Amazing Diet Tips And Diet Chart To Gain Weight – AngelMstyle

Amazing Diet Tips And Diet Chart To Gain Weight
Amazing Diet Tips And Diet Chart To Gain Weight – AngelMstyle
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Simple Diet Tips And A Diet Chart To Gain Weight

People often think that gaining weight is like shooting fish in a barrel, all you have to do is eat more. Well, it’s a totally mistook concept and its time people understand the reality. Gaining weight requires as much hard work and right eating as losing weight does. Here are a few tips that can help you gain more healthy kilos.

Add More Calories

Increase the amount of calories you take in a day by 250 to roughly add half a kilogram to your current Weight. Include cabbage, carrots, healthy red meat, spinach, asparagus in your diet. The aim is to add weight and not cholesterol so avoid fatty foods and gain healthy kilos.

Increase Your Meals

Take more meals a day No we are not suggesting you to hog food but divide your meals into. Breakfast, lunch,dinner and 3 snacking meals. Have nuts,dry fruits,cream,cheese,veggies and milk in your diet.

Protein Rich Food

If you want to have a fit body you need to improve muscle and not flat. Protein helps your muscle grow and give you the desired shape with right workout.Add eggs,lean meat,chicken,pulses,sprouts and dairy products in your meals.

Include Healthy Fats

Eating more doesn’t mean that you increase the intake of junk food items like pizzas, burgers, cakes and soft drinks in your meals. It is advisable to enjoy junk once a week to satisfy your taste buds but other than that you have to consume Healthy Fats like salmon, flax-seeds ,leafy veggies,avocados and nuts.

Things you can eat while aiming at gaining weight. Although you must consult your doctor before starting any of the diet plans.

Before breakfastA cup of tea or coffee with full fat milk
BreakfastMultigrain bread with low fat butter and omelette
or Poha, upma, daliya, khichdi and veggies

Or 2 stuffed chapattis with bow of veggies and milk

Fruits or a glass of fresh fruit juice.

After breakfastFull cream milk with whey protein
LunchSmall bowl of rice and 2 chapatis
1 bowl of pulses
1 bowl of curry
2 pieces of chicken ,eggs or paneer
Green salad comprising cucumber,cabbage,carrots,radish,tomatoes and lemon
Evening SnackVegetable or chicken soup
Vegetable of chicken cheese sandwich
DinnerAvoid rice and take a full meal just like lunch
Before bedA glass of milk

Weight gain won’t happen overnight but nobody can do it for you except yourself.

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