Crazy Bag Pack Look

Crazy bag pack look

Holla beautiful ladies! Hope my posts are keeping you both hooked and booked. I know you guys already know that I am an ardent lover of casual and street style fashion. Anything I see in casual wear or street wear needs t go in my wardrobe ASAP. And just when I thought I already had enough of those casual things in my dress up box, surprise surprise! I just got introduced a new pair of clothing, obviously looking better than the previous one. And now that I have already purchased it, how can I not share it with my angel fam. So here’s my Crazy bag pack look . Shower your love guys.

I hate doing anything over the top. Casual is my kind of style. My idea fashion till date remains wearing something that looks great but is even more comfortable to wear. And that’s the reason I picked up this hot looking top from Faballey. Since it is summers and its super hot, long sleeves just don’t work for me. I would prefer going with something sleeveless. And here it is my brand new purchase. The top fits really well and is super easy breezy to wear. To compliment the top in the best possible way, I got these really high up sorts from Forever21. There’s a thing about these shorts. I was literally looking out for something easy and simple. And after spending almost an hour in the Forever store my eyes just got stuck to these printed catchy shorts. And I had to take it by all means. Those patch work on the shorts are my favorite.

Crazy bag pack look
Crazy bag pack look

The next thing on my shopping list is that crazy looking cap from. If you notice I have kept everything looking in the same color and it isn’t looking bad at all. So you know matching not always looks weird. And now we come t my favorite favorite thing in the look which is my Zara shoes. I need not tell you tales about how comfortable and amazing shoes from Zara are. They finish the look like a pro. You can actually wear them all day long without feeling any kind of discomfort or itching. I randomly picked up stuff without caring much about creating a look and look this turned out to be a total thumbs up. And all of it without much thought.. Lifestyle blog

Crazy bag pack look
Crazy bag pack look

But wait guys. You just cannot be leaving the post without giving double thumbs up to my super cool bag from Lavie. The bag pack thing is making the look appear like a total travel pro look. And the bag is a superhero. It is spacious enough to accommodate all your essentials and is stylish enough to flaunt like a boss. And the best part is that I picked up the color of the bag in total to contrast to what the look presents. This is making both, the bag and the complete attire highlight better. Fashion blog

So if my look inspired you all top have a trip around the weekend in a similar fashion then my job is done. So pack your stuff and create a travel go pro look.


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Improve Heart Health With Regular Gym Exercises

Improve Heart Health With Regular Gym Exercises

When it comes to the health of your heart, it is important for you to ensure that you take care of it before it is too late. Many people neglect their health especially as they age. They are too busy with their personal and professional lives that they cannot even take out time for exercising. This is not a good habit. Both men and women should at least spend 30 minutes of their day in some form of exercise. Most people state that they start exercising. However, they fail to stay motivated to it.  This is where a gym steps in to help. The moment you take a membership at a gym or health club, you are doing your body a big favor. You are helping it to function better and improve the health of your heart to a large extent.

Improve Heart Health With Regular Gym Exercises
Improve Heart Health With Regular Gym Exercises

How can the health of your heart improve with regular exercising?

When it comes to the health of your heart, you will find that daily, and regular exercising does go a long way in improving your heart health. Fitness experts across the globe state that when it comes to the health of your heart, you will find that no exercise plan is complete without cardiovascular workouts. These exercises help to increase the flow of oxygen in the body. There is a reduction in BP or blood pressure. You actually can reduce weight and improve your tolerance to exercise. You can perform regular activities with less fatigue. Moreover, when it comes to regular exercise, it has been seen that people have also improved their quality of life to a large extent. There is a lower likelihood of preventing back pain and stopping diseases.

Experts from, a leading operator of trampoline parks in the USA state that your fitness trainer will determine how much of exercise you need for your heart health. This means you would need to sit with your instructor and discuss any underlying health issue that you might have. This will mainly help you to improve your overall health and bid adieu to problems that plague your overall health. At the same time, it is important for you to ensure that you daily go to the gym to exercise for at least 45 minutes. Your performance will be monitored by your trainer, and you will notice a vast improvement when it comes to both your physical and mental health.

Stay Motivated To Keep Fit

It is crucial for you to ensure that you get the best for your health and exercising at the gym is a motivating way to stay fit. You can bid adieu to the excess calories and bad cholesterol that takes a huge toll on your heart. At the same time, you can regulate blood pressure and manage your weight.

Daily exercising at the gym will also improve the quality of life and increase your energy. In short, you get good physical and mental health that keeps you alive happily!

Author Bio: Paul Wright from is a fitness trainer who creates personalized health care and workout plans for clients to stay fit at any age.

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Trending Ethnic Wear You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

There is something so sensual and yet intricately beautiful about the ethnic wear of our country. While it is necessary to keep up with the trends, even the best of the designers choose to stick with the basics. Don’t you agree that a perfectly draped saree is one of the prettiest garment a lady can wear? Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe But while the classics remain timeless, adding a little trendy twist to the bare minimums makes you look like a star.

The world of ethnic wear is also dynamic that way. While churidars and anarkalis still rule the world, the latest trends of slit kurtas, capes and asymmetric hemlines can not be just ignored. Ever wondered what the showstopping trends are this season? What are the best of your celebs wearing?

No matter how swift you are as a fashionista, there are always trends that get the better of you and leave you far behind. Every fashion season is set by tons of new fashion trends and Indian Ethnic Wear is no different. The Fashion Trends change with the blink of an eye. But while it takes so much to keep up with these trends, keeping up with the fashion knowledge can only help you make informed trendy decisions.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe. So here have a look at the best of the ethnic trends and stock your wardrobes accordingly:

Slit it Right!

This trend has been new and has made for a lot of show stopping outfits. Extended slits are all set to make ethnic wear newer and modern. The slit kurtas are a modern and a bold piece of fashion. They are the right combination of edgy, regal and traditional fashions.

These slit kurtis are being paired up with bolder geometric patterns. They can be diversely teamed with bottoms such as trousers, a pair of jeans palazzos and even with churidars and leggings.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

Cape it Like The SuperMan!

This trend of capes is making its way through in Indian Fashion. They are easy to wear and add an extra amount of flair to any piece of garment. You can wear an easy kurta and add a fancy cape to it. The best part about capes is that they look amazing on all body types and give you an uber cool look at the indo-ethnic front.

You can also team this up with your lehenga and ditch that old dupatta. Be the centre of attention for any piece of clothing. You can work out a net piece cape or a heavily embroidered one. This makes up for your jewelry too and acts as an accessory more than just a clothing.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

Pep up that Saree!

Sarees are our favorite thing. They are free flowing, liberal and so fluid. There are so many ways you can style a saree. And I am not only talking about the way you can drape it. There is so much more.

One of the trendiest things to do with a saree is to combine it with a jacket. Sounds crazy but looks perfect. An embroidered jacket over your saree is the perfect way you can walk on new trends. It is western and yet Indian. It is powerful combination.

Another way to style a saree is to clinch it. This method has been in style for long but the ways on how beautifully jewelry can be used to style it better is amazing. Style it with a cummerbund and give your saree a funky edge. Go chunkier or intricate, all depends on the way you feel like.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

For the best of Sarees, you can head out to Amazon and check out  Amazon Sarees below 500  because they have one of the best offers online and an amazing collection of sarees too.

The Half and Half Saree

One of the best trends and the one that is meant to stay are the half and half saree. It is creative and one of the best way to break the monotony that sometimes rule over those six yards of drape.

The half and half saree have saree pallus and skirts that have different designs but still make a part of a prettier outfit together. This is an adventurous try but comes out gracefully well. Look elegant everyday with affordable and beautiful Myntra sarees at Rs.280/-.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

Pastels are The Way To Go!

Pastels are the mystical and dreamy pastel palette for the festive season. They look elegant and pastel ethnics are a way of setting yourself apart from the crowd. Drape yourself in sarees of pastel greens or invest in plain kurtas with a little embroidery and pastel pinks. So go shop for the peach and yellow and blues.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

High Necks and Collars are Coming Back.

Talk of trends in the past coming back to life. Kurtis with high neck and collar add a formal touch to the attire. You can flaunt this gorgeous style at corporate meetings, conferences as well as at casual gatherings. This style is getting a high with the latest fashion trends. So go out and try out high neck kurti with retro prints, hardcore geometrical influences and rough edged silhouettes and make heads turn.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

Fabrics are The Shizz

Fabrics are the soul of any outfit. They can make any outfit go from playful to classy. You can also try an amalgamation of modern silhouettes. Play with many fabrics like cotton, chiffon and silk with captivating patterns and playful prints. Get some high neck Voonik  kurtis below Rs.480/-

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

Go For a Pre-Draped Saree Gown

This last one is a bonus to all the lazy bums out there. It is so simple and so easy. The pre-draped saree gowns are easy to wear and help you look absolutely flawless. All you need to do is put it on, do a little twirl and head out in your stunning outfit.

Trending Ethnic wear you must have in your wardrobe

So get back to your roots, wear ethnic and don’t forget to pep that outfit with a zesty new twist. We hope you present yourself in your best of ethnic suits, saaris and lehengas.

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Hello beauties. Beauty is all around. And the kind of fashionistas that we are, having everything super beautiful is our right. And what I bring to is nothing short of beautiful pieces which are a delight to look at. They ae gorgeous and will fill home with eye pleasing beauty and joy. And now that I have cultivated this habit of collecting small wraps which are crazy and pretty, I would live to share my joy of having these with you all. review , So here’s a sneak peak into this amazing website Check it out and collect your pretty things.

So this is about me that I love collecting beautiful items and store it my place. I need no special occasion to buy creative stuff. And going by this hobby of mine, a super close friend of mine suggested me of this hella beautiful site and I could swear by it anytime. The online site is a mix of anything and everything beautiful that you could ever imagine. How about having some amazing cushions and covers. Do you also instantly fall in love with cure and adorable cushions? If that’s the case with you too then you are definitely on the right place. I got some amazing ceramic mugs from this online store. One thing that I think when I have to gift something peppy yet casual then its these mugs. And oh my god, I haven’t seen it better than this. Lifestyle blog

The store holds everything from wall art to umbrella to amazing phone covers. So much so that I have covered the entire wall of my place with  creative wall arts from And this is a shout out to your mother guys. I know mothers have a peculiar tendency of collecting different kinds of crockery and never using it. But just for satisfaction’s sake, this store has some beautiful crockery that one just can’t resist using it.

I am personally a lover of light. I love decorating my main hall with pretty candles and bases. And all thanks to, I just got what I needed. This store has some most amazing candle bases and votive. Your room will look nothing like before. And who are some handbag lovers in my fam? Well for those, the store has a surprise for you. It has some unique reversible bags to suffice your desires. This online store is running on super amazing 30% sale right now. And if you book your stuff in bulk, you can avail some heavy offers. So don’t wait anymore. Just go online and collect your favourites before they run out of stock. Fashion blog

The store has some easy delivery options. You can simply go out there, collect your favourite things and then book your stuff. They have easy breezy delivery options in around 60 countries. The site provides free delivery facility along with a cash in delivery options. So don’t worry if you don’t have a working card people. And if you want to check it out more then simply go out there and check its Instagram page. So don’t read more, hurry up and avail super exciting offers.

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Decollete massage: all you need to know before slipping into the spa robe

Decollete massage

Décolletage massage comes from a French word Décolleter, which means, to expose the neck. Many spas and massage centers are now including décolleté massages in their regular regimes. They are becoming a part of regular facials too. Today, we will answer one of the most popular questions in the history of beauty and massage, “what is the decollete massage all about?”

What is a Décolletage massage?

This special massage focuses on the area above a woman’s upper chest up to the jawline. This stretches across the shoulders and the upper back too. Decollete massage: all you need to know before slipping into the spa robe ,This extremely soothing form of massage is not just relaxing; it also helps with the lifting and firming of the skin on the neck.

Most spas will go this massage as an addition to your regular facials. Some new-age massage parlors and spas also offer exclusive Décolletage massages that do not take the focus away from the region of concern. They use special serums, firming gels and youth restoring vitamin in oils to massage the neck area.

How is it different from regular spas and massages?

The massage is quite different from regular facial massages. Here is how-

During decollete massages, the therapist will gently massage your face in small circular motions and extend the motion to your neck as well. Experts usually follow this up by firm upwards strokes of their palms, which stretches the skin on the neck and upper chest upwards towards your jawline. This is the most important part of the restorative massage. It seeks to rejuvenate sagging skins, removes dead cells and helps incorrect distribution of collagen that will hold the skin firmly on your neck.

What are the advantages of a decollete massage?

Decollete massages can also mobilize the lymphatic vessels in the area. In combination with facial massages, it works towards detoxification of your skin by mechanical pressure and dexterous finger movements. It will help you with sinus pressure problems, breathing problems and congestion. Beauty blog

Above all, it is an excellent stress buster. It will elevate your mood and relieve anxiety. The moment, the therapist reaches your shoulders and upper back; you will feel the stress melt away like wax in a candle.

Decollete massage is great for exfoliation and cleansing. Extensive massage with essential oils provides much-needed nourishment to your facial skin and neck skin. Your neck muscles can also derive relaxation and nutrition from these massages.

Get your booking today!

Unlike chemical peels and skin tucking surgeries, these organic massages have no adverse side effects. You can start signing up for similar massages from your 20s to save up on your youth. There is no “ideal” age to begin a neck massage regime. If you travel a lot in the sun and the pollution, you must at least try getting a complete facial and Décolletage massage once in a month. Since, once the signs of age set in, it is challenging to get rid of them by natural means.

Author Bio: Maria Kelly is a beauty blogger. She has been working with leading beauty magazines, blogs and publications for the last 20 years. If you want to know what is the decollete massage, follow Kelly’s blog.

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