Travelling to China- Tips for Learning Chinese

Travelling to China- Tips for Learning Chinese

Travelling to China- Tips for Learning Chinese

Travelling to China- Tips for Learning Chinese

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for people to learn the Chinese language quickly, even during adulthood. An important aspect of learning Chinese is to understand the grammar and the core rules that pertain to it. Learning Chinese grammar enables you to comprehend different sentences and articles with ease.

Native speakers have the advantage of learning their language since childhood but the good news is that even non-speakers can quickly grasp key elements of Chinese grammar. This makes it easier for you to compile sentences and communicate effectively with various words when you understand how the language works.

Chinese Grammar

  • Grammar helps to summarize how a language is generally spoken. Within the Chinese language, all verbs are characterized by a single form. Regardless of the nouns and pronouns that are used, verbs retain their form.
  • When using a noun or pronoun in sentence, there are no plural forms. Forming plurals involves the addition of certain characters that indicates you are referring to more than one person or item. This is also applicable to adjectives that do not require comparative and superlative forms.
  • Many Chinese words consist of one symbol and combining more than one character will create another word. It is important to be able to understand what words that contain more than one character mean in order for you to comprehend the meaning of different sentences and articles.
  • Combining words forms phrases, idioms and sense groups which are all important aspects of Chinese. Since characters do not typically contain spaces between them unless there are punctuation marks, you need to understand combined words when reading sentences.
  • Another important aspect of understanding Chinese sentences is the order of words and structure of sentences. The order of words in Chinese is similar to English. Sentences can consist of multiple different parts.
  • Subjects, verbs and objects are the core elements of sentences. Subjects usually begin the sentence, followed by the verb and ending with a noun, for example’ I enjoy eating food’.

Travelling to China- Tips for Learning Chinese- Understand the Basics

Daily practice and dedication will enable you to overcome the complexities of Mandarin Chinese. Using textbooks, interacting with Chinese speakers and online classes can all make it easier for you to learn the language. Read about Chinese tuition here.

It is important to note that Chinese is a language with varying tones that can change what different words mean. Learning different tones ensures that you speak correctly. The tones include high and flat, rising, dipping and lowering. Hearing these tones will give you insight into how they sound and their effect on words. Lifestyle blog

Chinese Vocabulary

Regardless of which language you want to learn, it is always important to know as many words as you can. This will improve your fluency within a shorter amount of time. A vital step is to start memorizing useful and basic Chinese vocabulary. These include the time, parts of the body, food and days. Fashion blog

Translate different words form your language into Chinese and the more often you words, the quicker you will be able to get used to them. As you broaden your vocabulary, remember to focus on pronouncing the words as accurately and correctly as you can.


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