Tried and Tested Tips to Fight Static Hair

Tips To Fix Static Hair

Tips To Fix Static Hair

What causes static hair? Science says our hair is made up of atoms, which are further comprised on electrons. When electrons move from one atom to another, it electrically charges atoms, resulting in static hair.  Tips To Fix Static Hair We say static hair results from humidity, unhealthy eating, and using synthetic hair styling brush and don’t know what. But here, the most important thing is static makes you look terrible, unpleasant and sometimes, funny.

Well, if you’re also struggling flyaways, we have listed below some tried and tested tips to fight static hair.


Tips To Fix Static Hair
Tips To Fix Static Hair


Tips To Fix Static Hair

Try Frizz Control Hair Spray

Tame frizzy hair using a good-quality hairspray that will deal with the problem without letting your hair feel weighted down. If you seriously want to trick static hair, don’t hesitate to spend more on a good hairspray.

Never Use Plastic

Do you know hair hate plastic? Yes, you read it right. It is because plastic is non-conductive that makes your hair more static. So, if you have plastic combs and brushes, just dispose of them. Instead, opt for wooden or metal brushes or comb as both are conductive.

Use Anti-Static Hair Brush

Every time we comb, clean or even touch our hair, a static charge is created. So, it’s good to use conductive, anti-static hair styling brush and combs with bristles made of natural, synthetic or metal fibers. Though anti-static hair brush is little pricey, it’s worth buying, considering the problem.

Use Anti-Static Dryer Sheets

Tips To Fix Static Hair
Tips To Fix Static Hair

Remember those sheets that your mom puts in the dryer while doing laundry? Yes, we’re talking about the same. Dryer sheets work like magic when it comes to pesky flyaways. Rub them on your static hair to put them in place. It’s also good to wrap your combs and brushed dryer sheets to keep them static-free. So, don’t forget to stock a few sheets in your purse all the time.

Use Oil-Based Hair Products

Tips To Fix Static Hair
Tips To Fix Static Hair

Use oil-based conditioner for medium-density and wavy hair that locks moisture in your hair strands. Apply a thin coat after towel drying to seal the moisture before the dry air gets a chance to rob moisture away.

It’s good to use natural conditioners like jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter or peach kernel oil. It will give a great volume and health to your hair and prevent flyaways.

Don’t Over Clean Your Hair

Your over-attempt to keep your hair clean and healthy adds to creating an electrical charge, resulting in static hair. If you shampoo every day, harmful chemicals can strip natural oils from your hair. It makes your hair look so dry, dull and prone to static. Instead, shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week to keep your strands moisturized and static-free.

Use Silicon-Based Conditioner

Silicon, in a balanced quantity, covers hair with a thin layer of hydrophobic coating. This covering reduces the porosity of the hair, which prevents hair from absorbing humidity and keeps them smooth.  It also prevents moisturizer loss and lubricates the surface of the hair, so it feels soft and combs easily.


Dry air is the most common cause of static hair during winter. Using a humidifier offers immense help with the condition; it locks the moisture back into the hair. Alternatively, you can follow an inexpensive option to put bowls of water around you. The water evaporation will naturally humidify the room, protecting your skin and hair from dry air.

Use Ionic Dryer

Using ionic hair dryer reduces the amount of time we spend using heat on our hair. This hair styling tool helps to neutralize the electric charge that causes static hair. And, the best thing is that that ionic hair styling products are not necessarily expensive.

Avoid Rubber-Soled Shoes

It may sound weird to you, but rubber-soled shoes accumulate electric charge, resulting in static hair.

Have static-free hair!!!


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