Turning The Tables: 3 Ways How to Transform Hearing Aids into a Fashion Statement

Hearing aids offer incredible technology that can help individuals hear who would otherwise have problems doing so on their own. While there are skin-colored hearing aids offered, many still aren’t too fond of flaunting it. But instead of hiding your hearing device, there are some ways one can show it off – and they’ll be glad they did.

Opt For a Hearing Aid of a Favorite Color or Pattern

Probably one of the most known ways to make a hearing aid a fashion statement is to purchase a hearing aid in a certain color or pattern that one enjoys. One can find hearing aids with skulls, polka dots, checkers, super heroes, tie-dye colors, or even glitter. The options are endless.

The great thing about there being a Variety of Hearing Aid Styles is that there are endless options regardless of one’s taste. There are both child-friendly designs out there as well as ones more suitable for teenagers or adults. There’s something for everybody; they can go as bold or as conservative as they want to.

Add a Charm To Your Hearing Aid

For those who love jewelry, there are even special charms designed for hearing aid wearers. Just like earrings, hearing aid charms are beautiful, variant in color and style, and can be paired with different outfits. One may choose to wear charms on a daily basis or just for special occasions.

One source to purchase hearing aid charms is from Etsy store, Hayleighs Charms. Hayleigh also sells tube twists and tube and cochlear treasures/bling that are especially fun for children. Different animals, objects, and themes are offered. Fortunately, these accessories are designed to where they will not interfere with hearing aid functioning.

Consider Wearing Fairy Wings

Did you know that 2 to 3 of Every 1,000 U.S. Children are born with a hearing impairment? It’s true. One of the best ways to stop children from being shy about their aural device is to give them a reason to be excited about it. After all, it’s what’s already being done with braces, casts, and eyeglasses.

One way to get children to love their hearing aid is to buy them fairy wings for their hearing aid. One can purchase pairs from Etsy store Whimsical Pixies where they also offer tube riders just for individuals with hearing aids. Many of their accessories are offered in different colors, so one can color-coordinate their hearing aid to their outfit!

These fun hearing aid accessories are specifically ideal for costume parties, Halloween, plays, family photos, holidays, parties, or other special events. Some of these accessories are more playful than others, and in turn, may be more or less suitable for daily wear. Apart from children, adolescents and adults may also enjoy wearing fairy wings too.


Hearing aids, while medically necessary for many, are not always viewed as aesthetically-favorable pieces. Fortunately, there are strategies you can turn to, to make their hearing aid a fashion statement rather than something to be ashamed of. In the end, showing off one’s hearing aid is the best way to accept oneself the way they are.


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