The Ultimate Wedding Ring Buying Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Ring Buying Guide

So, you have your gorgeous engagement ring – probably after having to drop a hint or two. But,  The Ultimate Wedding Ring Buying Guide , what about making sure you have a wedding ring to suit it? That’s scary stuff. But, we are here to give you the help you need to find the perfect wedding band.

  1. Narrowing Down the Choices

Do you want gold or platinum? Gemstones or diamonds? Narrowing down your options probably seems daunting, but just take it slowly. Begin with style – do you want a simple ring or something with embellishments? Do you want the metal to match your engagement ring? Do you want a ring that matches with your partner’s? If you have something special in mind, a unique design can be created for you.

  1. What About Buying Both Rings at the Same Time?

Knowing that the band is designed to go with the engagement ring can help with this decision. Also, the rings will be designed to fit together. If you do plan to wear both the engagement and wedding ring together, look for a shadow or contour band that will interlock and match your engagement ring. If you’d prefer to just wear your wedding ring, perhaps a more intricate style is the way to go.

  1. Start Shopping Early

It’s never too early to start shopping! It’s a good idea to allow for a few months before your wedding to find a ring from. You’ll need to leave time to browse, budget, and revisit the rings you like.

  1. Mix Things Up

Don’t stress if your partner loves yellow gold and you have your heart set on platinum. There’s no rule to say you must have the same style or metal.

  1. Set Your Budget

Keep in mind that you will spend around three percent of your wedding budget on the rings. Also, remember, that embellishments such as engraving, or diamonds will add to the cost of the ring, so be sure to factor those things into your budget.

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle

This is the band you are probably going to wear every single day, so your goal should be to choose something that will fit in with your lifestyle. If you love your sports or you play a musical instrument, a slimmer ring that has rounded edges will work well. If you are active, choose platinum, which tends to be highly durable.

  1. What About Something Different?

Why not try a few rings one you wouldn’t normally consider? Let the jeweller make some suggestions based on your preferences and lifestyle – you may end up with something you never would have considered but totally love!

  1. Think About the Future

While it’s certainly okay to be trendy, the style you choose ought to be something you will want to wear for decades to come.

  1. Don’t Forget About After Care

To keep your wedding band sparkling and clean, it should be washed regularly with a homemade solution of warm, soapy water and a very soft toothbrush.

  1. Get the Size Right

Most people choose to not take off their wedding bands, which means they are worn when fingers swell, you retain water, you get cold or hot, and so on. To get the size right, schedule the final ring fitting at a time you are most likely to be calm and have a normal body temperature.

  1. Consider Quality

Any ring requires quality control, not only your wedding ring. But, ensure it has all the necessary manufacturer’s trademarks and comes with any required paperwork.

Take note of these 11 tips and you’re sure to find the best wedding rings.

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