Tips To Decorate a Romantic Spring Wedding

Tips To Decorate a Romantic Spring Wedding

Spring is, by far, the most romantic and a perfect season to get married in. It is characterized by all the beautiful flowers blooming in and the warm sunshine which pleases our soul after the chilled winters. If you are planning to tie a knot in this season, probably it’s the best part of the year to make your wedding memorable. A spring wedding includes lots of bold and colorful flowers, plants, a glass of wine, and the bride’s mermaid style wedding dresses. So here are some of the tips that may help you in decorating your spring summer wedding:

1. Wine Glasses:

Use wine glasses of different shapes and sizes to decorate your table with those blossomed flowers arranged under these glasses. To add more beauty, use scented candles on the top of the glass. You can also add colors to wine glasses by using glitter at the base or on the walls of the glass! Match the colors with the bride’s wedding dresses if the groom doesn’t have an issue.

2. Tulips in Glass Vases:

Tulips are everyone’s favorite. Decorate slim and tall glass vases with these fresh spring tulips, make a bundle of two or three freshly picked tulips and place them inside a decorated glass jar. Tulips create a romantic atmosphere. Soft, lush and pastel pink tulips can draw the attention of a major chunk of people. Also, they will compliment bridesmaid dresses!

3. Tea Cups and Roses:

Add a vintage feel to your romantic spring wedding by using a bunch of statement flowers in a teapot. It is such a charming centerpiece, creates a vibrant atmosphere with freshness all around.You just need to find vintage tea cups or colorful ones from a thrift market, then bunch together some beautiful flowers and place this combination at the corners of the table or at the center.

4. Romantic Wedding Gowns:

Wear gorgeous Wedding Dresses with feathers, laces and floral detailing going all over them. It will go pretty well with the whole spring vibe and leaving them to spell bounded. Opt for off shoulder lacy gowns to add more charm to your beauty! Hot feathers going down from waist upto the floor adds so muchglamor to an ideal spring wedding that we are completely drooling over! A little bit of feather detailing in your Bridesmaid Dresses will also match up with the vibe.

5. Decorating Aisle:

Surround your wedding aisle by white flowers or a bunch of them combined with tulips and lilies to create a romantic moment! You can also play around with white rose petals; fresh rosy smell will result in a soothing atmosphere all around. If it’s a destination wedding at the beach, march down the aisle with a cool breeze coming from deep blue waters for a mesmerizing natural décor!


Try out these tips and make your D-Day exciting and appealing. You don’t need to do much because spring comes naturally with bloomed flowers and green plants. You have the advantage of nature welcoming your wedding guests at its peak, enjoy the beauty of it!

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