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What Is A Healthy Diet For a Woman – AngelMstyle
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Diet and Fitness Plan For Women – AngelMstyle

A balanced diet is referred to as a Healthy Diet for both men and women. A diet that doesn’t lack any important nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fibers, amino acids, proteins, fatty acids and much more. A healthful diet is wholesome in nature. It does not have excess or lack of any crucial nutrients that our body may need. Some people think that having excess of one healthy meal or fruit can solve their health problems but it is totally wrong. Our body needs food in proper proportions, neither less nor more and we have to maintain those proportions to stay fit.

Here are a couple of things that women must have in their diet plans for maximum health benefits.

Healthy Diet Plan For a Woman
Healthy Diet Plan For a Woman

1) Water

Our body constitutes 60 to 70 percent of water which is why it becomes essential for us to consume at least 4 to 5 liters of water to get our mechanism going. From waking up early in the morning for a yoga class to preparing meals for the day, to coping with the pressure of exuberantly demanding jobs and to maintain the house and entertain the guests a great deal of effort is required. With all these activities and too much mental stress women tend to ignore water intake which leads to dehydrations which is not a good habit to pursue.

2) Iron Rich Foods

Iron rich foods helps in maintaining the energy levels of women all day long. It is best absorbed and digested when consumed with Vitamin C on the side. Grab a glass of spinach juice, put 2 tomatoes along with lemon to suffice your iron needs. Chicken, turkey, red meat, fish and beans are also good sources of iron.

3) Daily Dose of Calcium

For stronger teeth and bones women need to take appropriate amount of calcium every day. Lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become weaker and breaks easily. Women should consume yogurt, fat free milk, cheese, tofu, juices and cereals.

4) Folic Acid Especially During Reproductive Years

In a day a women must consume 400 grams of folic acid a day especially when she is in her reproductive years. Beans, peas, leafy greens and citrus foods contain natural folic acid. On might consider doctor prescribed folic acid supplement specifically in the child birth age.

5) Limited Junk

A Healthy Diet doesn’t advise you to avoid junk completely but it surely guides to limit the amount of alcohol and soft beverages one consumes. Also ,it is suggested to eat less packaged food and more of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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