Hyperpigmentation: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Hyperpigmentation is a medical term that refers to patches of skin which appear darker than the
skin in the surrounding areas. There are different types of hyperpigmentation with the three most
common being post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and age spots. Each of these types
has a different cause, and different treatments best suited to it. We will discuss these as well as the
causes of the condition below.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

When the skin produces more melanin (the substance that gives the skin its color) than normal,
hyperpigmentation occurs. It is a common condition and one that affects all skin colors, however it
still makes a lot of people feel self-conscious. Some forms of hyperpigmentation are more common
in areas of skin that are exposed to the sun. These include sun spots and melasma. However, other
forms of the condition can occur anywhere on the body. These are often caused by acne, burns,
cuts or inflammation.

While hyperpigmentation is usually more of a cosmetic issue, in some cases it can be a sign of an
underlying health condition, so it is always worth speaking to your primary care physician if you have
any concerns. If you feel that the condition is affecting your life in a negative way, it’s good to know
that it can be treated.

Treatment Options

There are a range of home remedies and medical treatments that can be performed to reduce
hyperpigmentation. These include:

Topical Creams

The most popular treatment option for hyperpigmentation is using a topical cream. You can start by
looking at Immunocorp Skin Care Collection which has a number of options that are suitable
including their IMMUDERM® Advanced Complete Skincare System which is most suited to the
treatment of age-related blemishes. In addition to reducing the appearance of age spots, this cream
also helps to reduce lines and wrinkles while firming and strengthening the skin. When looking for a
topical cream, make sure to check out the list of ingredients. The ones you want to watch out for
are vitamin C, retinoids, kojic acid, hydroquinone, corticosteroids and azelaic acid. All of these
ingredients can help to lighten the skin.

Cosmetic Procedures

In cases in which the hyperpigmentation covers a large area, or in which topical creams haven’t
worked as hoped, a cosmetic procedure may be the best treatment option. There are four main
cosmetic procedures used to help treat this condition: microdermabrasion, chemical peels, intense
pulsed light therapy, and laser therapy. Which is best for you will depend on the type of
hyperpigmentation you are suffering from. A licensed cosmetician or dermatologist should be able
to advise you on the best treatment for your skin, while also providing you with the pros and cons of

each of the procedures. Do make sure to research the side effects of each treatment before going

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains a compound called aloesin which works to inhibit melanin production in the skin.
Although no research studies have been completed to prove its effectiveness, it is a popular home
remedy and one that is relatively easy to perform. All you need to do is apply gel from the Aloe Vera
plant directly to the skin on a daily basis. While no research has been completed on the topical
application of Aloe Vera, One Study found that taking Aloe Vera capsules can help to relieve the
symptoms of melasma in pregnant women.


One study, published in 2013, found that licorice extract may prove to be useful in the treatment of
hyperpigmentation. The study found that the extract, called glabridin, is an antioxidant that has skin
whitening and anti-inflammatory effects. Because of this, it is a good home remedy when the
hyperpigmentation is caused by a skin condition such as acne. Many creams designed to treat
hyperpigmentation also now contain glabridin, so it is worth trying if you can get hold of the
substance in its raw form.

Green Tea

Green tea has long been studied by researchers due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
properties. While more research needs to be performed into its effects on hyperpigmentation, one
study found that it can help to reduce sunburn and The Effects of Melasma. To try this remedy, you
can purchase green tea extract and apply it to the affected area. You may also wish to try boiling
green tea bags, waiting for them to cool and then applying them to the skin. Repeat twice a day
until you receive the results you are after.


While hyperpigmentation is not usually something to be concerned about, many people want to try
to reduce the symptoms of the condition if they can. It is always worth speaking to a dermatologist
or primary care physician about any concerns you may have, though the above treatments may
prove to be effective when performed correctly.

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10 Beauty Products to Gift her on this Valentine’s Day

You might be seeing most of the shops around you decked up with teddies, chocolates, heart-shaped balloons, and red everything. Which, probably means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to pamper your loved one with some memorable gifts.

If your partner is a beauty aficionado, you should unquestionably go through these ten beauty products. So, here’s a list that includes everything from lipsticks to palettes, hair care, and skincare products that will win her heart (again).

  1. Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Eyeshadow Palette

FYI, the Gigi Hadid Palette by Maybelline has been broken down into two different versions – East Coast Glam and West Coast Glow. The one shown above is the West Coast Glam Palette with six different cool shades in large pan sizes. All the colours have a silky smooth texture that blends effortlessly into the eye-lids without any patchiness. A bit of shimmer adds that extra glamour and, we bet she would happily add it to her collection.

  1. IsaDora Blush & Glow Draping Wheel

Now, this wheel is ideal for draping. Draping is a type of contouring done by a blusher and a highlighter that accentuates cheekbones. The name of this wheel is coral pink pop because of the four bright blush shades. It has both pearly and matte blush with a highlighter for blending and extra glow. It’s one of the most lovable palettes because of the rich-creamy textured shades.

  1. Nyx Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault II

Gift this, and she will have her 2019 lipstick game all sorted! 24-soft matte lip creams combined with 12-new shades will be her new beauty heaven. This vault has 36 different shades to go with every occasion and skin tone. Nothing beats the Nyx Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault II when it comes to lipsticks.

  1. Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Matte Lipstick Collection

Just as the eyeshadow palette has the East Coast and West Coast versions, the Gigi Hadid lipstick collection follows the same drill. The west coast lipsticks have three dark lipsticks in shades of Lani, Khair, and Austyn while its counterpart has lighter tones in shades of Taura, Mccall, and Erin. Most importantly, it has the seal of approval by Gigi Hadid and Maybelline. Need we say more?

  1. Mario Badescu Classics Collection

Moving on to the skincare, we have the classics collection from the house Mario Badescu. It includes everything that she will need for her daily skincare routine. You will get an Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, Botanical Exfoliating Scrub, and Seaweed Night Cream in the package. This collection will be a sensorial delight for your partner and, nothing feels as better as waking up with a fresh-rejuvenated skin.

  1. Neogen Foam Cleanser Collection

Neogen is a big name in the Korean beauty industry and, it’s pretty much in trend these days. The cleansers are available in variants of Cranberry, Blueberry, Cereal, and Green Tea. The products are cruelty-free and will give a perfect fresh kick-start to her day. Gift the whole collection or pick her favourite one, and she will feel on top of the world.

  1. Best-of Eau de Parfum Gift Set by Victoria Secret

Who doesn’t like perfumes? Certainly, everyone does! So here’s the deal – Victoria Secret has limited edition of Eau de Parfum Gift Set and, your bae won’t stop crushing over it. It has adorable miniatures of Bombshell, Tease, Love and Heavenly floral-fruity fragrance packed in a cute pink box. Looks great! Smells great! What else can you ask for?

  1. TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Gift Set

A complete bundle by Tigi that would keep her locks super silkier and vibrant for long. The set includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, and Miracle Treatment Mask. Tigi products are sulfate-free and have all the goodness of almond oil, nourishing coconut oil and keratin that will keep her hair colour at its best.

  1. Real Techniques Brush Sets

Gift her the right makeup tools and, she can conquer the world. Real Techniques has an Enhanced Eye set, Brow set, Sculpting set, Flawless Base set, and Prep+Prime set that can be an adorable gift when combined altogether. Real Techniques brushes are made up of fine hairs that feel smooth on the skin and, are pretty easy to clean!

  1. Kylie Jenner’s Valentine Collection 2019

The soon-to-be billionaire and an influential name in the Cosmetic industry, Kylie Jenner has launched a cute Valentine bundle. This means you have a perfect beauty set that includes lippies, blush, palette, and an eyeshadow. Besides all this, it has a little surprise inside it which you can discover here: What’s Inside Kylie Jenner’s 2019 Valentine’s Collection?

Wrapping up the V-day gift list, we would suggest that don’t be bamboozled by the variety of gifting options available. Before going out for the big search, sit back and think of something that suits your special someone the best. So, are you ready to shower your love upon them on this Valentine’s?

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A Guide to the Various Types of Mouth Guard Available Today


Mouth guards are typically used to protect the teeth when playing contact sports, and also to prevent grinding of the teeth, which is a condition that some people suffer with. When playing contact sports, it is essential to protect the upper teeth, which can easily be damaged or knocked out in a collision. Earlier versions were bulky and would inhibit the person’s breathing, and for that reason, they were rarely used, with the exception of boxing, when wearing a mouth guard is compulsory.

Mouth guards come in three main categories, which are as follows:

  1. Stock Mouth Protectors – Preformed and ready to wear, these mouth guards can be found at any sports shop or department store. While they do offer a degree of protection, stock mouth guards are bulky and rarely fit well, and are therefore, not recommended. Ask any dentist Sydney sports players trust and they will confirm that you are better off with either a “boil and bite” solution, which forms the mouth guard to fit, or a customised device. Off-the-shelf mouth guards were once popular, as there was little choice, but technical advances have given us much better alternatives that offer a perfect fit.
  1. Customised Mouth Guards – This is the preferred solution, which is carried out by your dentist, and it involves using a paste to form an impression of the teeth, from which the mouth guard is shaped. This type of mouth guard is expensive, but it does offer comfortable protection, and is therefore recommended. If you play contact sports on a regular basis, you should have two devices made, which means you always have a spare one, and while they are more expensive than the other types, your teeth are very important to you, and this type of mouth guard offers the best form of protection.
  1. Boil and Bite Mouth Guards – These are made from a special type of thermoplastic and after you put the device in boiling water, it softens enough to form around the teeth when inserted. Sport shops and pharmacies would stock these devices, and by following the directions, you will have adequate protection for your teeth and the device will fit well. These devices are much better than stock mouth guards, which rarely, if ever, fit properly, and with the right application, a good fit is assured.

If a person grinds their teeth, the dentist might recommend wearing a mouth guard at night, which will help prevent tooth erosion, but other than that, they are only used when playing contact sports. The best solution is to ask your dentist to make you a couple of customised mouth guards, which will offer your teeth the very best protection. You can get some further information on the best type of mouth guard to wear when playing sports from articles available online.

Mouth guards are normally only used for the upper teeth, although they can be used for the lower teeth in the event the person is wearing a dental device. The ideal mouth guard will not restrict breathing or speech and should feel comfortable when being worn. Sports such as Aussie Rules, soccer, rugby and boxing would all require you to wear some form of mouth guard, as would any other contact sport.

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The Top Beauty Products For A Night In Or Out This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day.

You might panic about your plans, but there’s no need to panic about your Valentine’s Day makeup or beauty routine. Because we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re having a pampering night in with friends, or enjoying a fancy dinner with your significant other, these products are sure to make your Valentine’s special this year.

Night Out

Bedroom Eyes 💘

It’s best not to step too far from your comfort zone when it comes to your eye makeup.

You know what works best for your face. Stick with your favorite mascara, false lashes (if you wear them), and liner this Valentine’s Day. Switch it up a little with the eyeshadow instead!

Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette is ideal to create a range of versatile looks with just one palette.  

Eye Look Options

  • The neutral, earthy tones mesh well with a brighter lip color.
  • Maybe you’re tired of the classic bright red or pink lip for Valentine’s Day. Why not change it up a little this year? Try going neutral with the lips and experiment with pinks or reds on the eyes. Add a small amount of pink or red to your inner eyelid area. Blend it with a gray or brown shadow for a more wearable look.

Did you know that bright eyeshadow colors are a key trend for 2019? Just keep the color subtle and tone down your overall makeup look to avoid looking like a punk rock star!

Kissable Lips 💝

Once you’re finished with the eyes, it’s time to tie the look together with a lip product.

Have your lips steal the show in a bright red or pink shade, or let your eye makeup do all the talking by opting for a glossy nude instead.

Lip Product Options

  • Keep it classic with a bright red. Fenty Beauty’s Stunna liquid lipstick in ‘Uncensored’ is a beautiful universal red shade, and promises a kiss-proof 12 hour hold (essential for Valentine’s smooches!).
  • Prefer pink? Pat McGrath’s MatteTrance™ Lipstick in shades ‘Polaroid Pink’ and ‘Extravaganza’ are creamy and hydrating despite their matte finish.
  • Want something much more subtle? Opt for a gloss. Kaja’s Heart Melter Lip Gloss Stick

provides a moisturising hint of color without being too in your face. It’s available in red, pink, and neutral shades to match any makeup look.

Love Heart Nails 💞

No Valentine’s look is complete without signature red or pink nails. Choose a color to match your lips, or break the rules by clashing with a red-lip pink-nail combo!

Nail Polish Options

  • NAILS INC’s Less Bitter More Glitter  duo is perfect for red hot red nails. Paint each nail with the ruby red shade, and finish off with a layer of the glitter polish on one finger for a statement look.
  • Or how about pink to make your man wink? OPI’s Tokyo Collection features four beautiful pink shades. Perfect for a sweet look on Valentine’s Day. Wear your fave color on your Valentine’s date and save the rest for spring and summer.

Pampering Night In

Self Love ♡

Maybe you’ve had a rough start to the year? Looking for a pick me up? The Feelunique Treat Yourself Edit includes everything you need to unwind for a relaxing Valentine’s night in.

The kit include a range of pampering products as well as a handbook full of positive mental wellbeing tips. If that’s not enough, 3 GBP from each purchase will be donated to the mental health charity ‘Mind’. Help others while you treat yourself this Valentine’s!

Pamper Sesh Guide

  • Start off your self care evening with a relaxing bath: make use of the bath bomb, deep cleansing mask, and shower cream for silky smooth skin.
  • Continue the TLC sesh by lighting the scented candle, applying two of the jelly eye masks, and treating your skin to the regenerating glow night cream.
  • Spray the deep sleep pillow spray on your pillows for a good night’s sleep, and unwind before bed with the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ flip book for some positive mental wellbeing tips.

Thank U, Next 💔

Is your friend healing from a broken heart? Cheer her up with a girls’ night in this Galentine’s Day!

Girls’ Night In Essentials

  • Bring the Treat Yourself Edit to your girls’ night, or grab a few face masks and eye masks to use while you watch movies and munch on popcorn.
  • Bath and Body Works’ Cherry Blossom Best Friend set is a thoughtful mini gift to cheer her up.
  • Help take her mind off her ex by trying something completely new. Grab some ingredients from the convenience store to make your own natural makeup setting spray.

Those are my top beauty products for Valentine’s Day. What are your plans this year? Heading out or staying in? Let me know down below in the comments!

Author Bio:

Laura shares beauty tips & tricks, reviews products, and evaluates academic research related to makeup at Makeupscholar.com. She is a recent MSc. Economics graduate, and has been obsessed with all things makeup and beauty related for over 10 years!

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5 Signs that You Might need to Take Supplements

Take Supplements

While it is true that we can get a lot of our essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins through our
daily diet, nutritional deficiencies are very real and affect more people then we may imagine. In
many cases, the effects compound over time and we only notice them once we get diagnosed with
something serious. But by listening to your body, you will notice clear signs that you may be
suffering from a deficiency. Here are five signs that you may need to Add Supplements to your diet.

You’re Having Gastro Intestinal Issues

Digestive and gastrointestinal issues can be caused by many things. In some cases, they can be
caused by a viral or bacterial infection, intolerance to certain foods, inflammation, or poor blood
circulation. But in other cases, they can be caused by an inability to produce certain enzymes or a
poor intestinal flora.

Thankfully, there are plenty of supplements out there that can assist with proper digestion and help
promote a proper microbial balance in the stomach. Supplements like Betaine HCL Pepsin, for
instance, contain a variety of enzymes and acids that are made specifically to aid in digestion and
break down essential protein and nutrients. If you want to learn more about this supplement, you
can visit Blueskyvitamin.com.

You Have Brittle Hair or Nails

Having brittle nails or hair that easily breaks could be a sign of something more serious. This could be
a sign that you have a biotin deficiency. While biotin is usually abundant in our daily diets and
deficiencies tend to be rare, fragile nails and splitting or thinning hair are some of the most
identifiable symptoms. Other signs that you may be suffering from a biotin deficiency include
cramps, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, and a tingling sensation in your feet or hands.
If you’re pregnant, suffering from Crohn’s disease, or are a heavy smoker, the chances of you
developing a biotin deficiency become higher. Your dietary choices may be behind it as well. For
instance, those who consume raw egg whites are also at a higher risk of developing a biotin
deficiency. So, if you fit any of these categories and exhibit some of the symptoms, it would be wise
to consider supplementation.

Cracks or Ulcers in and Around the Mouth

If you start forming lesions in or around your mouth, then this could be a sign that you’re missing
some important minerals or vitamins. Mouth ulcers can be a sign that you’re low in B vitamin or
iron. One study noted that people who suffered from mouth ulcers were twice as likely to be
diagnosed with an Iron Deficiency.

Cracks in the corners of your mouth can also be caused by dehydration or excess salivation. But it
could also be a sign that you’re lacking riboflavin, iron, or B vitamins.

In addition to supplements, you can get riboflavin from things like lean meat, eggs, fortified cereals,
green vegetables, and milk.

Bleeding Gums

If you’re suffering from bleeding gums, this could a sign of a serious underlying condition. While in
some cases, bleeding gums can occur as a result of brushing your teeth too hard, it could be a sign
that you’re suffering from a vitamin deficiency.

Lack of vitamin C will often cause gums to bleed. Vitamin C also plays a major role in maintaining
immune function, wound healing, and it also works as an antioxidant.
Vitamin C is not naturally produced by our bodies, so it has to come from food sources. Luckily, most
western diets are very rich in vitamin C. However, if you have a very restricted diet and don’t eat
many fruits or vegetables, then you might be at risk.

Bad Night Vision

In some cases, vision issues aren’t related to eye problems, but rather poor nutrition. One common
sign of a vitamin A deficiency is a difficulty seeing properly at night. The reason behind this is that
vitamin A plays an essential role in producing a pigment called rhodopsin, which is found in the
retina and allows us to see in low light conditions.

While vitamin A is also a vitamin that is abundant in most western diets, a vitamin A deficiency can
have severe long-term effects if left untreated. If you think you might have a vitamin A deficiency,
you should consider adding more dairy, organ meats, orange and yellow vegetables, and fish to your
diet. Supplements are also a good option but check whether you actually have a deficiency before
you start adding vitamin A supplements to your diet.


If you exhibit any of the symptoms in this article, we strongly suggest that you visit a doctor and
consider supplementing your diet to get the important nutrients that you need. They’ll be able to
give you a full rundown of what vitamins and nutrients you need and hopefully stop any condition
from developing.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Packing for Paradise: Six Essential Items to Bring on Your Honeymoon

Real talk: wedding planning is mentally taxing enough, so by the time you’ve exchanged your vows and “I do’s,” the last thing you want to think about is packing for your honeymoon. In fact, if you had it your way, you would flash forward to sipping sangria in a beach hammock and skip the suitcase strategizing altogether.

Under-packing means you may not be prepared for every situation on your trip — we’ve all mourned leaving behind that life-saving shapewear or favorite pair of flats — and overpacking means you’ll be toting around much heavier luggage than necessary. Luckily, it is indeed possible to find a middle ground.

That’s why we compiled a honeymoon packing list that covers all the essentials. Obviously, you’ll need your airline ticket, passport, credit card and driver’s license, plus any prescription medications and contact info for your doctors, house sitters, pet sitters, etc. You’ll also want to leave crucial information with family or friends, like the information for your hotel, and your itinerary. And reading material — whether trashy gossip mags or a new thriller novel — is typically a good idea.

But beyond those practical basics, there are some other pieces you’ll definitely want to consider, no matter your destination. Make sure to include these must-haves in your packing list and you’ll be able to bask in your newlywed bliss stress-free.

  1. Packing Cubes- There’s hardly anything more distressing than rifling through your belongings for that one daytime T-shirt dress at the bottom of your suitcase — only to discover that it’s wrinkled. Packing cubes can help you avoid these pesky scenarios on your honeymoon. Not only will they allow you to keep different types of garments separate, but they’ll also prevent such snafus as a bra hook getting caught on a sweater, a kitten heel snagging your slip or a travel size bottle of moisturizer spilling all over your swimsuit. Consider using different packing cubes for lingerie, basics, toiletries and special occasion pieces.
  1. A Light Layering Piece- Whether you’re jetting off to Iceland or Ibiza, you should definitely pack at least one light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt. Even in warmer climates, the temperature can drop at night, and you’ll be glad to have a layer to throw on for that romantic evening stroll along the beach or late dinner al fresco under the stars.

  1. A Head-Turning Dress (or two)- Chances are, you’ll have at least one special dinner with the hubby on your honeymoon. So be sure to bring along one drop-dead dress — or skirt or romper or whatever strikes your fancy — that’s sure to leave your new spouse speechless. Don’t forget to pack a few accessories to take things up a notch, like a clutch, some killer shoes and perhaps some statement earrings or a necklace.
  1. Some Luxe Lingerie- Speaking of looking stunning, you’ll also want some luxe honeymoon lingerie to surprise your partner with — perhaps on the first night you arrive. Naturally, your choice of lingerie will depend on your personal style and preferences. It could be a strappy Y-back triangle bra and a high-waist lace culotte, an all-lace teddy with a satin ribbon closure or a longline bralette with an itty-bitty sheer tie thong. Whatever you pack, make sure it’s something that makes you feel like the best, most confident version of yourself in — and prepare to see your partner’s jaw drop.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to bring along the basics, too. Beyond those special pieces, you’ll need a few of those everyday go-tos, like T-shirt bras, demi-cup bras and perhaps one convertible or strapless to give you max flexibility in terms of fashion. As for panties, you’ll need one pair per day that you’re there — unless you plan to do laundry — and consider bringing at least one that’s seamless so you can avoid the dreaded VPL under form-fitting ensembles.

  1. At Least 3 Bathing Suits- Particularly if you’re going somewhere warm, you’re likely wondering how many bathing suits you’ll need to get you through the trip. The answer depends on a couple things: how often you think you’ll be hitting the beach or pool and whether you think you’ll be able to wash them. Odds are, you probably won’t want to do laundry on your honeymoon, so you may want to bring along one for each day of your trip. Also, it’s important to consider what kinds of activities you and your partner will be participating in. If you just plan to park it in a lounge chair and sunbathe or take a quick dip, bikinis work beautifully. However, if water skiing, wakeboarding or any other sports are on your itinerary, be sure to bring along a one-piece to be on the safe side.
  2. A Pair of Kicks- “But we’re not planning on hiking or playing any sports,” you say, while defiantly packing another unnecessary pair of stilettos. Regardless of what your itinerary looks like, it’s always a good idea to pack a pair of sneakers. You never know when spontaneity might strike on the honeymoon, and you’ll want to go sightseeing or take a walking tour of a historic village. On those occasions, some comfy shoes are a must — your feet will thank you. At the very least, you’ll be glad to have them for the flight home.

On your honeymoon, the only kinds of things you should be thinking about are where to grab pre-dinner cocktails, which spa to indulge in your couple’s massage at and whether to do tapas or seafood for dinner. Packing smart means you won’t have to deal with any style-related stress, which is ideal since this trip is all about connecting with your new spouse and setting a spectacular tone for this new chapter of your lives. Simply remember to pack these essentials — oh, and a positive attitude, sense of adventure and romantic sensibility, of course — and you’ll be golden.

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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5 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself

5 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself

The best possible resolution you can make is to improve yourself as a person. To realize this goal, you must be ready to make significant changes to your lifestyle.

It is never too late to make improvements to your personality. In fact, you get better with the experience you get every day. Below are some of the practices you need to undertake to make you a better person.

Improve Your Self-knowledge

The first step to improving yourself is knowing what needs bettering in your life. This means that you should have goals and continuously assess your progress towards the realization of the goals.

There are two popular ways of improving your self-knowledge; journaling and meditation. Regardless of your choice, you’re guaranteed of a rejuvenated body and mind afterwards.


Journaling involves writing whatever is in your mind. This includes ideas, dreams, what makes you happy, what you hate, successes, and failures and so on. This practice not only helps in clearing your head, but it also enables you to get a better understanding of yourself.


Meditation has been used for years to improve self-awareness on an emotional level. In addition, it also assists with sharpening your focus and regulating blood pressure.

Take Care of Your Health

Another way of improving yourself is by leading a lifestyle that does not pose risks to your wellbeing. It might seem challenging, but you don’t have to be a fitness freak or follow a strict diet to keep your body healthy.

Some of the ways to better your health include:

  • Exercising – an activity as simple as walking for an hour can improve your health significantly.
  • Eating well – drink more water. You can also improve vitamin intake by learning how to make Juicerland.com
  • Get enough sleep – ensure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep.

Interact with Others

Seclusion from others will certainly make you worse. Interacting with people, on the other hand, can be of great help in improving your self-worth.

There are many ways of networking, ranging from saying a simple thank you to spending times with people who inspire you. You can also improve yourself by helping others.

Balance Work and Play

Most people are either workaholics or lazybones. If you are too obsessed with work, now is the time to carve out some time for recreation. This time can be spent on hobbies or with people you love.

Conversely, if you are lazy, it’s time to start working on something. At first, you might feel exhausted, but there is always a good vibe when you successfully accomplish a task.

Set Goals and Be Confident

As mentioned above, you can’t better yourself without setting the objectives you want to achieve. Ideally, your vision should be placed in a strategic location where you can see it daily.

Having set the desired goals, the next crucial step is believing you can achieve them. With confidence, nothing can stand between the current you and the improvements you want in your life!

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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Your Guide to Drinks on the Keto Diet

Your Guide to Drinks on the Keto Diet

Drinks are one of the sneakiest ways in which we consume extra calories, and the added sugar is often overlooked in many diets. If you are going to be following the keto diet, drinking the right drinks can go a long way in aiding with your weight loss journey. Everything from fruit juice to coffee can be filled with a lot of sugar, which knocks you out of ketosis and increases the chance of weight gain while on the keto diet. If you are unsure of what is good and bad for your diet, follow this ultimate guide to drinks whilst on the keto diet.

Water is The Best You Can Get

Drinking water is the easiest way to know you are not consuming too much sugar whilst following the keto diet. Especially during the first few days of carb restriction, the body can shed both minerals and water at an accelerated rate. After a few days of carb restriction, the body then excretes even more water than it usually would.

Water can counteract any dehydration that can be caused from this and can help if you are suffering from what is known as the keto flu. Many people are not a fan of water on its own and therefore you should look at different ways in which you can make it more exciting. Adding fruit to infuse your water is a simple way of making it taste better while still being good for you.  Just make sure to choose low carb fruits such as blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Tea and Coffee

Many of us can’t get through the day without our caffeine fix and therefore the thought of giving up our daily morning coffee is a no go. Luckily both drinks are amazing in the keto diet and are extremely helpful for providing us with more energy, especially in the first few days of the diet. What matters when making coffee and tea is what you add to them.

Plain black coffee is the easiest way to ensure you do not break any rules when following the ketogenic diet, but many people cannot drink coffee like this. Using an alternative to normal milk, such as full-fat dairy or almond milk is one way to make your coffee keto friendly. If you cannot live without a bit of the sweet stuff, no calorie sweeteners are a great alternative to sugar. If you want to drink your morning coffee but you are unsure of what is the best way to do so, follow these tips to enjoy coffee on the keto diet from KetoLogic.  Their website is also full of incredibly useful articles and recipes as well as being your one stop shop for keto supplements.

Diet Soda

Although drinking water is the best way to follow the Keto diet, sometimes it can get a bit boring. Know that it is okay to treat yourself to a drink, if you know which ones to go for. Regular soda is not good as it is full of extra calories and many of them contain a lot of sugar, meaning you can exceed your carb limit for the day.

Diet sodas or sugar free sodas are hard to differentiate between what are good and what are bad. The most natural form of diet soda is Zevia. This drink comes in a variety of flavors and can be consumed while on the keto diet with no worries of overdoing your carb intake.


Although it is best to stop consumption of alcohol when on any diet, you can consume alcohol while on the keto diet, but you need to be mindful whilst doing so. The best way to ensure that your diet is not affected by your alcohol intake is by consuming hard liquors. This is because they have the least number of calories in them and they will not wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels as do drinks such as alcopops.

The alcoholic beverages that are best to drink on the Keto diet are light beers, liquor and wine. Light beers contain some carbs, so it is important to take that into consideration when carb counting for the day. Dry whites and reds are the lowest carb wines to drink. Anything high in sugar such as cocktails and sweet wines should be avoided while on this diet.


Unfortunately, juice is not a great option, especially when on the keto diet. This is because it is high in sugar and you are only getting a small amount of nutrients from the fruit. If you are big juice drinker and cannot live without it, there are ways to work around this.

Watering down your juice can limit the amount of carbs you are consuming whilst still being able to drink juice. Powerad Zero is another alternative that is great for a keto friendly sports juice. Flavored water enhancers are another way to give you a juice hit without the sugar.

Drinking on the Keto diet doesn’t need to be tough if you know what is best. If you are unsure if your drink is right for the Keto diet, check the nutritional label.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Science Shows Soy Helps in Weight loss

Science Shows Soy Helps in Weight loss

If you are struggling to lose your weight but the diet you are currently following is not helping you lose weight, there is something that you can do to alter the nutrition requirement of your body. According to the scientific researches it has been found that the protein-rich soy foods can help you lose your body weight and fat. This can happen if you replace the other sources from which you are currently taking proteins with the soy protein options in your diet. Soy foods can help you life a healthy life in many different ways and the added benefit of soy protein is that it supports the body by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while it helps in controlling weight.

Before we begin, let us know: What is Soy Protein?

Soy protein is a protein that is plant-based and it comes from soybeans.  It is a natural protein that is free from cholesterol and lactose.  It has the capability of giving the required amino acids to the body and it also provides the body the required nutrients that are essential while weight loss. It serves as a protein that you need in the growth of your muscles.

Diets higher in protein can help curb appetite by increasing feeling of fullness and satiety. High-quality proteins, including soy protein, have been shown to increase satiety. In addition, protein can help maintain muscle mass on a calorie-restricted diet.

Snacking on soy protein is healthy; it improves your appetite, satiety and diet quality, while also beneficially influencing aspects of energy, mood and cognition when compared to a high-fat snack or no snack. I swear by my soy protein snacks, as eating high-protein snacks can aid appetite control to manage you weight better.

There were many experiments done by the researchers in order to seek and establish the strength of the evidences made on research on four projected mechanisms in which soy protein possibly aided weight control. Scroll down to know more:

  • Soy helps in increasing the rate of weight loss when it was consumed by a person at an equal calorie level as the other food products.
  • Soy boosts weight and fat loss as it helps in decreasing the caloric intake of a person.
  • Certain soy based foods promote glucose control and heart health while a person is undergoing the process of weight loss.
  • Many foods based on soy proteins help in minimizing the loss of bone mass ratio while the process of weight loss happens in the body of an individual.

The analysis done by the researchers along with the results from around eight human studies got to a conclusion that: most of the individuals lost equal quantity of weight and in some of the cases equal inches of fat from the waist area while they were on soy protein diet. Using soy protein as a replacement of dairy products and meat replacements at equal calorie levels helped in losing the weight and body fat of the people. This definitely suggests the scientific illustration of the value of soy protein while a person is on weight loss program.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Tips To Decorate a Romantic Spring Wedding

Tips To Decorate a Romantic Spring Wedding

Spring is, by far, the most romantic and a perfect season to get married in. It is characterized by all the beautiful flowers blooming in and the warm sunshine which pleases our soul after the chilled winters. If you are planning to tie a knot in this season, probably it’s the best part of the year to make your wedding memorable. A spring wedding includes lots of bold and colorful flowers, plants, a glass of wine, and the bride’s mermaid style wedding dresses. So here are some of the tips that may help you in decorating your spring summer wedding:

1. Wine Glasses:

Use wine glasses of different shapes and sizes to decorate your table with those blossomed flowers arranged under these glasses. To add more beauty, use scented candles on the top of the glass. You can also add colors to wine glasses by using glitter at the base or on the walls of the glass! Match the colors with the bride’s wedding dresses if the groom doesn’t have an issue.

2. Tulips in Glass Vases:

Tulips are everyone’s favorite. Decorate slim and tall glass vases with these fresh spring tulips, make a bundle of two or three freshly picked tulips and place them inside a decorated glass jar. Tulips create a romantic atmosphere. Soft, lush and pastel pink tulips can draw the attention of a major chunk of people. Also, they will compliment bridesmaid dresses!

3. Tea Cups and Roses:

Add a vintage feel to your romantic spring wedding by using a bunch of statement flowers in a teapot. It is such a charming centerpiece, creates a vibrant atmosphere with freshness all around.You just need to find vintage tea cups or colorful ones from a thrift market, then bunch together some beautiful flowers and place this combination at the corners of the table or at the center.

4. Romantic Wedding Gowns:

Wear gorgeous Wedding Dresses with feathers, laces and floral detailing going all over them. It will go pretty well with the whole spring vibe and leaving them to spell bounded. Opt for off shoulder lacy gowns to add more charm to your beauty! Hot feathers going down from waist upto the floor adds so muchglamor to an ideal spring wedding that we are completely drooling over! A little bit of feather detailing in your Bridesmaid Dresses will also match up with the vibe.

5. Decorating Aisle:

Surround your wedding aisle by white flowers or a bunch of them combined with tulips and lilies to create a romantic moment! You can also play around with white rose petals; fresh rosy smell will result in a soothing atmosphere all around. If it’s a destination wedding at the beach, march down the aisle with a cool breeze coming from deep blue waters for a mesmerizing natural décor!


Try out these tips and make your D-Day exciting and appealing. You don’t need to do much because spring comes naturally with bloomed flowers and green plants. You have the advantage of nature welcoming your wedding guests at its peak, enjoy the beauty of it!

AngelMstyle – Indian Fashion Blogger

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