Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Bloggers in India

Fitness Blogger in India
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List of Top 10 Health and Fitness Bloggers in India for 2018

Fitness is the new range of the growing world. More and more people are looking out for a healthier and better life. And why not. It’s the need of the hour. And what can be a better motivation than to see someone constantly reminding you of your healthy life. Here’s a list of 10 bloggers who have made our lives better.

  1. Meena Chaudhary

This Beauty Blogger is heading out for some killer and giving us major Fitness Goals. Her healthy life style and her approach towards being healthy and fit is taking internet by storm. She can be your perfect Monday motivation.

Fitness Blogger Meena
                                                                Fitness Blogger Meena
  1. Anjali Shah

She is a wife, a moment and is absolutely fit. She can give a lot of 23 year old’s a run for their money. Her lifestyle includes only picky eating and will definitely turn you into a much healthier and fitter person.

  1. Aloka Gambhir

This wholesome mama is 31 years old and you can definitely not judge it by the way she has maintained herself. She is amongst one of the most popular Fitness Bloggers in India. And we are in awe of her spirit.

  1. Richa

Her blog Ask Richa s a definite reach out spot. She is not only a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger but an inspiration to many. Her blog has everything intact right from Fashion to Lifestyle and most importantly fitness.

  1. Neha Ghosh

Put that cheese burger down! Ya this is what her blog spells like reflecting the kind of tight and fit lifestyle she leads. This gorgeous woman is a writer by profession and a fitness freak by choice. Stay fit while being unstressed is her mantra

  1. Payal Banka

She is registered dietician and has written various works about Fitness and Health. According to her, being fit doesn’t mean starving but eating write. Follow her immediately to have that ab flab body.

  1. Payal Bansal

This gorgeous woman is a full time house maker and a passionate fitness lover. Trends health is her blog and it gives an insight on her Lifestyle and her healthy living. Poetry, product reviews and fitness comes to her naturally.

  1. Vinayak Dougall

This blogger has a team of enthusiast and her fitnut is running successfully all over. His blog will urge you to shed those extra kilos and be on your toes for a fitter life

  1. Ravi Prakash Shah

Stay fit and look good is his kind of mantra for life. He believes and healthy stay and better lifestyle. This young sensation comes up with articles on fitness and bodybuilding and an exemplary style of his own.

  1. Kishor Kumar

Much like his filmy name, his zig verve is much inspiring and motivating. The articles are all that you need for your inspiration. There’s health, medical conditions and even cures and techniques. All you need to do a go out there and follow it.

Meena – AngelMstyle

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