewelry and other essentials which are apt for the monsoon wedding. So take a chill pill and concentrate on other preps and read on!


  1. Diamond Jewelry:
    Diamond are a woman’s best friend but make them your companion throughout your wedding. With the rain drops falling around you, diamonds would just glisten like rain drops embellished on your body .
    Also, take a break from the omnipresent gold jewelry and steal the limelight! You can also go for an online shopping spree for more ideas.

voylla - Fashion Jewelry

  1. Temple Jewelry:
    Remember the rustic and elegant wedding look of Alia Bhatt in 2 States ? That’s raging these days. Brides are opting for minimalist look with temple or coin jewelry instead of decked with heavy embellishments. Opt for vibrant colored lehengas and coin jewelry with kamarbandh and matha patti for a more regal look.

3. Floral Jewelry:

When nothing works, floral does. This monsoon, go for floral jewelry for your sangeet or mehendi and blossom with all the happiness. Not only the rosy, lilac fragrance would lift up your mood but also give you a mystically enticing look. Go barefoot and opt for floral ankle jewelry which would be icing on the cake. Take cues from Bipasha Basu’s Monkey Wedding and flaunt your floral power!

voylla - Fashion Jewelry
voylla – Fashion Jewelry

Pro Tip: Keeping the makeup light would help draw more attention to the jewelry and give you a naturally breezy appearance.


1. It’s difficult to imagine a monsoon wedding without a few props. No! We didn’t mean raincoats and stuff but how about a large, traditional and a striking handcrafted rajasthani umbrella for the bride?
Serves the purpose and would perk up your ensemble.
Also, decorate the venue with big vibgyor umbrellas and watch the place lighten up.

2. Paper boats have always held a special place in every person’s childhood so work on the magic of paper boats in your wedding. Decorate the altar with paper boats or have your doli built in the shape of a boat instead of the typical one.

voylla - Fashion Jewelry
voylla – Fashion Jewelry


  1. Well, well, this is the most important part of a Bride’s entire dress up. Prevent looking all cakey and sweaty and go for waterproof powder-based makeup. Say an earnest no to cream-based makeup even if your nuptials are taking place in a humidity-controlled room.2. Choose a hair up-do with soft curls falling tenderly on your cheek to escape the wrath of humidity. Stunt with open hair only if you can carry it.

With this, we assume that you’re brimming with ideas now and all ready to get going with the preps and the shopping. So stop gazing at the screen and be the trendsetter. It’s you big day after all.

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