Is The Future of Traditional w\rist Watches Secure?

Is the future of traditional wrist watches secure?

Is the future of traditional wrist watches secure? With new and trendy smart watches releasing rapidly and not only providing time but a lot of added features and functions one cannot help but wonder about traditional watches and their future in the market. Not long ago Apple released its smart watch which got a lot of buyer attention amidst the gadget lovers; while the Galaxy Gear too caught fair share of attention being a smart watch which supports more than 70 applications and can also read data saved over the internet.

Many of course would ponder at the next logical uncertainty which arises- whether mechanical wristwatches are no longer going to be around for long. However the reality and data shows that traditional wrist watches are not going anywhere and branded watches are far from being extinct.

Dedicated Market Segment

There is a dedicated market which will not and are in fact far from considering trading in their branded watches like Omega watches and Cartier for something which is tech savvy and has functions that their mobile phones can also fulfil.  This group of people (which is still very large) will not substitute wearing smart watches in place of their beautifully designed elegant Swiss ones. In fact various market surveys suggest that mechanical watches are still high in demand.

Is the future of traditional wrist watches secure?

Part of History

Traditional watches have been around for more than 500 years and in fact were used when the man landed on the moon, and also survived various technological and historic events. Hence as it is very unlikely people change their likes and dislikes which are set in since they are born; it is also going to be a long time before traditional watches become obsolete. In fact a very large ratio of watch collectors still love collecting antique watches and are willing to pay a rather large sum of money to acquire such watches.

Design and Features

A smart watch though providing a lot of features cannot replace the aesthetics and designing of a branded watch like Cartier or Omega watches. In fact most typical smart watches look chunky and thick compared to the older traditional wristwatches. Besides not being good looking enough; most smart watches require to be charged every day which is not something most traditional watch wearers are keen on doing.

Passing on To Next Generation

Branded mechanical watches have remained popular over different decades owing to the quality of watches made by skilled artisans.In fact buyers end up paying a large sum of money for these watches as they expect them to last for a long time. These watches being something personal to the wearer and surviving over decades have frequently been passed on from one generation to another; however the new smart watches cannot compete with this tradition as most smart watches will become obsolete as soon as the next technology is released as is the case of other tech products like mobile phones, tabs, etc.

Less Competition

Most smart watches as they become obsolete as soon as another one is released are generally priced at the same market price as the lower priced luxury watches. Hence at that price they are competing with a very small segment of the luxury watch market; along with mass produced watch brands like Fossil and Rado which sell their watches at a similar price; consequently higher-end luxury watchmakers do not have much to worry about.

Buying a traditional watch which is also a smart watch

Keeping in mind the above features one can safely say the classic wrist watch future looks secure. However most manufacturers want to capture in on new trends; this is why few traditional watch makers trying are even creating traditionally designed watches with some features of a smart watch. Various online websites like Zimson Watches have a wide variety of watches and brands one can browse through and even purchase; including a variety of traditional watches which are also smart watches.

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