Traditional Outfit with Black Anarkali Suit

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Traditional Outfit with Black Anarkali Suit
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Traditional Outfit with Black Anarkali Suit

Hello Everyone!

Wedding Season has already been started and this month has been full of festivals. With so much of going on you everyone needs a different outfit on separate occasions.

For us Indians, traditional attire has been very trendy on almost every festival and wedding. Anarkali Suits have been very common these days. So I decided to give it a try and purchased this black Anarkali suits from Flipkart.

Well, let me start from what an Anarkali Suit actually is?

An Anarkali Suit is a combination of a long kurta and bottoms that are usually in the form of churidaar. The length of the kurta varies according to a person’s choice & Its Looks So beautiful.

Did you ever think where the name came from?

Well, Anarkali which actually means pomegranate blossom was a legendary slave girl from Lahore (Pakistan) during the empire of Akbar. She was dancer at the palace of the great Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Akbar.

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