The body shop drops of light review

The body shop drops of light review

The body shop drops of light review

Hey all you pretty girls. It is really important to take care of your skin The body shop drops of light review especially when hot summer is approaching. With all that dirt, pollution and sun tan surrounding us, it is important to pick the right kind of product that keeps our skin hydrated and fresh.

The body shop drops of light review

The body shop drops of light review
The body shop drops of light review

Caring for my blemishes has always been on my priority list. Having an oily skin is not an easy task. It takes a lot of care and prevention from pimples. Keeping all of this in mind, I made sure that I remain regular to my skin care pattern. It was then when I heard of this body shop drops of light serum. Body shop is one brand that I can always rely on. It has the best range of products starting from skin care to hygiene to hair protection and much more. It remains one of my favorite brands when it comes to dealing with my skin.
I have used drops of light serum for almost a week now and I can definitely provide you girls with a fair review about the product. So wait no more. Check out the post right away.

The body shop drops of light review

About the product

The product has been launched to keep the skin absolutely soft and shine free along with reducing dark spots. And I have to say that the serum delivers exactly what it had [promised. I had recently developed a spot due to changing weather (my skin being sensitive) but all thanks to this amazing serum; I can see it no more! The product is absolutely light weight and leaves your skin remarkably soft with no traces of shine at all.

The product comes in a cute small glass bottle with a dropper along with it to keep a check on the quantity served. The paper carton has all the required information about the product including directions and ingredients.

Pricing of the serum is a bit high; 2450/- . But with the kind of effect it has, it is worth it.

The body shop drops of light review

Positives of the product

  • The quantity required is very little each time so the bottle would last long.
  • It works marvelously when it comes to skin brightening. Your skin definitely looks brighter and softer.
  • It has a sweet soft smell to it which is very unique. It does not smell like other regular serums which give out the smell of a medicine.
  • Your skin gets plumped with a bright and healthy glow. The effect can be felt.
  • It works the best for dark spots. Lifestyle blog


Cons of the product

  • It is bit pricy; not affordable for everyone. But those who would want to spend bucks for skin lightning can go for this one.
  • The packaging of the product could be a little tricky. You need to read the directions carefully in that case.

Blogger’s word:

This serum did wonders for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is facing problems with dark spots and dull skin. It is an instant effect serum. You can feel your skin breathing. The skin becomes plump and hydrated. This product is a complete thumbs up for me. Beautyblog

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