Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit

Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit
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Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit

Colours are such beautiful inspiration. Every colour has a tale to tell. And I am so much in love with colours. And with summers giving major hotness goals, summer colours are something that add up to the tediousness of the situation. Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit And to the mantra that I swear by, here’s another eye catching post to give you a sneak peek into my styling formula. Do have a look.

Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit


I love shopping to an extent that I can visit any site and store to fill my wardrobe. And picking up colourful stuff is my kind of thing. I am mainly into street style fashion because I feel that is the most comfortable way out. But what I have today is nothing less than pure beauty. I have this detailed baby pink dress  By the look of the dress it looks completely party hopper and kind of a game changer. But let me tell you girls that this dress is absolutely stunning. And very easy and comfortable on the skin. I generally don’t do away with the lace thing but the detailing thing in this dress is something worth mentioning. It’s gracious and it is poised. The dress has a cute length. Not too long. Just perfectly short. Fashion blog

Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit
Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit

Off shoulders are quite a thing now a days. I have collected off shoulder outfits in almost all forms. But this one has to be special. I personally  am a fan of off shoulder dresses. I feel it gives us a lot of scope to flaunt that pretty collar bone. And this dress us definitely something fulfilling all of that. It has an off shoulder design with a lacy stripe to support. And what do you think about that lacy work on the waist area. Isn’t that super duper hot? I could feel myself like an Elfie doll. Without keeping much of a contrast, I thought of sticking to this beautiful subtle colour and held a bag of the same colour. Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit The heels however are a bit in contrast. I preferred going with silver heels as they gorgeously compliment the pink shade.

I have maintained the tonality of the makeup by keeping in a pink shade itself to keep the surreal nature of the colour intact. I have applied a bit of blush on and a darker pink shade lip colour to make it prominent. Since I haven’t done much of an eye makeup so a little darker lip makeup will work best. And about the hair. Instead of letting it loose, I thought of giving it a tail look this time. I have gone for a fish tail braid to let the plunging neck line show.

I have tried keeping the overall look subtle and sweet and much on context with the summer feel. A bit of pink, with a pinch of silver is how I like to play with colours. So girls this was my summer ready look. So put on your best dress and create something lively and super summery out of it. Keep it simple yet fashionable.

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