Revealed: 10 Secrets Of The Perfect Winter Makeup

The harsh winter can destroy the canvas that is your face. Even if the rest of you is covered up, your face isn’t. And applying makeup in winters to rough, dry skin can be tricky.

Revealed: 10 Secrets Of The Perfect Winter Makeup
Revealed: 10 Secrets Of The Perfect Winter Makeup

You can feel it already, the slight nip in the air, signs of the next few months to come. Put the summer dresses away and get the jackets and boots out. While the rest of you is bundled up, your face remains exposed. And as winter progresses, your face gets rough and dry, making it tough to hide blemishes and do a thorough job with your makeup. Yes, winter makeup can be tough, but not if you keep in mind some of these winter makeup tips.

Use Gentle Cleansers

You can’t stop washing your face because it is too cold. Make sure you use gentle cleansers that will not dry your skin or steal natural oils from the surface. I like Olay, since it removes makeup, oil and dirt, and cleanses without drying.

Night Time Care

You can let your skin repair itself at night all alone, or you can provide it with arsenal to speed up the healing and repairing process. Use a night cream that renews and replenishes while you sleep. Look for one that suits your skin type.

Moisturise, and Then Moisturise Some More

Before you start your makeup, you need to prep your skin. This means moisturising it thoroughly to take care of the flakiness and irritation. Use products as per your skin type. In winters especially, what works for dry skin could mean dullness and an unsightly shine for oily skin. You also need to work equally hard in maintaining the glow and shine to your rough, dull hair. Explore these must know winter hair care tips at Reward Me.

If You Use a Primer

You might not usually use a primer, but winter can bring out irritated and red skin. And even complexion can make your makeup look flawless.

Laying The Foundation

Once again, I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right product for the right skin type. One of the more important makeup tips for oily skin in winter is the choice of foundation. Look for something that has a matt effect and is long-lasting. Stay away from anything that says ‘luminous’.

Less is More

This is true of makeup all year round, but more so in winter, when your skin is not really your skin. Winter is not the time to do your summer makeup. Apply it in thin layers and see how your skin responds. One of the makeup tips for dry skin in winter that I tell everyone is to add a few drops (just 1-2) of almond oil to your foundation or primer.

Let Your Eyes Talk

Use less makeup in winter, but that doesn’t mean you don’t jazz up your look. Instead of putting a bronzer or blush on your cheek (the winter redness looks better, believe me), turn your attention, and that of the world, on your eyes. If there’s one winter eye makeup tip that I’ll share it is to make your eyes pop. Use dark, bold colours, but in waterproof products as the cold wind will make your eyes water. And you don’t want to look like a racoon, do you?

How Kissable is Your Pout?

The thin skin of your lips is one of the first casualties of winter. Cracked, dry lips look bad and are impossible to put lipstick on. Use a soft-bristled brush or a lip scrub that gently exfoliates and removes all the dead skin, leaving you with baby soft lips.

Dark lipsticks

Remember what I said about focus on your eyes? Doesn’t hurt to let a little focus go to your lips too. Experiment with bold colours – deep, dark shades that look gorgeous in the bleakness that is winter.

Set it in place

Use a hydrating setting spray, or you can also gently dab on some virgin cold-pressed coconut oil to cover up any dry patches and to keep your makeup gong all day long. Try these 10 fantastic skin care tips and makeup hacks to look your fantastic best this winter.

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