Why There Should Be A Photo booth In Your Next Party

Maximum fun and rewarding interactions are the least things that your guests would expect in your event. So whether you throw a corporate party or organize a private ceremony, ensure to hire an ‘ice breaker’ that would keep your guests engrossed and happy. Photo Booths have now become a staple choice for party organizers. Apart from the unending fun that it gives, your guests take home crisp, fabulous party pictures as an incentive. That being said, a little know-how the top trends in the photo booth would keep your party a bit ahead from that of the others.

What’s In Style

There is no dearth of companies offering Photo Booth Rental Bay Area. However, the mushroom growth of service providers might overwhelm you, especially when shopping around for the most suitable service company. A number of well-stocked agencies can offer you color-coordinated booths, which works amazing for any thematic party. Your booth operator can also arrange for a clever play with LED lights. This will enhance the overall feel of your party. Selfies and groufies are all rage now. Accordingly, a number of young party animals prefer larger booths. This makes it easier to take fun group photos.

Being ‘Open’

If your party venue offers you a limited space to set up a traditional photo booth, then you might find your pick in the form of their open air counterparts. These booths have no ‘walls’ around them. Yet, they come with fitting backdrops. For example, the service provider can offer you backgrounds featuring an exotic place, a pristine, tropical beach or a lush, flowery meadow. You can also personalize it by adding table, couches, chairs and other decors of choice. You can also opt for the green screen backdrop. This technology helps you to create customized backdrops. Most of the premier service providers use sophisticated technologies to make it. You might want to contact your service provider to learn more about this new-age feature.

Don’t Forget The Props

Making the most of your photo booth experience can be literally incomplete without the right props. Accordingly, the premier Photo booth rental bay area companies keep on collecting the quirkiest of props. Their collection includes anything and everything from hats, feather boas, masks, huge sun glasses, funny moustaches and toy guns. Your booth operator would be more than happy to customize new props for you. Make sure that you let them know your actual expectations and requirements. You can also visit the one-dollar stores or garage sales around your locality to look for your own, unique props. Last, but not the least, you might want to include some hand-held boards as well. Opt for white boards or chalk boards where your guests would write and pose with the messages that they want to convey.

Getting Social

Photo Booths offering unlimited social media integration gives your guests an easy way to share their happy moments in your party. You can shoot your kiss shots, or make a mini video of singing or dancing and share them on the social media platforms real time. There are also companies offering high-end booths that allow you to create slow-mo videos.

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