Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip

Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip

Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip

I bet you agree with me that train transport is more scenic, nostalgic, relaxing, and romantic compared to car travel and air. However, train travel is usually slow so to have a fantastic extended train trip, Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip you have to come up with a checklist putting in mind that service interruption is always possible. For that reason, you have to plan for extra hours, for instance, three more hours and not the exact scheduled time.

Below are a checklist of things you will need in your railway journey:

Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip

Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip
Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip


In addition to gazing at the scenery, you need other distraction to help you make the time move a little bit faster. For example, you can pack a novel, a DVD or mp3 player, knitting, number puzzles, a deck of cards or anything of your preference to help you pass time. The good thing nowadays is that most trains have wireless internet access so it will be great if you brought your laptop. Remember to carry your backup battery since it is not guaranteed that the seat you will sit on will have a power outlet.


Comfort Items

Car passengers usually enjoy sleep during the rides since they are provided with a mattress making it possible for them to stretch. However, for those in a coach, they are not that lucky and they have to make do with the feet extensions. For this reason, it is recommended to bring eye cover, earplugs, a blanket, and travel pillow which will help you sleep. Also, you may opt to carry your lightweight sleeping bag which will help you lay out and unfurl.


Personal Care

Due to the air circulating in the train for hours during the travel, it may cause your nose, throat, and eyes to dry so it will be of great help if you brought with you a hard candy, eye drops and of course a personal water bottle. At times, the journey may become stressful so remember to carry things such as contact lens solutions, antiseptic wipes, and multivitamins to make your journey less stressful.


Identification and Destination Materials

This applies when you are traveling to a foreign country by train, make sure you have your passport with you since at one point the conductor will need to inspect it. Also, keep checking your boarding pass and schedule. Since it will be a long trip, you will have enough time to read about your destination city. You can bring a historical novel or a guide book that has information about the city you are visiting. Under this point, there is so much to learn and that why it is important to check out what has to offer


Travel Health

This point too affects those people who are traveling internationally using the train, it is advisable to visit the disease control and prevention website which will help you decide on which travel vaccines and medicines you need to take or carry. Remember there are some vaccines that have to be administered two months in advance before the travel begins.



Long-haul trains, a good example being the Golden Eagle Luxury Train, usually provide their passenger with meal services. However, after eating on the train for several days, you may start feeling that you need a change. Since it is impossible to bring a huge cooler of food on the train, then you may opt to carry the energy bars and fruits for example apples and oranges since it is hard for them to be crushed. Pre-Departure Checklist for Your Train Trip For the first day on your trip, you may carry peanut butter and simple sandwiches. However, it is important to stay away from food that have high sugar content. Lifetsyle blog


Take note of those tips and you’re sure to be well-prepared before you embark on your railway journey.






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