Best Health & Fitness Bloggers in India

Best Health & Fitness Bloggers in India
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Best Health & Fitness Bloggers in Delhi, India – Fitness and Weight Loss Tips

If in today world and age, you are not taking care of yourself then you are definitely doing a lot of harm to yourself than you can even imagine. Fitness is not just a condition but a state of mind which is best defined by the way you keep your body. A Healthy Body gives rise to a Healthy Mind. And all of it comes with the changing Lifestyle. So a fitter body and healthy body mean a happier person. And just to promote healthier and happier way of living, here are some of the Best Health and Fitness Bloggers for your weekday motivation.

  1. Meena Chaudhary- AngelMstyle

  2. Indian Fitness Blogger
                                                                                     Indian Fitness Blogger

She is by choice a Fashion Blogger but is absolutely fit. Her abs workout regimes are giving us major Fitness Goals For 2018. She follows a balanced lifecycle and has switched to a better and Healthy Eating. She believes in working out daily and that level of dedication has helped her maintain a fit and sculpted body. She is the new fitness star in making. You can also check out her blog for major fashion advices.

  1. Neha Ghosh- Put That Cheese Burger Down

Her blog name is enough to tell the kind of strict and motivated life this blogger is leading. She believes in living by example and so to promote Fitness, she makes sure that her life is completely under the fitness radar. She is not only a Fitness Motivator but a certified diet therapist. This speaks volumes of the genuine advices that come from her side.

  1. Anupriya Kapur- Mom On The Run

She is hardworking, passionate and so fit. Since she is a mom and works from home, she makes sure that her life routine doesn’t come in way of her passion for Fitness. And therefore she comes up with these quick Healthy sessions which are a boon.

  1. Tarun Preet & Anamaika- Fitness VS Weight Loss

Anybody who remains a tad confused between two giants in the body making must right away head to this blog. They have answers to all your questions and much more. All those aiming for only weight loss and those who want to switch to a healthier body can get themselves answered here.

  1. Anjali Shah- Picky Eater

Much like her picky choice of her blog name, this Fit Blogger is much choosy and picky about the kind of food she eats. The images on her blog are absolutely enticing but trust me when I say that all of them are very healthy and fit to eat. Her blog revolves around everyday eating and body struggles and how to get rid of them.

Meena – Indian Beauty Blogger

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