How can you prevent your breast from sagging?

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How can you prevent your breast from sagging?

How many times have you wistfully looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered, if someone could tell you how to get rid of saggy breasts. These saggy breasts that were once firm delights, seem to mock you for not taking good care of them. You just have to read on to know how you can attain those days of glory for your breasts. Breast tissues and muscles shrink with age and that causes sagging around the age of 50. Our lifestyle too aids in an acceleration of this phenomenon.

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How Do You Achieve Glass Skin?

Glass Skin
How Do You Achieve Glass Skin?
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When it comes to creating modern innovations and bringing new and exciting products into the mainstream beauty industry, South Korea prides itself as the world’s leading provider and is considered light years ahead of its western counterparts in terms of technology.

The country is largely responsible for several of the beauty trends we use today like BB creams, CC cushions, sheet masks; and companies like Aritaum.

Today, many beauty critics are praising the latest craze which is “glass skin”, a Korean beauty technique that means “clear, pore less, and dewy” skin. This effect is the byproduct of a specialized Korean skincare routine that requires constant hydration. While the routine may seem overwhelming at first, users will be glad to know that investing in achieving glass skin can actually help save some money on makeup and other cosmetics. The reason for this is because when practiced religiously, it can produce a lifelong effect in which users will no longer need to use excess makeup to achieve the same effect.

If you are interested in learning how to achieve glass skin, here are its essential steps:

Determine Your Skin Type

This is the first step before making any purchase. The reason for this is because not all skin care products are made for the same skin type. For instance, people who have dry skin may benefit from extra hydrating creams while people with oily complexions may need gel moisturizers to avoid excess shine.

Double Cleanse

One of the interesting things about Korean skin care is that they make sure to double the benefits of cleansing. The first is using an oil-based cleanser to help remove deep seated dirt and makeup residue. The next step is to use a water-based cleanser which serves to hydrate and keep the skin supple. During rinsing, it’s best to use cold water to help close off pores, followed by gently patting your face dry with a clean towel.

Use a Hydrating Toner

There are many toners available which contains alcohol and harsh chemicals that can affect the skin’s natural pH balance. To ensure glassy skin, make sure to use toners with hydrating formulas like cucumbers, aloe vera, and snail mucin since they are effective but also gentle.

Use Essence

Essences provide an extra layer of hydration which helps absorb additional serums and boosters if you have any. They also add a bit of sheen to help your skin achieve that glowing effect.

Finish With Moisturizer

Opt for a moisturizer with a dewy effect or ones that even out skin tones. Look for products that contain Vitamin B3, collagen, snail mucin, aloe vera, or even hyaluronic acid for that dewy look without looking greasy. The goal for glass skin is to look naturally radiant without looking like you’re layered in extra oil.

Exfoliate Twice a Week

Exfoliate with gentle formulas to help remove deep seated dirt and dead skin cells while promoting cell regeneration. This step should follow after using a water-based cleanser to help keep the skin clean.

Apply Hydrating Face Mask Once a Week

Sheet masks contain concentrated essences that help add extra moisture to our skin without making them oily. Opt for ones with antioxidants to help brighten your complexion while also keeping your skin firm and soft. When applying, make sure to leave the mask for 15-20 minutes then remove gently. Massage the skin after to help absorb any excess product and discard the sheet immediately.

To achieve the glass skin effect quickly, experts also recommend taking care of your diet and body as they are beneficial in releasing toxins. For your daily diet, try to limit your intake of refined carbohydrates and sugars since these can cause breakouts and weight gain. Instead, opt for a variety of vegetables and fruits laden with Vitamin C since they contain antioxidants that help stop ageing. Likewise, it also helps to feast on foods rich in healthy fats like avocados and salmon to keep your heart healthy without affecting your skin’s elasticity.

The important thing to remember about achieving glass skin is that it’s all about hydration. Since the effect requires consistent skin care and a healthy lifestyle, people who may be starting a new fitness today can also benefit from achieving a younger and healthier complexion!

AngelMstyle – Indian Beauty Blogger

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Importance of Lingerie in a Relationship

Importance of Lingerie in a Relationship
Importance of Lingerie in a Relationship
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Hot lingerie usually meant to be tempting and erotic. It helps you out to set the mood, especially for pretty evenings. But, what about the whole day wear? Even now you wear sexy lingerie? If not, then you are losing the real need of life indeed. Basic lingerie is eternally an essential part of every woman’s life but as per current fashion era, this is just not sufficient exceptionally when you are in a relationship with someone. Lingerie can help you to sustain the warmth and affection between the couples forever.

So, here we are going to express the importance of lingerie, especially in a relationship:

  • Most of the women wait for some special days or moments to use their sexy or hot lingerie. Here it becomes crucial that lingerie defines your body shape and prettiness and if you save it for special moments then you are creating boringness between your relationships. So, just come out from this typical thinking and do justice for yourself. Take a firm determination that you don’t leave your home without wearing a sexy bra panty set. Also include some erotic evening wears or night wears in your wardrobe and bring some enthusiasm in your boring daily life. No matter whether you are a newly married couple or even married for 15 years, this applies on all.
  • Grab some Sexy Lingerie Online in India that not merely make give you soft, comfy and feel good experience even strongly assist you to seduce your men and enable him to create more lovable moments.
  • Your sexy and erotic lingerie plays a vital role during bed time. With the softness and comfy style, you will not know when your partner will start giving importance to you. Men really love women in sensual lingerie but it’s not a mean that you keep the limited collection. Have a number of classy, and sensational night wears in your wardrobe and wears it for the daily different look.
  • If you are getting married soon, then just buy some erotic lingerie for your first wedding night and for your honeymoon trip too. You can avail all the bridal wear or honeymoon wear collection from the Privy Pleasures that renders the gigantic exotic and the most erotic collection for your most special days as well as your basic needs. We suggest you to pick your lingerie India online bridal wear dress and some night wears for your honeymoon nights like baby doll dresses, Sexy Body Stockings, pairs of erotic bra & panty sets and other sexy night wears. You must include some beach wears or swim wears to make your whole day sexy and awesome with your husband.

Also, celebrate your anniversaries, birthdays and other evening or late night parties with our hot lingerie collection. Shop for some sexy intimate wears and pair it with your sexy long or short dresses for a pool party or DJ nights. Definitely, your partner will not leave you alone for a single moment because of this pretty sexy and fantastic look.

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7 Tips For Travelling With Vape Equipment

7 Tips for Travelling with Vape Equipment
7 Tips For Travelling With Vape Equipment
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When purchasing vaping equipment, the cost can soon add up. With that in mind, you will want to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure whilst you are on the go. Here are seven tips for travelling with vape equipment.

Do Your Research

If you are reading this article, you are already doing a great job in terms of researching into what is and what is not allowed when it comes to carrying your vaping equipment. It is important that you learn about whether the destination you are travelling to will accept vapes. Unlike cigarettes, vapes are much more complicated due to the fact they are battery-powered. This means that like all the other modern battery-powered devices such as cameras and laptops, there are restrictions in place as to how they should be stored and whether they are safe and legal to use. It is vital that you check up on restrictions to avoid any disappointment or sanctions.

Knowing the Laws

If you are planning to head overseas, you will need to research into the restrictions of the country you are going to. For example, Thailand is very anti-vape. As the island is an incredibly popular tourist destination, the government decided to ban vaping entirely in 2014 over safety concerns. This means that any local or traveller who enters the country with vaping equipment may be subjected to fines or even a prison sentence. Gulf states such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have also banned the use of e-liquids and vaping devices for the same reason. You will want your trip to go as smoothly as possible, so it is strongly recommended to check before you head out.

Battery Safety

As mentioned earlier, vapes can only be run on batteries. This means that they could be a potential fire hazard in certain situations. One of the main reasons that the public and government are wary of vaping is the Risk of Explosions and Battery Fires. With a lot of negative press being reported, many businesses and airlines have banned vaping equipment from being carried in checked luggage, just like with any other battery-powered device. If you are travelling overseas with your vaping equipment, it is best to remove any batteries before proceeding.


E-liquids will be part of your vaping equipment, so it is important that you understand the regulations for how much you can carry on your person. If you are transporting e-liquids in the 100ml mandatory bottles, you are likely to not have a problem. Also, make sure that the e-liquid is stored in a clear and plastic bag. If you are planning to go travelling for a long period of time, a good idea would be to fill a bottle of your favourite e-liquid and keep it stored in your checked luggage. If you are heading somewhere you have never been before, it may be hard to find vendors who supply what you want, but make sure that you always check beforehand on what you can and cannot bring with you.

Keep Things Minimal

With vaping becoming increasingly popular, there has never been more of a variety of flavours than there is today. With such a wide choice to choose from, it can be hard to know what to bring with you. If you have an extensive amount of equipment, it is best to bring the necessities rather than bringing your whole collection. You want to look online at a UK vape shop that offers a huge variety. Several also offer more information on the products, on you can find can a breakdown of each product and this will include what sort of e-liquids are right for you to take on your travels. There are plenty of special offers and free UK delivery for any orders over £30. This should help you maintain the minimal.

Be Aware of Surroundings

With airports being like their own mini-cities, there is everything you need inside to accommodate your needs and get you from A to B. Whilst many airports used to allow smoking, laws came into place which prohibited this. However, this will depend on the airport you head to as some airports have their own smoking lounges and outdoor spaces where you can light up. The same rules apply to vapers, so make sure not to use your device indoors. It is best to brush up on what Rules You Need To Follow before you get to the airport, so you can plan accordingly.

Have Respect

Lastly (and most importantly), make sure that you are aware of who is around you. Whilst vaping may seem like a normal, everyday thing to you, there are plenty of people who disagree, so it is all about having a good level of respect for those around you. If you can head to a smoking area, you are likely to not have any issues. Whatever you do, do not use your device whilst on a commercial flight.

Having a good knowledge of the rules and regulations of vaping will ensure your travelling experience goes as smoothly as possible.

AngelMstyle – Indian Travel Blogger

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How To Save Money on Your Favorite Beauty Products

How to Save Money on Your Favorite Beauty Products
How To Save Money on Your Favorite Beauty Products
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If you need to tighten up your spending habits, cutting down the amount of beauty products you buy could help you save quite a lot.  However, you don’t necessarily need to give up on your favorite items in order to save money.  Some smart shopping techniques can go a long way.  Keep reading for a list of tips that will help you save big on your favorite makeup, hair care and toiletries.

1. Use Coupons

One of the easiest things you can do is Use Coupons to save on the cost of your purchases.  You can often find these in your favorite magazines and online, but signing up to your favorite brands’ newsletters can also lead to coupons landing in your email inbox without any effort on your part.  It’s likely you buy some beauty products, such as shampoo and toothpaste, from your local grocery store so keep an eye out for their coupons too.  When you combine the coupons with sale items, you could save big!

2. Shop Online

Beauty products are one of those items that many people shop for in physical stores.  However, if you don’t mind waiting a few days for delivery, shopping online may be the better choice.  Online stores don’t have the same kinds of overheads as physical locations and so are able to make the cost of their items cheaper for shoppers.  Many specialize in discounted items too.  You can Buy Discounted Beauty Products at Maple Prime quickly and easily and at a fraction of the price of physical stores.

3. Use Double Duty Makeup Products

If your makeup often passes its expiry date before you use it, consider buying Double Duty Makeup products instead.  You can find some eye shadows, for example, that can easily double up as blush, and you can find gel blushes that double up as lipstick.  Finding products that have a double duty can help you save a lot of money, and you’ll be throwing less away too.

4. Buy Quality Makeup Brushes

Okay, so you may think this goes against what we are advising; however, when you compare a quality makeup brush to a Q-tip you’ll see the difference.  When you use a good brush, you require less product for a smooth and even finish.  You’ll also be able to get away with using cheaper makeup brands.  Make sure that you take care of your brushes correctly, though, to ensure they last.  They should be washed in clean water every three months and left to air-dry.

5. Look for Free Gifts

Finally, one last tip is to shop during bonus time.  Some of the top cosmetic brands like Estee Lauder have offers throughout the year where they give you additional items if you spend a set amount on their products.  If you need the items they’re giving away, this can be a great way to save a lot of money on high price items.  If you don’t need the items, though, don’t waste your money.

Can you think of any more ways to save money on your favorite products?  Let us know in the comments.

AngelMstyle – Indian Beauty Blogger

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Soya- A Must Inclusion For Everyday Diet For a Healthy and Wealthy Tomorrow

The health benefits of soya
Soya- A Must Inclusion For Everyday Diet For a Healthy and Wealthy Tomorrow
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Highly enriched in protein and served as one of the best vegetarian as well as lactose alternative, is soya. Soybean moved a step forward to transcend its origins in Asia and emerged as one of the most lavishly cultivated legumes around the globe. The question that may poke in your mind is that as why so much importance to Soya Protein.

We consume food to keep the energy alive in us and to stay active all through the day without causing any negative impact on our health. But in spite of making the sincere effort we fail to fulfill dietary allowance for protein need of body through regular diet. Including soybean in the required amount actually supports healthy growth and development.

Soybeans hold all required essential amino acids must for human nutrition and are cultivated for thousands of years. Do you know that protein is one of the most important and massively found substances of the human body? You will find its presence in each and every cell and tissue of body muscle. Continuously the body remains engaged in breaking down the body protein for various activities we do. This indicates the fact that to fulfill the protein requirement of the body, it will get an adequate supply of protein from outside and that can only be possible through protein-enriched diet. Soybean can offer you the same.

A brief on the benefits of protein for the body:

  • Protein supports in controlling muscle mass to be on a calorie-restricted diet
  • Protein sourced from natural protein sources remains rich in nutritional components which promote muscle growth in children.
  • Diets which are enriched in plant foods like Soybeans are strongly recommended by medical experts, as strong evidence found which supports health benefits. Higher consumption with show up lower risk for cardiometabolic disease
  • Diets enriched in protein support in curbing appetite and enhance the feeling of fullness of stomach and satiety. High-quality proteins, namely soy protein, proved to increase satiety.

Soybean contains close to 36—46 percent protein in it. If you check the list of best protein sources, you will see soy protein is at par in protein quality to egg proteins as well as cow milk, which all are known to be the source of high-quality proteins.  Soybean is marked as the rich protein source by Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS).  How the soybean will result in the human body vary from individual to individual and no guarantee on the response rate can be given.

After attending the very recent PAN INDIA MEET seminar of Dupoint which is one of the leading Soya protein product manufacturers I got the scope to know about the concerns of the mothers about their kid’s health and diet.

Many of the young mothers agreed to the point that they are falling prey to kids demands and ending up giving them not so nutritious lunch boxes because that tastes best to kids and they love eating it. In the growing ages if there is a lack of protein source then the growth is going to hamper and that turned out to be a big concern for the mothers.  The speakers in the meet suggested that they can go for nutri-licious ways to match the child’s protein requirement via soy protein and that will also treat the kids taste buds in a great way.

Nutritional highlights of Soya protein for Children:

Benefit 1: Soy products are actually lower in both fat and calories in comparison to meat and other dairy foods. Young toddlers need a good amount of fats in the diet, but gown up children are not in need of extra fat in the diets. Soybeans are lower in fat and calories and including that in diet will maintain body weight besides reducing the risk associated with childhood obesity.

Benefit 2: Soy products are free from lactose. Children who are lactose intolerant fail to make the required amount of lactase an enzyme needed to break down the lactose in milk. Soy milk is an excellent substitute for milk children who are lactose intolerant.

Benefit 3: Soy milk and soy products like Tofu, Miso, Tempehetc does not contain any hormones.

Benefit 4: Soy products check cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Based on FDA, taking  25 grams of soy protein daily in the diet may help in reducing the risk of any heart disease both in Children and Adults.

Benefit 5: Soy is having isoflavones. Isoflavones do have several health benefits that include a reduction in cholesterol levels, restricting osteoporosis, and protection to a woman from different cancers eg breast and prostate cancer.

After my interaction with experts, youngsters and mothers in this seminar I understood the importance soybean holds in our life. Trust me I ensure that I take soya enriched diet each day to stay healthy, wealthy and happy. You can make soya salads, sandwiches, soya milkshake and similar other things to keep you and your kids healthy.

I am noticing the feeling of fullness and wellness in me and I wish the world takes a step forward to welcome Soya as a happy inclusion in their diet.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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The Mythological Stories Behind The Celebration of Hindu Festival of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth
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The Festival of Karwa Chauth is approaching fast. The Indian married women, especially the ones from Northern and Western India are gearing up for celebrating this festival with much zeal and happiness. On the auspicious day of Karwachauth, married women keep fast from sunrise till moon rise to please the Moon to take care of the well being and safety of their beloved husbands. Karwa Chauth means offering Argya to lord moon in an earthen Karwa or pot on the Chaturthi day of Karthik month in the Indian calendar. There are many mythological and historical stories which represent the reason and origin of this festival in Hindu culture.

I managed to collect a few set of stories on this festival which I want to share with you all. If you love your husband then why not celebrate this festival this year with him on 27th of Oct, 2018.

The story narrating the love of Karwa: Once upon a time there was a lovely lady named Karwa who was in absolute love with her beloved husband. Because of her intensified love towards her husband she gained some spiritual powers in her life. One fine day when her husband was taking bath in the nearby river he was attacked by a big crocodile. Noticing this brave lady Karwa tied that crocodile using cotton yarns and started calling the name of Lord Yama who is the god of death. This made Yama feel very scared and he was expecting to get cursed by this devoted wife who loves her husband so much. Yama was left with no option other than departing the crocodile to hell and returning the life of the husband.

The Story of Savitri and Satyavan: The character of Lord Yama is also here in this story of Savitri and Satyavan. One day when Lord Yama arrived to take the life of Satyavan with him, his wife Savitri started crying and demanded to give her husband’s life back. When Savitri failed to convince Yama she found no other option and stopped taking water and grain and started following Yamraj when he was taking Satyaban with him. Noticing this Yama got soft-hearted towards her and said that she can ask for any boon from him other than her husband. She was a clever lady and using her presence of mind she said that she want to get blessed with the child of his husband. She added that she is a loyal lady who loves only her husband and can’t get into any means of adultery for having the child. Yama was left with no other option other than returning the life of Satyavan to allow Savitri to have children from the husband.

The Story of Queen Veervati: It’s the story of a beautiful queen named Veervati. She was her 7 brother’s one and only darling sister and all loved her dearly. It was the day of Karwa Chauth and she was with her parents at her parental house. She was on fast after sunrise. In the evening she was looking up at the sky to see the moon and breaking the fast. She was in bad shape because of thirst and hunger. Her brothers failed to bear the pain noticing the condition of their sister. They planned something and used a mirror to create an illusion of the moon on the pipal tree. The moment she broke the fast she got the news of her husband’s death. She started crying like anything and then goddess arrived and told her that she was completely dedicated to performing the rituals of the festival but her fast broke because of the trick made by her brothers to relive her from pain. After noticing her genuine dedication to perform the puja of Karwa Chauth fast Lord, Yama, restored the life of her husband.

All these stories I heard from my mother and Nanima (Granny) and now I shared with you all to let you know how the origin of the festival happened in India. Are you fasting for your husband’s well being this Karwa Chauth? Celebrate it with complete devotion and let your husband know how important he is for you.

Happy KarwaChauth To You All Lovely Ladies!!!!!!!!!

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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10 Historic Buildings to Visit In New York

10 Historic Buildings to Visit In New York
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The best way to witness the magnificent concrete structures of New York is from air. Your Airport Helicopter Tour Of New York is sure to give you a glimpse of iconic buildings like the Empire state building and the Statue of Liberty. While airport helicopter tour of New York can take you close to the iconic buildings here are a few historical destinations you must visit. Whether you view these buildings from your airport helicopter tour of New York or go to them on the ground, they should definitely be on your sightseeing bucket list.

Federal Hall

The architecture of the Federal Hall is based on Greek revival architecture. The building served as New York’s first City Hall. Guided tours of the buildings can help you understand the historical significance of the buildings.

Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic steel wire suspension bridge is one of the oldest roadways bridge in the country. There are guided tours which can take you on a walk across the bride. Fall is the perfect time to take a bike ride along the bridge and satisfy your soul with a beautiful sunset.

Trinity Church

The Trinity Church has played a key role in the history of New York. While the church is overshadowed by the tall buildings that sandwich it, the soaring Gothic revival spire attracts the attention of the crowds that pass by. Even if you are not particularly religious, the architecture and the historical significance of the church makes it a must-visit building.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Another religious building that everyone should visit is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is a magnificent Neo-Gothic structure that can be seen from the airport helicopter tour of New York. You do not even have to enter the church to enjoy the architecture of the building.

Flatiron Building

From your airport helicopter tour of New York, you are sure to get a glimpse of the triangle skyscraper. Standing tall like a metallic cake slice is the Flatiron Building. The unique shape and scale are what invites visitors to it.

Apollo Theatre

The still functioning music hall has played a key role in the career of many Famous Musicians. You need to book your tickets in advance if you want to cherish the history of Harlem Music.

Chrysler Building

In New York, Art Deco lives on at the Chrysler Building. The building used to hold the record of being the world’s tallest building a long time in the past. While it may not be the tallest building in New York anymore, it still is worth a visit.

Carnegie Hall

The dream venue of musicians around the world should be on top of your bucket list. Even if you visit the building when there is no performance, you are sure to be enthralled by the magnificent decor.

Dakota Apartments

Home of the rich and powerful, Dakota Apartments is the perfect place for star spotters. You will find constant paparazzi monitoring the building due to the Building’s Noteworthy Residents. The building is also famous for the death of John Lennon and the shooting of Rosemary’s Baby.

Woolworth Building

Standing lonely after the 9/11 attack is the Woolworth Building. The building used to be framed perfectly between the two towers. Today this National Historic Landmark remains an awe-inspiring structure in the New York Skyline.

Visit these buildings to understand the spirit and history of the city of New York.

AngelMstyle – Indian Travel Blogger

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Things That Only a Digital Nomad Can Relate To

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Large is the number of people admiring the lives of digital nomads. It is a fascination for many people how some can manage to make money while traveling and live the lives their dreams. Being a digital nomad is, in fact, a nice thing, but it is never a bed of roses. It is not easy to leave everything behind to become a career traveler.

It takes a lot of grit and you can be sure it is not something you will be able to do for the rest of your life. At some point, you will come home and you will have to settle down. But if you admire the Life of a Digital Nomad, it is completely satisfying to become one, and you should go for it always. However, here are a few things you can expect as a digital nomad, and unless you are one, you will find it very difficult to relate-:

Too Many Cups of Coffee

The circadian cycle of digital nomads is usually distorted. This simply means that they lose the ability to have safe and reliable sleep pattern and this is because they grow through different time zones which ultimately will have an effect in their ability to fall asleep or stay awake. As usual, one of the best companions, when sleep doesn’t want to come, is some caffeine, and how best would you get it when traveling than through downing several cups of coffee? Besides, due to the travels, digital nomads are sometimes too exhausted, and since they have to work in order to continue with the travels, drinking lots of coffee is nothing but normal.

Poor Wi-Fi

It is imperative for digital nomads to be online for most of the times, but this may not be possible when you have a very crappy Wi-Fi connection in the hotel or the dorm you will be sleeping in. This is one of the most frustrating things for a digital nomad. Either the connection is too slow, or it requires a password and the person responsible for the password is not around at that particular time. Perhaps they wanted to upload a video or write an article about the experiences they just had during the day, but the Wi-Fi is too slow that no work can be done. If you are not ready for Crappy Wi-Fi Connections or going without Wi-Fi for a couple of days, then you should probably put on hold your dream of being a digital nomad.

Power Outages

For most of the digital nomads, traveling to developing or third world countries is more appealing compared to traveling to developed countries which have been greatly explored. One of the challenges with such destinations is that they never have reliable electricity supplier. As such, power outages are very common and if you are unlucky, you may spend a couple of days without power. It means you will have to do without internet for a while and this may greatly slow down the projects you may have been working on. There is nothing you will be able to do about it since it is one of the consequences of being a digital nomad and it is something you will just have to get used to.

Weak Setups For Work

When you are working from your home or office, you can have any kind of set up you need. An expansive chair with an appropriate table as well as other tech accessories that will help you do your job effectively. Well, these are some luxuries you will have to do away with if you are a digital nomad. You won’t find good chairs or level tables where you can conveniently mount your laptop. You will learn to adapt and get used to what you have got because it is likely that things will continue getting worse and    you won’t always have the kinds of setups you desire having.

Dealing With a Lot of Distraction

Being a digital nomad is not like having a fancy corner office designed for maximum productivity in a high-end building. As a nomad, it is imperative to develop exceptional concentration abilities because there will be a lot of distractions and if you are unable to concentrate, you will lag behind in projects, the money will stop flowing and you will have to go back home and get a job. Some of the arsenals compulsory for dealing with noise is doing most of the work in your room and also investing in a decent pair of Noise-Canceling Headphones.

Immigration Officials Can Be Very Mean

If you have all the required travel documents to a given destination and you have also met additional requirements such as getting certain vaccines, then you shouldn’t have any problem with the immigration. However, as a nomad, forgetting is a common occurrence and on one or two occasions, you will have to talk your past the immigration. You will learn that there are customs officials that are really good, and there are others that you may think are agents of the devil. I remember an incident when I was heading to Canada and I had not filled and submitted the Canada ETA form. The guys I talked to were so understanding and they even helped me fill the form and make payments right at the counter. But this is not the same experience I had when I went to Kenya and realized I didn’t have my visa. The officers were corrupt and once I told them I wasn’t going to give them any money, I was deported without a wasting any time.

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My skin loves the pampering of The Body Shop Tea Tree range of amazing products

My skin loves the pampering of The Body Shop Tea Tree range of amazing products
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My skin loves the pampering of The Body Shop Tea Tree range of amazing products

We all are aware of the benefits of tea tree oil and cosmetic products related to it. It works really well on the oily skin and since my skin is quite sensitive and prone to acne, I took a month’s challenge of the beauty and skin treatment products by The Body Shop.  My skin loves the pampering of The Body Shop Tea Tree range of amazing products , I have been using the below mentioned four different products with the goodness of tea tree extracts and I am loving each of the products as my skin looks brighter and shinier as if I have just stepped out of the spa. My concern was to clear the patches and blemishes while controlling pimples and oily skin so I gave it try. Today, it’s been a month and my skin is flawless and pampered. So let us start how each of the four Tea Tree range skin products from The Body Shop worked for me.


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