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Splash in the rain | Angelmstyle

Splash In Rain With Trendy Looks : With the monsoon around the corners, the markets are all ready to serve you the many varieties of umbrellas, plastic footwear, waterproof accessories, Makeup that water can’t fade up and much more. You might have already set a budget for your monsoon shopping and must be about to start with your to-shop list.

But, wait. How will you make sure that you do not end up with the same look you had last rainy season. Yes, with every individual having an easy access to the common markets you might end up buying clothes that many of your friends have already bought.

Every time you can’t buy something unique from the shops neither can stop your friends. But, we surely can provide you a few tips to Splash in rain with trendy looks.

So here they go for Splash In Rain With Trendy Looks :

The Indian style for monsoon:

You might have got many trendy ideas from western origin but here we are presenting you a fusion look with indo-western style idea. This monsoon try wearing an off white graceful girls kurti with beautiful embroidery on the front paired with a chudidaar legging. We suggest you to wear georgette or cotton ladies kurti as it is easy to dry. With big danglers or jhumkas in ears, you are ready to splash with the style.

Indian Style for Monsoon | Splash In Rain With Trendy Looks
Indian Style for Monsoon | Angelmstyle

The lacy look :

If you are the idol of sophistication then this look is just for you. A white lacy top paired with a red color above knee length skirt will make you look graceful. You can also try wearing a coverall with it but that is just to add up to the protection from water. Waterproof ladies watches might just do the magic. Oh yes! Just don’t forget to wear your long rain shoes to look complete.

The Lacy Look | Angelmstyle
The Lacy Look | Angelmstyle

The red & black fusion :

For the girls who love loud fashion, here is the perfect idea for this monsoon. Wear a red tunic layered with a black short length coat, go for a skinny black legging and black cover-up shoes. With a matching umbrella and a beautiful hair-do, you are all ready to walk down the street in the rain. You can also replace the tunic with a short cotton women’s kurti.

The Red And Black Fusion | Angelmstyle
The Red And Black Fusion | Angelmstyle

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The formal look :

Who told you formal is boring? Well, all you need to know is the fusion sense. A little addition of casual accessories will make your formal look appealing. You must try wearing a white t-shirt with maroon denim. Oh yes, the combination looks so cool. To add a little more grace, you can try a long gray cardigan. Now the extra pinch of casual canvas shoes and you are the lady of style.

Formal Look | Angelmstyle
Formal Look | Angelmstyle

The black magic :

Who does not love black?? It is the color for every lady. This monsoon spread the black magic by wearing a beautiful black outfit- a black layered short dress with skinny stockings is the perfect look for the monsoon. All you need is a black purse and a matching umbrella to make the heads turn around.

The Black Magic | Angelmstyle
The Black Magic | Angelmstyle

With these superb outfits ideas, you are all ready to walk the rain in style. We are sure that nobody will be able to copy your style as you have the 5 super ideas with you, so, just be yourself and choose a style to bang on the monsoon with your mesmerizing style.

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Bonus tip for all: Do not forget to pair a beautiful umbrella with all these trendy ideas of Fashion Blog.


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