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We all have at least a couple of pairs of sunglasses that we use on a regular basis, and these are considered essential during those hot summer days when strong sunlight beams down on everything. A good quality pair of polarized sunglasses has several components, which we will examine in this article.

  • The Frame– Each lens has a solid frame that runs around the perimeter of the lens, and the two frames are connected by the bridge. You can have slimline, medium or thick frames, depending on the style. The overall design of the sunglasses is obviously critical and choosing a top brand will ensure the best quality, which, if looked after, will last for many years.
  • The Lenses– Very much the business end, the lenses should ideally be polarized, which cuts out 95% of the glare, which gives you a much-improved field of vision. If you would like to view polarized sunglasses, here is a link to the Humps Optics mens sunglasses page where you will find a wide range of stylish polarized shades. It is worth noting that tinted lenses does not necessary mean they are polarized.
  • The Bridge– Typically a small metal bar that joins both lenses, which may have a top and a bottom connection, depending on the style. The bridge is often a straight line across the top of both lenses, such as with the classic Aviator design and usually is made from an alloy, which is both light and strong.
  • Nose Pads – Affixed to the bottom of the bridge, the nose pads provide support for the nose when the sunglasses are worn, and may be made from ceramic. These are essential for comfort and on most pairs, these can be adjusted by lightly bending the wire supports.
  • The Temples – The two thin arms that run to the top of the ears are called temples, and they are attached to the frame with a screwed hinge. With some sunglasses, the small hinge screw can come loose and eventually fall off, and a good tip is to drop a tiny blob of superglue onto the screw head, which prevents any movement.

Online Solutions

If you would like to view the best brands, all polarized, an online search will take you to a leading online designer sunglasses retailer. On average, prices are 15-30% cheaper than a traditional bricks and mortar retailer, which means you can order a couple of pairs.

The following are available:

  • Fishing sunglasses
  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer
  • Men’s and women’s sunglasses
  • Sunnies of all styles
  • Skiing goggles

The importance of polarized sunglasses can never be overstated, as lenses with a Polaroid coating are able to filter out glare, and when driving, it is important to always have good vision. Most rated sunglasses are polarized and also tinted to a degree and always look for the term ‘polarize’ when buying shades.

Of course, sunglasses are also an essential fashion accessory and when shopping online for designer sunglasses, there are many style variations for both sexes. Ordering online is so much easier and cheaper too!

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