Satin Skin Liquid Foundation from Maybelline


Hi, wishing a very warm lovely Sunday to all the lovely ladies. Happy to see you again. Hope my last post helped you and with the motive of continuing this legacy, today I am presenting a product that is Satin Skin Liquid Foundation from Maybelline.

Like always, I would suggest you to buy it from Nykaa. It is available for just INR 560 Rs.

So Here Goes The Overview:

This is basically a liquid foundation from maybeline for flawless skin. It gives a full coverage to your skin but yet it is very light weighted. It gives a natural and gorgeous finish. This foundation is very effective in filling pores. It stays upto 10 hours and the most interesting thing is that it does not require any touch up again and again.

It doesn’t look wet not even dries out easily and gives a natural look. It is suitable for any kind of skin type whether it be dry, oily or normal. The main reason behind its success and praise is, it can blend very easily. the main concern of this foundation is the right and accurate selection of the colour.

Review of Satin Skin Liquid Foundation:

I ordered it from Nykaa and received it before the committed date. I opened it, and it was just as the name “Satin”, so smooth and soft that i could not resist applying. It was like a miracle. It filled all the pores, infact the invisible ones also.


It was really really longgggg lasting. The best part of it is the finishing it gives. Trust me, the best ever finish! You will surely realize that you have ordered a masterpiece from Maybelline. No foundation till date can match the with this foundation if it comes upto to the it gives. The most important thing while purchasing this is the color selection, specially people with wheatish complexion choose you color wisely which should be matching to your skin tone.

How to apply Satin Skin Liquid Foundation:

Put three to four drops of the foundation on your palm. Mix it well. Now take a dot on the tip of your finger now apply it on the forehead then beneath the eyes, near nose and on the neck. After that slowly massage it thoroughly on the face. For giving it a more glowing finish cover it up with a sponge. And here your pro make up look is ready!


  • It is long lasting.
  • Easily blends and smoothens the skin.
  • Gives professional makeup like finish.
  • Fills invisible pores, very light weight.


  • Color selection is a quite tough job.
  • Proper method should be used to apply is sponge bouncing, otherwise it will create a bit of mess.

Hope it will help you all.

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