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Diet And Fitness Plan

The Ultimate Diet And Fitness Plan For Women

Women are often perceived to be a tad bit callous when it comes to taking care of their own health. Speaking of health and fitness, women on an average spend less than an hour per day on their own body. With hard-pressed time and tight schedules, women juggle between lots of work that happens around from home to office and in between. It there becomes even for important to pay concentrated attention to ones fitness for a better and so to say healthy lifestyle.

Hey Family, I’m here today to direct all you women out there to live a sorted and comparatively healthier lifestyle. I’ve practicing a lot of these parameters myself and it’s out there for everybody to see. I hope all this helps you change your life.

Push Up On Bent Knee

Bent down on both the forearms with a reasonable gap with body completely straight. Look downwards while performing the Fitness exercise so that you neck along with your back and upper leg part falls in a straight line.


Stand with your feet and shoulder wide apart. The main aim is to fit up the lower area. Bend a little with equal gap between your legs and your hands finely stretching them out. This goes without saying that squats are a way to keep your body fit on a regular routine.

Eat Everything Healthy

one is allowed to have to have their cheat day, and its necessary also to keep your body exposed to everything. But other than eat, it is super important to eat healthy on a regular basis to keep a healthy function of your body with respect to what you eat and how your Work Out.

Your diet here will include everything to do with proteins like grams, pulses, fruits, green vegetables, egg whites, bakes or roasted chicken or fish.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

A lot has been spoken about the tradition of not skipping breakfast. But let me remind your girls, it is very important to have a wholesome and healthy breakfast to keep your body in sync throughout the day. Do not go for things that are fattening or extreme in carbs early in the morning. Keep it timid to fruits and grains and eggs, milk, juices and breads.

Cut On The Outside Food

It is certainly difficult to resist all those exciting looking food that the market has to offer to you but one needs to cut down on all those unhealthy wafers and soft drinks for a fitter lifestyle. Simply avoid trans- fats and those refined sugars or excess of salt.

All of these points if taken seriously and followed religiously will lead you to a better and sustainable living. Take on this mode and see yourself transforming into somebody more fit and healthy.

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