Dubai Hills Dubai – An Exceptional Living Style – AngelMstyle

Dubai Hills Dubai – An Exceptional Living Style – AngelMstyle
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Dubai Hills – An Exceptional Living Style

Dubai Hills Are The Property of the famous Emaar, which selected the richest 70 investors of Dubai in order to view the speculation of new villas.  The villas are easily priced above Dh30 million, according to the business news. The investors are chosen from the bunch of more than 1000 who have applied their quote in order t but this luxurious property.  They will show the pricing framework and in-depth details on the 8th of December.

The project is the joint venture done on June between means holding and Emaar includes only a process known as “invitation only” in which applicants have to fill details such as marital status, employment, questionnaire and explaining whether they have any “executive director” places in some companies.

According to the Arabian business, out of all those investors, only the 70 investors would be the first one to view the villas.

There are only 600 plots in Dubai villas which are open for sale, only a minorinvestors group will be purchasing the villas on the given scheduled dates.

Dubai Hills is an amazing project and no one project got this much of interest at first place.  The property is exclusive in its kind and luxury on the other hand.  There are many people who want to own the property, but it’s not for everyone, according to Emaar its exclusive.

As per the Emaar news, the project will give amazing views of 18 hole world class golf course and Dubai skyline.

Dubai Hills is the big name in the Emirates and don’t need any introduction. Dubai hills are the part of the Mohammad Bin Rashid City big development, whichencompasses various neighbourhoods and various communities within the region.  The project is built on almost 11 million square feet, includes all types of commercial and residential places to fulfill needs of everyone.  There are many developments and projects going on in Dubai, but the Dubai hills are a place for everyone from every walk of life.

Family Place

The Dubai hills estate has various communities that offer villas for the family. Club and Sidra villas have 4 and 3 bedroom beautifully decorated villas,  on the other hand, Parkway has 7 and 6 bedroom huge villas for big families.  The communities have all the required amenities, community midpoints,and beautifully landscaped garden to give a spectacular view.  The villas are safe, secure and provide the residents with the peaceable and tranquil atmosphere.


To feel royal and prestigious, the community provides you with huge and profligate mansions and villas with more than 8 bedrooms. The average size of each villa inDubai hills is 30,000 sq. ft and provides you with facilities like private garages, pools, sauna, Jacuzzis, outdoor fun and gazebos.  If you want to experience the true royalty, then Dubai hills are the ultimate place for you.

Sports Love

Dubai hills are built around the golfcourse with 18 holes and are the ultimate place for ones who love to play golf.  Moreover, the golf club offers other facilities as well such as football court, table tennis,and golf training as well.  If you want to have a lifestyle of a country club than golf club is the perfect place for you.

Stylish Apartments

Dubai hills also includeapartments known as park point which has deluxe 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.  The park point is very close to the famous destination of the Dubai city such as downtown and Dubai mall.

Modest Community

The easiest to afford community in the Dubai hills is the collective. The collective community offers 1 bedroom apartment and sophisticated studios with common outdoor and indoor lines which are shared among the residents.  The price of these units starts at AED 650,000 and are quite affordable.

Dubai hills are the place for everyone; it meets the needs of every individual. If you interested in any other community of Dubai villas, contact the property agents today and they will guide you accordingly.

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