The Perfect Eyelash Routine

Having Individual Eyelashes or lash extensions means proper maintenance and a specific beauty routine. At first, some women are shocked due to the change and all the rules that they need to follow in order to have a long-lasting outcome. However, with some practice and patience, you will get the perfect results.

How To Take Care Of Your Lashes?

Simple and easy, just make sure you follow some rules and avoid some of your previous habits.

Lash Hygiene + Makeup Removal

Lash Extension Care should be consistent out of an oil-free makeup remover. Each night before you go to bed remove all of your makeup with an oil-free product. Also, you might want to avoid anything that contains alcohol since this is a bad idea because alcohol can dry out your lashes. Use the right set of products and lukewarm water and pat dry your face, don’t make a lot of rubbing motions. Redo this step twice a day and you will have clear skin and voluminous lashes.

No Cotton

Since being so sensitive and bendable, your extensions won’t probably react as good to cotton and q-tips. This fabric can get stuck in between your extensions, so make sure you use as little of these two (preferably none) if possible when removing your makeup. Rather turn to a washcloth or your hands for a practical solution.

Use A Spoolie

A so-called brow spoolie is an excellent idea for morning and night that you can use on your extensions. Use it to comb them through and to give them back some definition and to separate them. A spoolie will also remove any traces of makeup or mascara and will prep your extensions for a new batch of makeup. If you don’t own a spoolie, a clean mascara wand or a clean brow gel will also get the job done just as well.

Slow & Steady

Slow & steady moves will guarantee you a long-lasting outcome. Avoid touching, tugging, or rubbing your extensions for as long as possible, especially after just getting them done. In the first 24-48 hours after getting them, the lash glue will still take some time to set. Give it enough time to bond with your natural lashes, and avoid being too rough until they don’t set.

Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back might not be the comfiest sleeping position, but it is beneficial for your posture and your back. If you are someone who has sensitive eyes, or skin, you will want to avoid sleeping on the sides since you are more prone to losing your extensions. Sleep on satin sheets, and not only your extensions, but your skin, face, and hair will thank you due to the comfort of this fabric. Also, avoid sleeping masks or sunglasses since these two will move around your extensions.

No Mascara

It might be hard to say bye to your favourite mascara at first, but you will see that there is no point of it. Lash extensions can stand on their own, can look voluminous, and are very sturdy. However, once you apply some mascara on top you are actually tugging and moving them, which may cause them to fall out sooner than expected. If you can, try to avoid mascara at all cost and enjoy your extensions on their own.

Avoid Heat

Lastly, high heat is acceptable only for some shorter period of time. Being overexposed to the sun, saunas, humidity, or water for hours is a bad idea since it can ‘melt’ your glue off. Avoid scuba diving, and avoid chlorine. This might be hard when you are enjoying your day at the beach, so make sure your level of exposure is as little as possible.

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