Reasons Why You Need To Rent A Luxury Villa On Your Next Vacation

Reasons Why You Need To Rent A Luxury Villa On Your Next Vacation

Of all the available accommodation options, luxury villas are all the craze right now among discerning travellers, thanks to their uniquely appointed décor, personalised service and the unbeatable privacy that they offer.  Staying in a luxury villa also gives you access to tailored amenities that you wouldn’t normally have access to in a normal hotel room, but in case you’re not convinced, here are a few reasons that’ll definitely make you book a luxury villa for your next vacation.

Reasons Why You Need To Rent A Luxury Villa On Your Next Vacation
Reasons Why You Need To Rent A Luxury Villa On Your Next Vacation
  1. Price: Villas offer competitive rates when compared to hotels, and can come with even further discounts if you’re travelling as a family unit or a group of friends. Despite their accessible rates, luxury villas still offer the same standard that you’d expect to find at a luxury hotel, and sometimes even better!
  1. Unique locations: Most villas are situated in unique locations where you won’t normally find hotels. Small villages in Greece for example, offer superb cultural experiences for seasoned travellers and yet are only available to explore by car, unless you rent a private villa which puts you right in the middle of the action, and will make you feel as though you’re one of the locals. Travel blog 
  1. Space: Renting out a villa can feel more like staying in a spacious luxury home, with multiple spaces for sleeping, dining, entertaining and just chilling. Lots of villas also feature spacious balconies with terrific views, sprawling en-suite bathrooms with outdoor showers, private pools, outdoor entertainment and lounging areas, as well as fully equipped kitchens for longer stays where you might want to cook for your guests every now and then. The environment of a luxury villa beats staying at a cramped hotel room any day, as you have complete freedom to choose your neighbours, and enough space to truly relax and be yourself during your vacation. Plus, you can also choose the amount of rooms you need based on your needs, preferences and budget.
  1. Privacy: Probably one of the most attractive features of a villa is the amount of privacy that it offers. With your own villa, you don’t have to worry about bumping into strangers at the hotel lobby or sharing your pool and lounging areas with other guests. Instead, you get to enjoy absolute solitude in the privacy of what is effectively ‘your’ property during your stay, giving you the choice to either remain in seclusion to really recharge, or enjoy the crowds in your chosen time through day trips, which you can conclude with relaxing sun downers from the comfort of your own private terrace.
  2. Reasons Why You Need To Rent A Luxury Villa On Your Next Vacation
    Reasons Why You Need To Rent A Luxury Villa On Your Next Vacation

“Depending on where they’re situated, some luxury villas even come with private beach access, and are located in private estates that are ideally placed away from the bustling city centres, yet in close enough proximity to enjoy the place you’re visiting without compromising on the relaxation that you need to recharge” recommends Dario, who runs Luxury Villas Malta.

  1. Dining: Most private villas also provide their guests with a private chef who will prepare meals of your choosing at any time of the day. This means that you won’t be forced to eat at a certain time and will not have a limited menu, so you can enjoy a combination of your favourite dishes alongside local options from the comfort of your villa. Other villas will even offer you cooking classes so that you can learn to prepare food using local ingredients and flavours which can help you wow your friends and family once you get back home.
  1. Personalised Amenities: Probably the best part about staying in a luxury villa is the fact that you get to enjoy the amenities in private and have them all to yourself, including a private pool to plunge into whenever you like, bespoke pavilions where you can enjoy private massages, fully equipped kitchens, WiFi, private gyms, children’s play areas and so much more! This is all in addition to your own private butler, housekeeper and pool maintenance personnel. Verily most luxury villas take care of every little detail to ensure that you enjoy a truly worry-free and relaxing stay.


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