Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire Perfume Review

Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire

Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari is a vibrant perfume that reflects a true blend of fun, daring and sweet fragrances including frangipani, sparkling pink pomelo, and vanilla musk. Spraying the perfume makes you feel spontaneous and elegant. It would not be wrong to say that it is a festive floral eau de toilette that captures the quintessence exciting and sweet scents.  Created by celebrated perfumer, Alberto Morillas, who has also created Omnia Crystalline, the Pink Sapphire has a whimsical blend of bright citrus and exotic floral scents. Throughout the year Bulgari has given us elegant fragrances inspired by gems and Pink Sapphire is another valued creation by the brand. 

The perfume is aimed to inspire the perfume admirers of generation that dares the perfume lovers to be themselves.  The packaging of the scent, Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari is same as from the Omnia collection by the brand but the color is beautiful pink, since the fragrance is named after Pink Sapphire Gem. It looks adorable and even if you are not a perfume lover, you get attracted towards the delicate color and elegant design of the bottle. 

I fell in love with the bottle and wanted to buy it because it is really gorgeous and anyone call fall in love with it at the first sight. The design of the bottle is inspired by gem, it forms two rings that are flawlessly flowing into each other and that looks like a gorgeous jewel. It looks like the symbol of infinity that is a stunning representation of powerful and limitless emotion of freedom and abundance. The bottle is too attractive and the color is just amazing.

Similar to the bottle of Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari, the scent is sparkling and fun. It has an infusion of energy and power that blends well with the feminine side. It is good to smell even after hours and women of all age will love this for sure. Be it everyday routine or a special occasion the Pink Sapphire perfume from Omnia range of Bulgari is something that can make anything go ideal with the perfect mood that it can set. I loved the scent because as I have already mentioned, it can be used for parties or every day. It fits any occasion and young as well as old perfume lovers will enjoy its fun, fresh and elegant scent. Another good bit about eau the toilette is that it can last for longer time and you don’t have to spray it too much. So, the bottle doesn’t ends too early. You can use one bottle of Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari for a longer time. I love it when fragrances surprise me and this one does it so well. At first the perfume is attention grabbing because of its bright and flirty fragrance, later it becomes sweet and enticing and it ends up with the musk scent that is deep and classic. It is one of the most elegant and soft scents that I admire personally. If you have that liking for soft and tropical scents and you do not like the strong fragrances of floral smells, you must try it. The spicy scent gives the perfect blend of musk and floral blends at its best and it makes you have fun with complete elegance all day. 

Even in the case if you want to make your lady love feel really special then this Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari can be a perfect gift for her. Let this fragrance spark up the feel of romance in you.

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