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indian diet chart for weight loss for female
Indian Diet Chart For Weight Loss For Female – AngelMstyle
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Indian Diet chart for Weight Loss For Female

With everybody around us flaunting their fit and toned body, it becomes a little embarrassing to remain out of shape. Also unfit body brings in a lot of diseases and health issues which nobody wants to deal with. Losing Weight for females is lot more difficult than for males. Certainly because of the metabolism function in a female body. But to reduce that stress, I have come up with an organic and simple diet chart for all the Indian females keeping in mind the products available easily. But before that, lets hop on to some facts.

Why Do We Actually Gain Weight?

Human body and especially female body has a tendency to gain rapid weight due to the hormones and the metabolism function. But along with that, there are certain ingredients that we actually go wrong with and they become the major cause of weight gain. Using too much oil while cooking dishes, using butter and ghee excessively, using disproportionate amount of sugar and over eating or eating junk food at odd hours can be some of the reasons why are body gains weight. No physical activity is another root cause of it.

Effect of fruits and vegetables and how to keep your body fit

Fruits and vegetables perform wonders when it comes to coming on a diet. Otherwise also, fruits and green vegetables hold ample amount of proteins and vitamins and ions and minerals than keep our body healthy and rejuvenated. Fruits fasten our digestion along with preventing constipation. Your body remains aloof from dehydration and the immune system also gets stronger when fruits and vegetables are included in the Diet Plan.
Along with having a proper eating regime, it is equally important to submit your body to some daily activity in order to keep it healthy and working. Doing yoga or performing breathing exercises or doing meditation and drinking at least 6-7 glasses of water daily also works a lot in keeping the body in right shape along with energizing one’s mind.

Diet Chart For Weight Loss For Women

Egg along with multigrain bread + one full cheese omelet / I full bowl of cornflakes / I full glass of fresh juice

Post Breakfast
half an apple / I katori low cream yogurt / a few walnuts

1 bowl rice and 1 chapatti (without ghee) / 1 bow pulses or 1 bowl vegetable curry / 1 full bowl of vegetable salad with curd

Evening Snack
1 apple / 1 vegetable sandwich (without cheese) / 1 katori sprouts or 15-20 peanuts

1 katori dal / 1 bowl salad / 1 bowl chicken curry

Post dinner
I glass of warm low fat milk

This chart is specifically tailor made for Indian females struggling with body weight issues. Follow this diet chart along with tentative rules and you will be able to see the results in a few days. Also do not miss on the physical exercises to keep your body fit and healthy.

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