Some Popular Outfits for Fashionable Men for Attending an Indian Wedding

Fashionable Men for Attending an Indian Wedding

Some Popular Outfits for Fashionable Men for Attending an Indian Wedding

Today men are equally conscious about their looks just as the women are. Fashionable men always focus on looking good and they choose their outfits with care. During the wedding season, not only the bridegroom but all other men invited to the wedding reception are dressed to kill. Some Popular Outfits for Fashionable Men for Attending an Indian Wedding , The moment a wedding date is finalized, the first thing that comes to your mind is what to wear for the wedding reception, the Sangeet or the bachelor’s party etc. Not only the women but even the men wish to look their best. But sometimes, it is essential to get some guidance from the fashion gurus. The saddest part is that unlike women, men do not have a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. They have somewhat limited choices. However, here are a few options of outfits which you could wear to make the right impact.

Some Popular Outfits for Fashionable Men for Attending an Indian Wedding

Fashionable Men for Attending an Indian Wedding
Fashionable Men for Attending an Indian Wedding

The Quintessential Black Suit

You could never go wrong with a well-fitted classic black suit. You should wear a well-tailored shirt in a solid color to team up with the rich black suit. You could opt for a formal scarf or a bow tie or just a slim tie in vibrant color & design. This should make you look distinguished and you could stand out from the rest in a reception dinner or a cocktail party.

The Brown or Beige Charisma

Those who are not wearing the Indian outfits, they could try wearing a smart customized white shirt or maybe a vibrant blue slim fit shirt with brown or beige trousers and a pair of nice brown formal shoes. You are all set to attend an outdoor function in the morning or a bachelor’s party. Beige or brown has its own charm.

The Elegant Kurta Pyjama

Everything would go right if you wear a typical Indian kurta and a pyjama for the wedding functions whether sangeet, bachelor’s party or wedding reception or morning function. When no other outfit seems to be perfect, opt for a designer kurta pyjama. You could team that up with a rich tussar waistcoat or a colorful well-fitted waist coat in rich textures and fabric. Do not forget to wear jutis along with the outfit to create a quintessential Indian wedding day look. You could wear cotton, tussar or silk kurtas. Nowadays fashion designers have come up with kurtas in various designs and colors. Some of them have delicate embroidery while others stand out thanks to the fine embellishments. Men could make a fashion statement by wearing a kurta pyjama with a well fitted waistcoat while attending a relative’s wedding or a close friend’s wedding. You could experiment with fabric and colors to create a different look. Today online stores have an impressive collection of Indian ethnic outfits for men. You could choose from amazing designs, premium quality fabrics, and mind-blowing kurta designs to suit every occasion and every palate.

The Semi-Casual Waistcoat

If you wish to attend a wedding function not too dressed up but nicely dressed up, then you could consider mixing and matching casual with formal. You could wear a chic but casual shirt with linen trousers. Opt for a little bit of layering as that adds a touch of charm and appeal. You could wear a nice waistcoat on top of the shirt to get a more attractive look. Thanks to innovative and creative designers today the market is flooded with a huge variety of waistcoats in wonderful fabrics, rich textures, and amazing colors. Buy a nice waistcoat to complement your overall look and personality. You would certainly make all heads turn when you make a grand entry into the wedding scene.

The Graceful Bandhgala

If you wish to look regal, you could consider choosing a designer bandhgala for the occasion. It is always a good idea to remain stuck to your roots and choose something predominantly Indian. Choose a fabulous well-tailored or well-fitted bandhgala which could be teamed up with a nice and colorful pocket scarf. Bandhgala is ideal for an engagement party, wedding reception, or any wedding related function.


Fashionable men are known for their personality and attitude. Although clothes alone could never define fashion, they are effective in boosting the fashion quotient. Stay away from wearing mismatched colors. Do not attract people’s attention for the wrong reasons. Layering could look amazing but you should know how to do it well. A little bit of practice would help. Your outfits would stand out from the rest provided you look dashing in them. You should be well-groomed and have a nice haircut if you wish these outfits to outshine the others.

Author Bio: Nandini Thakur is a fashion designer who has started her own line of Indian kurta pajamas. She believes that nothing could beat the quintessential Indian kurta pajamas when it comes to Indian wedding fashion.




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