How to Save Money When Buying Clothes

How to Save Money When Buying Clothes

Everyone loves to have new clothes, nothing beats the feeling of putting on something new and wearing it out for the first time. This can quickly become an expensive habit if you are someone who likes to have new clothing often. With each new season comes new styles, fabrics, and prints that help keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting.

Here Are Some Ways To Save Money When Buying New Clothes

Join Mailing Lists

Your favorite retailers will probably ask for your email address when you check out, they may even offer you a loyalty card to earn points while making purchases through them. By signing up for the mailing list, you will be alerted to sales and more than likely offered some “discount codes to use to save some money when you shop with them.

Use Social Media

Do you follow your favorite shops on social media? If you don’t, you’re could be missing out on coupon codes, sales, and special events. Check your Facebook an Instagram daily to see what these stores are saying, if it looks good to you, head out and take advantage of some of the deals that are being offered. Many shops will also post contests on their page, by entering these, you might just win a coupon or gift card that you can use to save some money in the store.

Shop-Off Season

End of season sales are the best time to snag current trends at great prices. Retail seasons end much earlier than actual seasons, so this allows you to get some great deals on items you can use now. Watch your email and social media platforms to see when the end of season sales are starting and head out to your favorite store to see what they have in stock.

Shop Big Box Stores

Big box stores are some of the best assets for “finding amazing deals. Not only do they tend to carry a large variety of clothing and accessories, but they have the ability to sell these items for significantly less than some smaller boutiques. Your best use of big-box stores is going to be to find the trendy pieces to pad your wardrobe as these don’t tend to carry over as well season-to-season. Save your money to spend on the basics at higher-end boutiques as these items will wear well from year to year.

Buying a wardrobe is exciting, but it does not have to break the bank. By being smart and staying on top of sales and promotions, you can find yourself rocking some new clothing without spending an arm and a leg. Join your favorite shops’ mailing list to take advantage of coupons or discounts, follow them on social media so you can see if there are any sales happening that you might wish to visit. Whenever possible, shop off-season when clothing is being marked down to make room for new offers and use big-box stores to buy the trendy pieces so you can spend more on the basics in the boutiques.

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