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Tasty Meals With A Great Value ! Yummi

A lot of people think it’s impossible to find a very delicious meal that is healthy too. The old notion that sweet food kills still sticks firmly in the mind of many. This is why we treat any tasty meal as a plate of calories, tons of saturated fat laced with so much sodium.

Tasty Meals That Are Great Value
Tasty Meals That Are Great Value

Here we are about to change this notion in this informative article as we bring you the recipes of delicious meals free from excess fat and calories, many inspired by Tasteaholics. These recipes will surely excite your taste buds and fill you up with the right proportion of nutrients your body needs.

Chicken Breast With Shaved Brussels Sprouts

This is an excellent combination of lean meat and veggies. When prepared correctly, this meal will take the sweetness to your head. The meal is filled with cancer-fight phytonutrients from the Brussels sprouts and broccoli; it is also free from calories and very rich in potassium.

All you need to make this delicious dish is Brussels sprouts, celery stalks, parmesan cheese, kosher salt, lemon juice, Skinless And Boneless Chicken Breasts, pepper and olive oil.

Barley-Stuffed Poblanos

Apart from being very delicious, the Barley-stuffed Poblanos can give your body over one-third of your daily fiber requirement. The meal is also very rich in calcium and also boosts your body metabolism.

The ingredients required for this kitchen wonder are olive oil, tomatoes, salt, white cheddar, cheese, fresco, onion, poblano peppers, and barley.

Grapefruit And Avocado Salad with Seared Salmon

Avocado is a known anti-oxidant used for its anti-aging properties. Bringing avocado, grapefruit, and salmon in one dish gives you the delicious meal that is very good for your heart. The meal is also useful for diabetic patients as it helps regulate blood sugar.

The salad fills you up and leaves you with The Right Amount of Vitamin B necessary for your skin, hair, and nails.

You can make this meal using grapefruit, lemon juice, pepper, cooking spray, salmon fillets, avocado, olive oil, and walnuts.

Brown Rice Bowl with Turkey

If you love to eat rice, then this is one way to make a healthy dish off it. A meal of brown rice with turkey is not only delicious but very rich in Vitamin B6. This meal is also remarkably free from sugar and saturated fat. You can boost your immune system with a plate of this delicacy.

All you need to try this out is brown rice, bone-in turkey breast, chicken broth, pepper, spinach, olive oil, scallions, salt, roasted sesame seeds and oil.

Spaghetti With Wilted Greens and Walnut-Parsley Pesto

There are so many ways you can make your spaghetti, but this recipe will leave with a delicious and healthy plate of your favorite pasta. The meal is rich in protein and grains, thus can be used as instant body fuel. It has high-iron content and can also serve as a sound anti-oxidant source due to its high content of herbs, green veggies, and walnuts.

The ingredients required for this meal is whole-wheat spaghetti, spinach, garlic, lemon juice, eggs, black pepper, parsley and Swiss chard.

Try out these delicious meals today and give yourself a healthy treat!

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