Science Shows Soy Helps in Weight Loss

Science Shows Soy Helps in Weight loss

If you are struggling to lose your weight but the diet you are currently following is not helping you lose weight, there is something that you can do to alter the nutrition requirement of your body. According to the scientific researches it has been found that the protein-rich soy foods can help you lose your body weight and fat. This can happen if you replace the other sources from which you are currently taking proteins with the soy protein options in your diet. Soy foods can help you life a healthy life in many different ways and the added benefit of soy protein is that it supports the body by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while it helps in controlling weight.

Before we begin, let us know: What is Soy Protein?

Soy protein is a protein that is plant-based and it comes from soybeans.  It is a natural protein that is free from cholesterol and lactose.  It has the capability of giving the required amino acids to the body and it also provides the body the required nutrients that are essential while weight loss. It serves as a protein that you need in the growth of your muscles.

Diets higher in protein can help curb appetite by increasing feeling of fullness and satiety. High-quality proteins, including soy protein, have been shown to increase satiety. In addition, protein can help maintain muscle mass on a calorie-restricted diet.

Snacking on soy protein is healthy; it improves your appetite, satiety and diet quality, while also beneficially influencing aspects of energy, mood and cognition when compared to a high-fat snack or no snack. I swear by my soy protein snacks, as eating high-protein snacks can aid appetite control to manage you weight better.

There were many experiments done by the researchers in order to seek and establish the strength of the evidences made on research on four projected mechanisms in which soy protein possibly aided weight control. Scroll down to know more:

  • Soy helps in increasing the rate of weight loss when it was consumed by a person at an equal calorie level as the other food products.
  • Soy boosts weight and fat loss as it helps in decreasing the caloric intake of a person.
  • Certain soy based foods promote glucose control and heart health while a person is undergoing the process of weight loss.
  • Many foods based on soy proteins help in minimizing the loss of bone mass ratio while the process of weight loss happens in the body of an individual.

The analysis done by the researchers along with the results from around eight human studies got to a conclusion that: most of the individuals lost equal quantity of weight and in some of the cases equal inches of fat from the waist area while they were on soy protein diet. Using soy protein as a replacement of dairy products and meat replacements at equal calorie levels helped in losing the weight and body fat of the people. This definitely suggests the scientific illustration of the value of soy protein while a person is on weight loss program.

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