How To Lose Stubborn Lower Belly Fat Naturally

How to lose stubborn lower belly fat naturally
How To Lose Stubborn Lower Belly Fat Naturally
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How to Lose Stubborn Lower Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

One area of our body that really gets the heck out of us the lower belly fat. Dietitians often tell us that this area has the most Stubborn Fat and takes a lot of time to leave. But you really have the will to get rid of something, trust me nothing can stop you then. There are various ways to get rid of the Lower Belly Fat in quite a natural way. Go ahead and follow these simple rules to say a warming goodbye to your belly fat forever.

Limit Your Calorie Intake

A lot of belly fat gets accumulated because of the calories we take in. It is therefore advised to limit the consumption of calorie in order to loosen on the belly fat.

Release Stress

Those who take a lot of stress tend to have more fat in the lower belly. That is because stress increases cortisol which is a hormone that brings the maximum amount of fat I the lower belly. Practise yoga and natural methods to get rid of stress.

Intake of Green Tea

Green tea is an absolutely excellent beverage when it comes to reducing fat on the lower belly. Green tea contains catechin which increases metabolism in the body helping us shed that stubborn weight really fast.

Take More and More Water

On e must drink plenty of water every day to gear up metabolism in the body and remove all toxics from the body. Water is the remedy to a lot of health problems as it speeds up metabolism and helps the body to remain fit and reduce faster.


Exercise on the lower belly to hit hard on the stubborn surface. A regular cardio can reduce up to 20% of lower belly fat. It is very important for the body to remain in constant movement and have pressure on the lower belly to release sweat and further reduce belly fat.

Never Skip a Meal

Skipping a meal to reduce lower belly fat never helps. It further results in unnecessary bloating and later contagious stomach issues. Do not skip any meal. In fact, Keep your appetite lower and keep shorter intervals between successive meals.

Sleep Enough

An 8 hour of sleep is essential for the body. Deprived of which, body releases a hormone called as Ghrelin which subsequently increases the craving for sugar and sweet stuff leading to an increase in the lower belly fat. A sound sleep is of utmost importance to the body.

Swear by these simple natural 7 ways of getting rid of your stubborn belly fat and you’ll find yourself more energized and fresh.

AngelMstyle – Fitness Blogger

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5 Ways to Keep Zoos Safe During Harsh Weather Conditions

5 Ways to Keep Zoos Safe During Harsh Weather Conditions
5 Ways to Keep Zoos Safe During Harsh Weather Conditions
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If you are responsible for the operations of a zoo, whether large or small, there is a lot to keep track of when bad weather strikes. Not only do you need to be concerned about all of the people at the park, you are also responsible for the well-being of the animals. Disaster Recovery Services allow you to have a plan in place to mitigate damage in the case of a serious weather event.

Earth Networks has over 20 years of experience in the weather forecasting field. Here are five ways we can help you keep people and animals safe.

 Trust Our Weather Collection Network

 We have the largest weather observation network on planet Earth. Our network has the following capabilities:

  • Ability to receive information from over 12,000 local weather stations
  • Access to in-ground and ground-to-ground lightning detection sensors
  • Real-time weather sensors that collect data every two seconds

Rely on Our Severe Weather Tracking

Our Hurricane Tracking Map can alert you when a hurricane is headed your way. This will enable you to implement your emergency plan for public safety and to take actions for the safety of the animals. Sferic maps provide you with relevant data on an approaching system when you need it the most.

Call One of Our Professional Meteorologists

You will have access to one of our meteorologists to provide you with updates on developing weather situations.  Get peace of mind knowing that you can call 24/7 for severe weather updates.

Install an Automated Alert System

With our Outdoor Alerting System, you can easily standardize emergency preparedness. These alerts have several valuable benefits:

  • High decibel warning system
  • Standardized and automated equipment, minimizing human error
  • Strobe lights to alert hearing-impaired individuals
  • Pinpoint data on where lightning may strike

Invest in Solid Solutions

We know that in a dangerous weather event, safety is your biggest concern. We will work with you to make sure each beating heart in your zoo is safe. To learn more about our disaster recovery services, contact us at our website or call Earth Networks at 877-882-1397.

AngelMstyle – Indian Travel Blogger

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5 Pests That Thrive in the Summer and How To Handle Them

5 Pests That Thrive in the Summer and How To Handle Them
5 Pests That Thrive in the Summer and How To Handle Them
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The summer months can be a time of relaxation, fun and enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, many homeowners also must deal with pests. Quite a few pests tend to thrive during the summer thanks to the warm weather. Fortunately, taking a few steps to handle pests can ensure your home and outdoor spaces remain comfortable and easy-to-enjoy.


For many people, the summer is as much defined by itchy bites as it is outdoor activities. In most cases the bite of this common insect is harmless but annoying; however, they can carry pathogens that may cause disease. So, many homeowners take advantage of Mosquito Pest Control services. You can protect yourself and your loved ones with a few basic tactics:

  • Wear clothing that covers arms and legs
  • Apply insect repellent
  • Avoid being outdoors at dawn and dusk
  • Clean up any standing water on your property


 Another pest that thrives in the summer is the tick. Their bites can be harmful to people and pets. While they are a threat all year, they are most abundant and active during warm-weather. Stay protected against ticks by following these steps:

  • Cover your arms and legs and choose closed-toe shoes
  • Stay in the middle of any trails, avoiding dense vegetation
  • Remove debris and woodpiles from your property
  • Wear insect repellent containing DEET
  • Check for ticks thoroughly before going indoors

Stinging Insects

Most people have been stung by a bee, wasp or other such insects. These stings are usually painful but harmless. However, some people experience more severe reactions to stings. Protect against stinging inspects by doing the following:

  • Cover any dirt patches with new grass to avoid ground-nesting insects
  • Cover all trash cans
  • Avoid sweet-smelling fragrances
  • Don’t swat at any stinging insects you may find


Ants are one of the most common summer pests and can affect both outdoor spaces and homes. They are most frequently seen in places where food is served. However, carpenter ants live in wood and may even damage structures on your property. Protect against ants with these tactics:

  • Seal all cracks in your home’s exterior
  • Trim trees and shrubs away from your house
  • Immediately clean crumbs, spills and food waste


Fleas tend to be most numerous in the summer months as their young mature. They lay eggs in moist soil as well as linens indoors. They most often appear on pets but may attack humans as well. These tips can keep fleas away:

  • Check pets thoroughly
  • Keep your house well-vacuumed
  • Wash bedding regularly

Find a Professional

If you are struggling with pests during the summer months in Colorado, consider one of the top Exterminators Denver has to offer. Professional help can go a long way toward addressing pest issues in your home.

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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An Important Fact About Exfoliants – Choose The Top Natural Exfoliants

An important fact about exfoliants- Choose the top natural exfoliants
An Important Fact About Exfoliants – Choose The Top Natural Exfoliants
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An Important Fact About Exfoliants – Choose The Top Natural Exfoliants

The Exfoliants are utterly important to get the best skin. Generally, the exfoliation is a major key to get a great skin that looks bright, smooth and also fresh. Regardless of skin ages, the skin cell regeneration rate starts to diminish and thus results in a dull skin tone. The proper exfoliation is important to retain a healthy as well as radiant glow.

An important fact about Exfoliants– Choose the top natural Exfoliants But, not all kinds of exfoliation are the same and different kinds of skin types, which would require a personalized loom to exfoliation.

Basically, the exfoliation is a process of removing the dead cells and also surfacing of the new layer of cells. Commonly, the exfoliants are an integral part of the skin care. If it is applied perfectly, it will lead to glowing as well as young skin. However, the exfoliation is an essential regime in order to retain the same youthful and shine look. If it is done properly on a regular basis, it will surely enhance the renewal process of your skin as well as reduce the bad effects of dirt, dead cells and sun rays on the skin.

Lists of All Natural Exfoliants

At present, there are lists of products available to purchase for Exfoliating Your Skin, but the main issue with many products are containing micro beads. The best exfoliates are completely natural, so you do not need to purchase any harmful and costlier products. Below are the lists of complete natural exfoliants that include:

  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Sea salt
  • Baking soda
  • Almonds
  • Oatmeal

Get Smoother and Youthful Looks Using Exfoliants?

An important fact about exfoliants- Choose the top natural exfoliants

Today, many people know why it is essential to consistently exfoliate your skin. Mostly, they are not doing it properly, but they are doing it too regularly and obtain less than most wanted results. Many people know why it is essential to habitually exfoliate your skin. Below are the guidelines to achieve you on a right way for fresher as well as younger looking skin that include:

Exfoliating Gloves

The exfoliating gloves can be created to use with or without exfoliate scrubs. The majority of people are good to use exfoliates on any part of your body. They are particularly used for exfoliating the legs and other larger areas of skin.

Moisturize After Cleansing

The exfoliating is also known as scrubbing. It is an initial step to Healthy And Younger Skin. The second step is to moisturize thoroughly. After exfoliating, you should always moisturize. The exfoliating routinely can be tougher on your skin and also act as a protective barrier of the natural oils.

Use Facial Scrubs, Which Are Certainly Anticipated For Your Face

You should always make sure to use the exfoliation product, which is particularly intended for use on your face. Today, people are confused in using the facial exfoliating products along with the body exfoliating scrubs and creams. If anyone is accidentally used with other, this will create ultimate skin irritation or sensitivity.

If Your Skin is Sensitive or Irritated, Exfoliating Daily is Not Crucial

An important fact about exfoliants- Choose the top natural exfoliants

Most of the people are anxious to the skin exfoliation. If your skin is very sensitive, you can better to use a creamy, rich cleanser and also wash clothes as many as times per week. It also needed to gently exfoliate the dead cells. Immediately after using a wash cloth, you can apply a thick moisturizer gently to replenish, hydrate and also soothe your skin.

Major Importance of Exfoliating Your Skin

An important fact about exfoliants- Choose the top natural exfoliants

After cleansing and toning, the immediate step of skin care regimen is exfoliation. In simply, the exfoliants mean that you are removing the flakey, dead and dry skin, which build ups due to pollution and toxins. In order to make a new skin that is clean, fresh and radiant, you just clean, stimulate and also prepare well. Normally, the human’s skin cell can grow and replace with the older ones every month, but this might be differed from one person to another person. However, this is a part of the own natural process of skin for exfoliation.

In order to Protect Your Skin from itchiness, blemishes, blotchiness, cracks and lines, the exfoliation becomes essential. Primarily, there are three different kinds of exfoliation include chemical, manual and enzyme exfoliation. For facial skin, the soft wash cloth is a good thing for exfoliation. In fact, you can use exfoliants in either of two ways such as using natural exfoliants products or preparing homemade exfoliants recipes. Depends on your needs, you can follow either of these methods and improve your skin appearance to maintain a younger and healthy looking skin.

Look For The Best Natural Facial Exfoliants Product

An important fact about exfoliants- Choose the top natural exfoliants

Exfoliation is a removal process of dead skin cells. When you get rid of this problem, you just look for the best natural facial exfoliants product that suits your skin type. Before using any exfoliants product, it is necessary to follow the instructions given on a label. Also, make sure to not keep your products on your skin for a longer time that recommended by manufacturer. If you are searching for a right place to buy this product, you can simply visit the Viennaimports.Com and then choose your best natural products based on your skin type. However, the exfoliants always play an ultimate role in minimizing the discoloration, dullness, uneven texture, impurities from surface of the skin and also congestion by removing dead skin cells.

The routinely exfoliation is not only helps to improving the efficacy of any of your favorite products, but also leaves your skin looks radiant, refined and smooth. When it comes to buying the natural exfoliants, you can simply reach and find your suitable exfoliation product in order to make your skin looks very younger, smoother, shiner, softer and also increasing dehydration as well. Once you start applying, this exfoliants will definitely helps to regain the natural process and get back your beautiful face without any clogged, wrinkles and breakouts. If you are still confusing in selecting a product, you just contact the customer care professional in and get the right solution for your skin.


Meena – Indian Beauty Blogger

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Diet And Fitness Plan For Women – AngelMstyle

Diet And Fitness Plan
Diet And Fitness Plan For Women – AngelMstyle
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The Ultimate Diet And Fitness Plan For Women

Women are often perceived to be a tad bit callous when it comes to taking care of their own health. Speaking of health and fitness, women on an average spend less than an hour per day on their own body. With hard-pressed time and tight schedules, women juggle between lots of work that happens around from home to office and in between. It there becomes even for important to pay concentrated attention to ones fitness for a better and so to say healthy lifestyle.

Hey Family, I’m here today to direct all you women out there to live a sorted and comparatively healthier lifestyle. I’ve practicing a lot of these parameters myself and it’s out there for everybody to see. I hope all this helps you change your life.

Push Up On Bent Knee

Bent down on both the forearms with a reasonable gap with body completely straight. Look downwards while performing the Fitness exercise so that you neck along with your back and upper leg part falls in a straight line.


Stand with your feet and shoulder wide apart. The main aim is to fit up the lower area. Bend a little with equal gap between your legs and your hands finely stretching them out. This goes without saying that squats are a way to keep your body fit on a regular routine.

Eat Everything Healthy

one is allowed to have to have their cheat day, and its necessary also to keep your body exposed to everything. But other than eat, it is super important to eat healthy on a regular basis to keep a healthy function of your body with respect to what you eat and how your Work Out.

Your diet here will include everything to do with proteins like grams, pulses, fruits, green vegetables, egg whites, bakes or roasted chicken or fish.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

A lot has been spoken about the tradition of not skipping breakfast. But let me remind your girls, it is very important to have a wholesome and healthy breakfast to keep your body in sync throughout the day. Do not go for things that are fattening or extreme in carbs early in the morning. Keep it timid to fruits and grains and eggs, milk, juices and breads.

Cut On The Outside Food

It is certainly difficult to resist all those exciting looking food that the market has to offer to you but one needs to cut down on all those unhealthy wafers and soft drinks for a fitter lifestyle. Simply avoid trans- fats and those refined sugars or excess of salt.

All of these points if taken seriously and followed religiously will lead you to a better and sustainable living. Take on this mode and see yourself transforming into somebody more fit and healthy.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Poise & Elegance with Precious You Online Jewellery – AngelMstyle

Navratan Choker Set
Poise & Elegance with Precious You Online Jewellery – AngelMstyle
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Poise & Elegance with Precious You Online Jewellery

How often do we come across things that take your breath away? Not everyday right? And these things ought to be rare. Fashion and styling is one such occasion when you try and merge different combinations and come across something that even you didn’t know would turn about to be so amazing. That’s is what just happened with me. I feel really great when I have successfully buys. Poise & Elegance with Precious You Online jewellery  That feeling is just do heart warming.

Poise & Elegance with Precious You Online Jewellery

I was in fire need of some accessories for one of the occasions and wasn’t finding something really worthy. And that is when I got introduced to these mind blowing jewels from Precious you. I can’t even begin to describe the quality of these accessories and how beautiful they look. And since they were so awe strucking, how could I not share their looks with my Angel family. So here are a few looks they I tried to bring together with these super looking jewels. Let me know how you like it.

Haniya Choker

Haniya ChokerHaniya Choker                                                                                                 Haniya Choker

The first one is this amazing choker look from . This Haniya choker from the same website is a complete bohemian look and looks so different and raw. For all those who like to keep up a look on the edge, this one’s for you.   Poise & Elegance with Precious You Online jewellery I’ve tried to present this look on a formal Wear bringing a fusion on table. This Haniya Choker  is a combination of silver beads and rings put together. Try and create a fusion lol with this Haniya choker.

Imtithal Necklace

 Imtithal NecklaceBringing back the lost Afghanistan look on board, this Imtithal necklace from precious you is wonder in itself. And beautiful red and green combination finely curated on this necklace is something to look out for. I have combined a look of me d length black colored kurti and Imtithal Necklace to bring back the lost tribe look. And it looks really great.

Navratan Choker Set
Navratan Choker Set
Navratan Choker Set
            Navratan Choker Set
Navratan Choker Set
      Navratan Choker Set

Next in line is this Navratam Choker set finely designed and crafted keeping in mind your ethnic needs. This Navratam choker set can be your great friend when you want to outstand in any ethnic event. You can just not resist but stare at it twice. The look and feel of this necklace is so Indian yet Western. I’ve tried to bring a change by wearing it on a strapless tube dress to bring something new to you people.

The Queen Mask Earrings                                                                                     The Queen Mask Earrings

This has to be one of my favorites from whatever I’ve bought from These are Queen Mask Earrings which are peculiarly in the design of a mask and definitely makes you feel like a queen. These are absolutely stunning and give you that edgy look in quite a subtle way. Even if you’re somebody who doesn’t like experimenting much, you’ll love these extra mile earrings. I’ve worn these ones with a tube dress and high tied bun to give that extra edge to these stunning looking earrings

So these were my best buys from and I am so much in love with all of them. The Navratan choker and the queen mask earrings definitely did take my heart away and I would highly recommend each one of them to all you stunning looking girls. Go out there and make the most of these classy products. Also do let me know about your edgy looks.


AngelMstyle – Indian Beauty Blogger

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20 Places To Visit in Gangtok – AngelMstyle

20 places to visit in gangtok
20 Places To Visit in Gangtok – AngelMstyle
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20 Places To Visit in Gangtok Sightseeing & Things To Do | AngelMstyle

Have you thought of taking a long summer break to ease yourselves from the stress that daily routine gives? Then think no more and plan for a trip to the most adorable and must visit place which is the city of gangtok which is the ready made solution to all your holiday plans. There are an umpteen number of places that you may want to visit at gangtok. Hurry, make a trip to Gangtok right away and get some exciting discounts through akbar travel offers.

Specialties of Gangtok

The best tourism friendly spot that you may want to explore is the capital city of india’s most clean state Sikkim. It is rich in mountain and scenic view of the places nearby with a mix of cultures and inhabitants like Nepalis, Lepchas, and bhutia. It’s a cooler climate there and is ambient for a happy day vacation. Now check out the places that are a must visit when you decide to go there.

20 Best Places To Visit in Gangtok

Phodong Monastery

Built in the early 18th century, the monastery is considered to be the right place to find peace and realise your inner self in this monastery. This place is believed to be built on a foundation of an existing monastery. It is the most deeply respected and followed ones among the residents of Sikkim and shows you great insights on the cultural heritage of Sikkim.

Nathu La Pass

This is the place in Sikkim that connects the state of Sikkim with China and Tibet’s autonomous regions. This pass was believed to be on of the most ancient trade routes that was used for catering to the transport of the silk trade and this nathu la pass is famously called the silk trade route which is considered to be of prime importance.

Kanchenjunga Mountain

Popularly referred to as the third highest mountain peak in the world, the keanchenjunga mountain is an absolute pleasure to explore in this scorching heat of our place. This place is believed to be the best attracted spots in gangtok which is always crowded during the vacation season. The peak can be viewed as a central point to view the entire city of gangtok.


This small yet beautiful town which is situated near gangtok at a countable distance of 6.5km is a place that you must visit. You may get to explore the serene beauty of the place with a sense of calmness and equanimity in the lifestyle of people living out there. There are some great events that keep going on in the tiny city to keep the tourists glued to explore the town further more.

Tsongmo Lake

It is always a pleasure to view the site of a running lake and once you started exploring the beauty of gangtok, you will get to know the charm of this Tsongmolake situated in the city of gangtok. It reflects multiple colors in different seasons and has a maximum depth of 15 metres. The lake is known to be the most cleanest lakes in india and is an absolute delight to watch the water running in that lake.

Ganesh Tok

This place is known to be situated at a 6500 metre above the sea level on the top of a breath taking hill. The famous lord ganesha is the main attraction in this temple. The Ganesh lok temple is located near the Tashi view point which is nearby a hill adjacent to television tower of Sikkim and gives a bang on view of the city. The road to the ganeshtok is popularly called the rainbow route due to its uncanny resemblance.

Seven Sister Water Falls

Soak under this wonderful water falls and get the eternal bliss as this waterfalls is a delight for the eyes and is sure to blow all that stress and sadness of your feet by just basking under the waters falls. They are the gift of the nature where seven different types of falls are seen at one bend and flows in a gracious manner. They are the top visit of you intend to visit gangtok.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple

Another site of attraction at the gangtok interiors is the Baba Harbhajan Singh memorial temple where in the temple is built in the memory of a soldier named harbhajan singh who died in the singh war when protecting the country and fellow soldiers near the nathu la pass. This is considered to be a temple built on the holy belief and is one of the must visit at the gangtok city.

The Flower Exhibition Center

After visiting some of the top spots at gangtok, this flower exhibition center is a light and worthy place that takes little time to explore. This place would be a treat to the eyes as the view of the various varieties of flowers blossoming at one place would blow your mind off and would make you lost in the ever green beauty.

MG Marg

Bored of roaming the spots and want to hit the markets and own the exotic produce of gangtok? Then the MG market is the right place where you may get to witness a lot of things that is needed on a daily basis is put on a attractive manner for a huge sale.

Khecheopalri Lake

This is a place that s deeply respected by both hindus and buddhism followers and has its own mythological connections with either religions. It is mostly respected for gods like Guru Padmasambhava, lord shiva. The place is easily accessible by all the tourists and can be of great experience for all.

Sa-NgorChotshog Centre

The place is located in the upper Tatchanchen area in gangtok. It is the one and only monastery in Sikkim which is owned by the Sakya order of Tibet buddhism people. There are a great range of paintings to be explored carefully and a still calmness makes it even more attractive and brings peace to the inner mind.

Fambong La Wildlife Sanctuary

A place where you can have a glimpse of the wildlife at one shot is the Fambong La wildlife sanctuary. The place is filled with wild orchids, Cat Binturongs, Himalayan beer and other exotic species. The highest point is this place is tinjure which is the highest point of the place. Come and get ready to explore this nature’s gift to us.

Himalayan Zoological Park

If you are looking forward to visit the biggest zoo in India and observe a combination of flora and fauna at one click then here is your bumper deal to hit the Himalayan zoological park. Here you may find Satyr Tragopan, barking deer, etc. Its surrounded by 260 acres of natural beauty and is a top catch if you come to gangtok.

Tashi View Point

The sunrise and sunsets are a delight to see and can be observed only from a few places and this Tashi view point is one of them where you can completely witness a full rise and set of the sun. You can combine a visit to the many nearby tourists spots here which are also of profound importance.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

This is the prime center where the tibetianbuddhism is studied and is carefully preserved in the state of gangtok. The visitors get a great opportunity to understand the culture and also mingle with their cultural heritage. The place is built in with carefully designed architecture that has a lot of intricate detailings. Do not forget this center when you plan a trip to gangtok.

Tashiding Monastery

The tashiding monastery is being run and maintained by the Nyingma sect of the tibetianbuddhism with a great legendary history of the people who lived there. The monastery is located the Rathongchu and the Rangeet rivers spicing up to its serene beauty. A little time spent in knowing the history of the place will leave a sense of satisfaction in getting to know

Rumtek Monastery

Known for its cultural heritage and significance. The rumtek monastery is the most ancestral monastery where the school there strictly follows the tibetianbuddhism and is specially famous for its Kagyu teachings. The building is based on a gompatibetian style architecture with deep history related to every antiques placed there.

Ban Jhakri Falls

Soak your selves in the goodness of this divine waterfalls placed at the city of gangtok that replenishes all he love for nature in your soul. The silence and happiness out there is the one we need for driving away every problem of your head. It is believed to be strongly connected to the local culture and is believed to drive away the bad spirits in the locality with its powerful waves of water.

Do Drulchorten Stupa

This place in the city of gangtok was built around the year 1945 by the head person of Nyingma order old buddhism of Tibet. The Mani lhakor referred to as the prayer wheels is the central theme in the place. It is placed at the top with a number of stairs that might be taxing but is all worth the peace and calmness that is present in here.


There are a lot of places outside the country which might give much more thrilling and joyous experience but Sikkim is one state in india which is a must visit by all the citizens as we get to experience a wholly different culture, mingle with them and get to visit their places of worship and realise a lot about the cultural heritage in india.

AngelMstyle – Indian Travel Blogger

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Dubai Hills Dubai – An Exceptional Living Style – AngelMstyle

Dubai Hills Dubai – An Exceptional Living Style – AngelMstyle
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Dubai Hills – An Exceptional Living Style

Dubai Hills Are The Property of the famous Emaar, which selected the richest 70 investors of Dubai in order to view the speculation of new villas.  The villas are easily priced above Dh30 million, according to the business news. The investors are chosen from the bunch of more than 1000 who have applied their quote in order t but this luxurious property.  They will show the pricing framework and in-depth details on the 8th of December.

The project is the joint venture done on June between means holding and Emaar includes only a process known as “invitation only” in which applicants have to fill details such as marital status, employment, questionnaire and explaining whether they have any “executive director” places in some companies.

According to the Arabian business, out of all those investors, only the 70 investors would be the first one to view the villas.

There are only 600 plots in Dubai villas which are open for sale, only a minorinvestors group will be purchasing the villas on the given scheduled dates.

Dubai Hills is an amazing project and no one project got this much of interest at first place.  The property is exclusive in its kind and luxury on the other hand.  There are many people who want to own the property, but it’s not for everyone, according to Emaar its exclusive.

As per the Emaar news, the project will give amazing views of 18 hole world class golf course and Dubai skyline.

Dubai Hills is the big name in the Emirates and don’t need any introduction. Dubai hills are the part of the Mohammad Bin Rashid City big development, whichencompasses various neighbourhoods and various communities within the region.  The project is built on almost 11 million square feet, includes all types of commercial and residential places to fulfill needs of everyone.  There are many developments and projects going on in Dubai, but the Dubai hills are a place for everyone from every walk of life.

Family Place

The Dubai hills estate has various communities that offer villas for the family. Club and Sidra villas have 4 and 3 bedroom beautifully decorated villas,  on the other hand, Parkway has 7 and 6 bedroom huge villas for big families.  The communities have all the required amenities, community midpoints,and beautifully landscaped garden to give a spectacular view.  The villas are safe, secure and provide the residents with the peaceable and tranquil atmosphere.


To feel royal and prestigious, the community provides you with huge and profligate mansions and villas with more than 8 bedrooms. The average size of each villa inDubai hills is 30,000 sq. ft and provides you with facilities like private garages, pools, sauna, Jacuzzis, outdoor fun and gazebos.  If you want to experience the true royalty, then Dubai hills are the ultimate place for you.

Sports Love

Dubai hills are built around the golfcourse with 18 holes and are the ultimate place for ones who love to play golf.  Moreover, the golf club offers other facilities as well such as football court, table tennis,and golf training as well.  If you want to have a lifestyle of a country club than golf club is the perfect place for you.

Stylish Apartments

Dubai hills also includeapartments known as park point which has deluxe 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.  The park point is very close to the famous destination of the Dubai city such as downtown and Dubai mall.

Modest Community

The easiest to afford community in the Dubai hills is the collective. The collective community offers 1 bedroom apartment and sophisticated studios with common outdoor and indoor lines which are shared among the residents.  The price of these units starts at AED 650,000 and are quite affordable.

Dubai hills are the place for everyone; it meets the needs of every individual. If you interested in any other community of Dubai villas, contact the property agents today and they will guide you accordingly.

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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Your Internal Organs : Things You Need To Know Before Using Cocaine

Your Internal Organs : Things You Need To Know Before Using Cocaine
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Things You Didn’t Know About Cocaine – AngelMstyle

Cocaine is one of those drug you constantly hear about, but you want to avoid at all costs. The effects of cocaine do not only involve the high levels of addiction, but also triggering of drastic alterations in the cardiovascular health of the users and Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms.

No one starts out wanting to have an addiction, but you may realize you are far too involved with it after taking your first puff. One problem that not many will reveal is the effects of the drug on the Gastrointestinal System (GI) of your body, which includes all the areas from your esophagus to your rectum. Some of the problems are minor but frequent, while others are rare but cause serious problems that can be life-threatening. They mostly occur when you use cocaine for a long period, and its use results in losses of normal flow of blood within various parts of your intestinal tract.

Of course drug dealers will not tell you that cocaine users can develop complications that can kill them, such as constriction of blood vessels leading to heart attacks, or intestinal gangrene due to death of intestinal tissue.

How Does Cocaine Affect The Body System?

The usual reasons that people decide to abuse cocaine is due to the mind-numbing chance, and these are usually due to an intensified form of pleasure – euphoria.

The drug is able to increase euphoric feelings by increasing levels of the hormone dopamine within the CNS (Central Nervous System), comprising of the spinal cord and the brain. However, it does not just affect the mind, but it increases activity within the sympathetic nervous system and changes the workings of the body. This is due to the drug increasing the levels of the chemical nerepinephrine.

In particular, the most important effect that the drug has on the gastrointestinal system is the constricting of blood vessels.

Cocaine Addiction

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The extent of addiction is dependent on the manner that you take cocaine, which affects the duration of the high that you experience.

This means that some methods induce highs that are fast but short-lasting, and these are smoking and injections. These methods result in higher chances of addiction because of the quick effects that are short, so you need to consume more of the drug. However, gradual onset methods such as oral ingestion have lower chances of addiction.

Snorting results in a high that is almost immediate, but lasts for slightly longer than smoking or injections – roughly thirty minutes. Since this method involves the crystals passing through the nasal passages, it exerts its effects as it moves through the body system. The result is an increase in tolerance to the drug, even though this is in short order, leading to the individual needing increasing amounts of the drug, and eventual dependence on cocaine.

Since you begin using the drug, the body develops a tolerance level. This means that the amount you use to get ‘high’ gradually increases, and this makes you look for higher amounts of the drug to get the same level of high.

What Are Some Common Effects of Cocaine Use?

Things You Didn't Know About Cocaine

A common sign of gastrointestinal changes due to cocaine include general tenderness and pain in your abdominal region. Moreover, there are problems such as vomiting, nausea and bloody stools that are loose, as if you are experiencing diarrhea.

The effects will begin to show up after an hour of using the drug, though this may vary according to the body of the individual, as well as specific circumstances. It may even take up to two days after active drug use for the symptoms to appear.

Some Places of Serious GI Damage

The places that suffer the most damage will be dependent on the method that the user consumes the drug, according to a 2006 study by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Individuals that consume the drug through snorting tend to develop issues below the pyloric sphinter, which is a muscle ring that separates the small intestine from the stomach. However, individuals taking it in form of crack cocaine (smoking) usually have issues above the pyloric sphinter, in the esophagus or stomach region.

All cocaine problems and Inflammations in The GI are usually due to a mechanism called ischemia. This happens when reducing levels of normal blood flow rob the cells and tissues of much-needed oxygen and nutrients.

The effects of damages to the system are even more apparent when the user smokes, injects or ingests the cocaine.

Intestinal Tissue Damages

Cocaine causes blood clots, and this tendency contributes to intestinal problems. For instance, when the blood clots form in the arteries that transport blood to the intestines, it results in gangrene development.

Cocaine users tend to suffer from ulcers as well as perforations of the intestines – this particularly affects individuals who smoke crack. In addition, because the liver breaks down all drugs that enter the body, individuals that abuse cocaine heavily tend to have problems with their liver as well.

Reduction in appetite is another effect of cocaine use, which leads to food binges when the person is not using the drug at that moment, resulting in gastrointestinal problems. The lack of food in the system also leads to nutritional deficiencies, especially in long-term users of cocaine.

Treating Cocaine Addictions To Prevent GI Problems

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The process of cocaine detox must address the psychological and physical dependence on the drug. There are inevitable withdrawal symptoms that come with the recovery period though, and these include depression, agitation, hunger, discomfort, exhaustion and vivid bad dreams.

Since there are no official medicines that have approval from the FDA, behavioral therapy is mostly the cure to cocaine addiction. Such approaches are multiple, but all comprehensive, including strategies like cognitive therapy – encouraging the addict to examine their condition by knowing why they began abusing the drug and the practices that stop relapses from occurring.

The matrix model is also an important method, as it involves the community helping an individual recover from the addiction. It involves family therapy, relapse prevention skills, as well as education on addictions to cocaine.

Final Thoughts

The issue of Cocaine affecting the stomach and gastrointestinal area is not just about these two areas, but rather relates to the damage cocaine does to the internal organs of the body. Once someone becomes an addict, this poses a grave danger to their health, and they should receive cocaine detox, otherwise the risk of addiction and death is high.

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4 Things Every Male Celebrity is Wearing – AngelMstyle

4 Things Every Male Celebrity is Wearing – AngelMstyle
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Men’s Fashion Tips And Style Guide For 2018

Men’s fashion can be very influential when the celebrities is wearing it. They could be wearing something unique that makes them stand out. However, some fashion statements can even rub off on other celebrities.

And if celebrities are wearing it, fans might also. So in this article, we will cover 4 things that every male celebrity is wearing. If you’re into fashion, maybe you can get an idea to try for yourself.

1.     Jewelry

To celebs, jewelry is like an American Express card – they don’t leave home without it. In fact, some male celebrities are

Always Wearing Bling – even to bed!

There are lots of options here for jewelry. And it sounds like it came out of a movie, but they really do have jewelry for specific occasions, just as they would have clothing for different occasions.

A lot of male celebs wear earrings, not just for special occasions, but around the clock. Or, maybe it’s a certain ring, or more than one ring. While men are not usually inclined to wear necklaces, they can occasionally be found around the male celeb neck.

2.     Makeup

Some male celebrities wear makeup, but it’s not just onscreen. They are also wearing it to premieres as well as off-screen.

The fact is, male celebrities are just as concerned with looking good as female celebrities, especially on the red carpet. The most common makeup used is foundation, which covers up blemishes, reddish skin, even acne.

It has been reported that one celebrity even used a concealer to mask imperfections in his skin.

So kooky or not, Makeup is a part of men’s fashion, and male celebrities can be just as determined to look good onscreen as well as off-screen.

3.     Suits

It used to be an unwritten rule during the “Golden Age” of the movie business that male celebrities wore a suit on the red carpet. Cary Grant or Rock Hudson wouldn’t have been caught dead at a movie premiere without “putting on the Ritz.”

Today, casual wear has become the unwritten rule. However, many men are keeping the old suit fashion alive and well. You can still see the pinstripes, the patterned suits, some with ties – traditional or non-traditional – and some without.

Whether you like the new ensembles or not, it’s still refreshing to see that the suit is still around.

4.     Hairpieces

Going bald is tough for men, especially the ever-appearance-conscious celebrity. Admittedly, bald doesn’t work for everyone. Many celebs choose to wear hair pieces instead, and for them, it works.

You may already know some of these names, but here is just a small list of men who are making it work:

  • Ben Affleck – rumor has it that he is bald. It’s understandable why he would wear one.
  • John Travolta – sources have reported that if he didn’t think his hairpiece was perfect for magazine shoots, he would ask for a reshoot.
  • Jason Alexander – self-explanatory.

So in the world of fashion, there’s never a dull moment. We hope you found this article informative and helpful.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fashion Blogger

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