What Every Beginner Needs To Have in Their Makeup Kits

Every Beginner Needs to Have in Their Makeup Kits
What Every Beginner Needs To Have in Their Makeup Kits
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If you are just starting to Get into Wearing Makeup, then you probably are looking to get your own makeup kit, but what do you put in it? Makeup can be very expensive, so you’re best to build your kit as you go by starting out with some basics.

Here Are Some Items That Any Beginner Makeup Artist Should Have.


No makeup kit is going to be complete without a nice set of brushes. Now brushes can be one of the more expensive items that you put into your kit, and buying a good quality set can be expensive. Since you will use these every day, invest in the best set you can afford. Find the one you are interested in and read some reviews online, then, do some research and see if you can find any Discounts codes to apply to your purchase.


A good makeup kit will include both moisturizer and primer. Moisturizer keeps your skin healthy and soft, while primer allows for a smooth base to put your makeup on top of. Both of these items should make their way into your kit.


Foundation gives you the perfect base to apply the rest on your face. It smooths out and blurs your imperfections. Head to your local retailer for help to find a shade that works against your skin tone.


Every person who wears makeup should have two lipsticks in their arsenal, their perfect nude color, and a red for a pop of color is required, or if you need a pick-me-up. Visit your favorite beauty retailer and get some help to choose shades that work best for you.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, and mascara helps to frame them with lashes. Your beginner makeup kit should include a good-quality mascara that you can wear every day.


Blush and highlighter can be worn either together, or separately depending on your situation. Pick up a few of your favorites and add these to your kit.


Eyebrows will frame your face, so making sure they stand out is important. If your brows are a bit unruly or need some attention, add an eyebrow kit or pencil to your beginner makeup kit.


A small eye shadow palette with colors that can be used for daytime and for the evening is an important part of your beginner makeup kit. Six to eight blendable colors work best, but buy what you can afford. There is no need to go crazy and buy dozens of eye shadows as chances are you will not use them all before they expire, so replace what you have as needed.

Building Your Makeup Kit can be exciting and fun. Find your budget, and purchase items that will fit into that budget and make you happy. A few basic brushes, some foundation, a couple of lipsticks, eye shadow and mascara are the building blocks for your kit. Round it out with a good quality moisturizer and primer and you have pretty much everything you need to do up a variety of looks that will take you from daytime to evening and beyond.

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