The Must-Try 2016 Autumn Trends to Steal from the Runway for Women

Must-Try 2016 Autumn Trends

The summer is gone, and the world of fashion has now reached the stage of a new season where every runway has seen the latest fall trends of 2016. The Must-Try 2016 Autumn Trends to Steal from the Runway for Women Don’t know how to pair up comfort with chic style? Or do you want to steal the glam and stun the audience as you walk into the room this fall with a striking statement?

The Must-Try 2016 Autumn Trends to Steal from the Runway for Women

Worry not, the following runway trends for the autumn/fall 2016 is sure to spice up the right dose of making the bold, elegant and chic fashion statements. Just check these out and get inspired to achieve the best and most stylish look this autumn:

  • The Pant Suit

That’s right! There is no need to keep those quality suits anymore in your closet for work only. One of the biggest trends that you can pull off this late autumn is to put on your suit for the casual hangout with your friends or attending an invitation. Make the print elegant by going for pin stripe or make it edgy with floral and autumn prints.

The Pant Suit
The Pant Suit
  • Layer Up with Kimono

To pull up the casual and chic look as you face the chill breeze of the autumn, pair up your attire with a stylish kimono. One of the most sporting trends of the fall 2016 is the silk and satin kimonos. Choose colors like mint, sky blue, peach, and nude to bring in the sophisticated touch in your overall persona. Work on those colorful prints of nature because there is no better time to dress up colorful than during autumn!

Layer Up with Kimono
Layer Up with Kimono
  • Off Shoulder

There is no better time than the fall to play with cold shoulders. This amazing season which is not so cold and not so hot is just perfect to sport your off-shoulders purchased using the Jabong coupons in a carefree way. So, the most effortless and chic fashion statement to show just the right amount of skin is by going off shoulder, one shouldered and cold shouldered with your tops and dresses.

Off Shoulder
Off Shoulder

Choose Your Fabrics and Colors Well  

Along with the clothing trends, know how to blend in the fabrics, colors and accessories as well to get the perfect autumnal look:

  • Linen and Khadi- The opening of the fashion week has seen some of the mostly used fabrics of linen and khadi. Be it the elegant khadi sari, the linen trousers or the gray plaid mid-length skirt, this Autumn 2016 trend is a must-try.
  • Play with Velvets- As the fall brings forth the winter chills of the year, it is the perfect time to join in the strong trend of playing with the different plush fabrics of velvet bouht availing Do not restrict yourself with the burgundy, black and the darker hues expand the colors to welcome the shade of marigold yellow, ultra violet and the tangy pink.
  • Bolder Colors- Autumn is one of the most colorful seasons of the year. Thus take the best advantage of it and choose to make your fashion sense become one with nature as you go with fabrics of bright French Rose and Raspberry Pink, Poppy Red, Carmine, Royal Yellow and Blue de France.
  • Statement Chokers- Do not miss out on the trend of statement chokers as you pair it up with minimal make up and accessory, to gain momentum on the scale of fashion statement.

Follow the hot off the runway fall trends of 2016 but remember to provide yourself the ultimate glam girl by giving a boost to your personality. Wear the best make up to set the statement with a radiant smile.

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