Things To Ask Yourself (and each other) Before Moving in Together

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Deciding who to spend your life with is certainly not an easy decision but even once you’ve got past your differences and survived the post honeymoon phase the next big step can still come with a feeling of uncertainty. But what are the big deal breakers when it comes to living with someone and how can you make it work best for both of you without turning your home into a pressure cooker?

Keeping Things Tidy

The cleanliness and the tidiness of a house can have significant importance to many people and so should be agreed upon by both you and your partner. Whether you may need to compromise your habits of leaving the dishes on the side for days and start hanging your towel up after you have a shower, being on the same level in terms of cleanliness is essential to reducing tensions and keeping on each other’s good side.

Sharing Responsibilities

The outdated impression that women take on the housework is far behind us so it’s time to share responsibilities and cooperate when it comes to chores. Alternate who cooks each day and who does the laundry. Of course if you’re a culinary expert and want to show off your skills on a Friday night whip out the whisk and frying pan to your heart’s content but try to keep an equal balance between you both and accommodate each other’s routines as best you can.

Where To Live

One of the most important things to consider when moving in with your partner is where you both want to live. Do you want to stay near your parents? Things To Ask Yourself (and each other) Before Moving in Together-  Are you willing to take a longer commute, so your partner is closer to work? Do you feel more comfortable in more open rural areas or are you more of a city slicker? These are all questions you must ask yourself and discuss with your partner so whether looking for houses for sale in Barnet or Durham you know you have each other’s best interests in mind and are making a decision that works for both of you.

Goals and Aspirations

You might not have a 5 year plan quite yet but you probably have a good idea in terms of where you do and don’t want to end up. You and your partner don’t have to have the exact same plan but if you want to move to Thailand in three years time and travel the world well into your thirties and your other half wants two kids and a promotion at work within the next 18 months, maybe it’s not the right time to take the next step and start looking at ways to get on the property ladder such as shared ownership properties.

Appreciate Each Other

If there is something you must remember when considering moving in together it is appreciation. You have made it this far and while seeing each other every single day and sharing the same space may come with its own challenges, always keep in mind how you got here and what made you fall for your partner in the first place. We often take for granted all the things our partners do for us and the happiness they bring to our lives, so take a minute every day to enjoy each other’s company and forget about everything else that might be going on in the background. As a couple you are a team so enjoy your time together and remember to thank each other even in the more subtle ways.

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