Best Diet Chart For Indian Women For a Healthy Lifestyle – AngelMstyle

Best diet chart for Indian women for a healthy lifestyle
Best Diet Chart For Indian Women For a Healthy Lifestyle – AngelMstyle
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Best Diet Chart For Indian Women For a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you a mother or a working women completely busy taking care of your family the whole day along with balancing the work in your workplace, or a college going girl who is completely engrossed beneath the weight of heavy books? You can differ in age and profession, but being women, your body functions in a similar vertical. It is very important to lead a balanced lifestyle but for those looking forward to a healthy lifestyle, a sedentary day without a prescribed or decided diet chart is a day wasted.

To strike a balance between a healthy and fit lifestyle, a proper diet chart must be followed containing all the essentials required by the body. To be honest, there is no hidden formula or secret to a healthy body in women, the only culture here is to eat well and train hard. 70% of the health and comes from the kitchen. It is where it all starts.

According to human study, 1875 Kcal is required by a female body every single day. Less than that can do harm to your body. That is the total amount of calories that a female must take in everyday. Protein for her amounts to 50 grams and fat amounts to 20 grams.  Let’s vividly discuss the quantity of calories that can be involved in each meal.

Breakfast Needs To Include 400 Kcal

Midmorning Needs To Include 150 Kcal

Lunch Needs To Include 600 Kcal

Tea Will Have 100 Kcal

 Late Evening Snack Will Have 125 Kcal

Dinner will have 500 Kcal

Let’s go ahead with the diet plan for Indian women for a healthy lifestyle

Breakfast (Around 7:30 – 8:00 AM)

Oats along with porridge or oats in milk small bowl, no sugar to be added and the breakfast can be topped with fresh fruits like pomegranate, apple, grapes and cherries.
2  boiled ages, without egg yolk


2 freshly made idlis along with coriander and tomato chutney and one full glass of skimmed milk.


I big bowl of vegetable umpa along with green tea; no sugar to be added.

Mid Morning Snack (Around 10:30AM)

Any one fruit like apple or orange or pomegranate OR a few digestive biscuits or cookies

Lunch (Around 2 PM)

2 chapattis (whole wheat) along with curry in brinjal or potato and peas or curry prepared in bottle guard


Palak pulses with a small quantity of brown rice


2 chapattis with fish curry or egg curry and pate of salad

Evening –Mid (Around 4:30 PM)

I cup of green tea or black coffee without or less sugar along with 2 biscuits full of oats

Evening Snack (around 6:30 PM)

2 pieces of dhoklas or potato patties (grilled or baked) or mashed potatoes with vegetable dressing

Dinner (Around 9:00 PM)

1 bowl of vegetable soup OR 2 chapattis with curry OR khichdi with yogurt OR 2 chapattis with chicken

This is a sorted diet plan for the Indian women for a healthy living. Follow this diet plan without fail for a better looking and feeling body.

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