5 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself

5 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself
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The best possible resolution you can make is to improve yourself as a person. To realize this goal, you must be ready to make significant changes to your lifestyle.

It is never too late to make improvements to your personality. In fact, you get better with the experience you get every day. Below are some of the practices you need to undertake to make you a better person.

Improve Your Self-knowledge

The first step to improving yourself is knowing what needs bettering in your life. This means that you should have goals and continuously assess your progress towards the realization of the goals.

There are two popular ways of improving your self-knowledge; journaling and meditation. Regardless of your choice, you’re guaranteed of a rejuvenated body and mind afterwards.


Journaling involves writing whatever is in your mind. This includes ideas, dreams, what makes you happy, what you hate, successes, and failures and so on. This practice not only helps in clearing your head, but it also enables you to get a better understanding of yourself.


Meditation has been used for years to improve self-awareness on an emotional level. In addition, it also assists with sharpening your focus and regulating blood pressure.

Take Care of Your Health

Another way of improving yourself is by leading a lifestyle that does not pose risks to your wellbeing. It might seem challenging, but you don’t have to be a fitness freak or follow a strict diet to keep your body healthy.

Some of the ways to better your health include:

  • Exercising – an activity as simple as walking for an hour can improve your health significantly.
  • Eating well – drink more water. You can also improve vitamin intake by learning how to make Juicerland.com
  • Get enough sleep – ensure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep.

Interact with Others

Seclusion from others will certainly make you worse. Interacting with people, on the other hand, can be of great help in improving your self-worth.

There are many ways of networking, ranging from saying a simple thank you to spending times with people who inspire you. You can also improve yourself by helping others.

Balance Work and Play

Most people are either workaholics or lazybones. If you are too obsessed with work, now is the time to carve out some time for recreation. This time can be spent on hobbies or with people you love.

Conversely, if you are lazy, it’s time to start working on something. At first, you might feel exhausted, but there is always a good vibe when you successfully accomplish a task.

Set Goals and Be Confident

As mentioned above, you can’t better yourself without setting the objectives you want to achieve. Ideally, your vision should be placed in a strategic location where you can see it daily.

Having set the desired goals, the next crucial step is believing you can achieve them. With confidence, nothing can stand between the current you and the improvements you want in your life!

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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Your Guide to Drinks on the Keto Diet

Your Guide to Drinks on the Keto Diet
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Drinks are one of the sneakiest ways in which we consume extra calories, and the added sugar is often overlooked in many diets. If you are going to be following the keto diet, drinking the right drinks can go a long way in aiding with your weight loss journey. Everything from fruit juice to coffee can be filled with a lot of sugar, which knocks you out of ketosis and increases the chance of weight gain while on the keto diet. If you are unsure of what is good and bad for your diet, follow this ultimate guide to drinks whilst on the keto diet.

Water is The Best You Can Get

Drinking water is the easiest way to know you are not consuming too much sugar whilst following the keto diet. Especially during the first few days of carb restriction, the body can shed both minerals and water at an accelerated rate. After a few days of carb restriction, the body then excretes even more water than it usually would.

Water can counteract any dehydration that can be caused from this and can help if you are suffering from what is known as the keto flu. Many people are not a fan of water on its own and therefore you should look at different ways in which you can make it more exciting. Adding fruit to infuse your water is a simple way of making it taste better while still being good for you.  Just make sure to choose low carb fruits such as blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Tea and Coffee

Many of us can’t get through the day without our caffeine fix and therefore the thought of giving up our daily morning coffee is a no go. Luckily both drinks are amazing in the keto diet and are extremely helpful for providing us with more energy, especially in the first few days of the diet. What matters when making coffee and tea is what you add to them.

Plain black coffee is the easiest way to ensure you do not break any rules when following the ketogenic diet, but many people cannot drink coffee like this. Using an alternative to normal milk, such as full-fat dairy or almond milk is one way to make your coffee keto friendly. If you cannot live without a bit of the sweet stuff, no calorie sweeteners are a great alternative to sugar. If you want to drink your morning coffee but you are unsure of what is the best way to do so, follow these tips to enjoy coffee on the keto diet from KetoLogic.  Their website is also full of incredibly useful articles and recipes as well as being your one stop shop for keto supplements.

Diet Soda

Although drinking water is the best way to follow the Keto diet, sometimes it can get a bit boring. Know that it is okay to treat yourself to a drink, if you know which ones to go for. Regular soda is not good as it is full of extra calories and many of them contain a lot of sugar, meaning you can exceed your carb limit for the day.

Diet sodas or sugar free sodas are hard to differentiate between what are good and what are bad. The most natural form of diet soda is Zevia. This drink comes in a variety of flavors and can be consumed while on the keto diet with no worries of overdoing your carb intake.


Although it is best to stop consumption of alcohol when on any diet, you can consume alcohol while on the keto diet, but you need to be mindful whilst doing so. The best way to ensure that your diet is not affected by your alcohol intake is by consuming hard liquors. This is because they have the least number of calories in them and they will not wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels as do drinks such as alcopops.

The alcoholic beverages that are best to drink on the Keto diet are light beers, liquor and wine. Light beers contain some carbs, so it is important to take that into consideration when carb counting for the day. Dry whites and reds are the lowest carb wines to drink. Anything high in sugar such as cocktails and sweet wines should be avoided while on this diet.


Unfortunately, juice is not a great option, especially when on the keto diet. This is because it is high in sugar and you are only getting a small amount of nutrients from the fruit. If you are big juice drinker and cannot live without it, there are ways to work around this.

Watering down your juice can limit the amount of carbs you are consuming whilst still being able to drink juice. Powerad Zero is another alternative that is great for a keto friendly sports juice. Flavored water enhancers are another way to give you a juice hit without the sugar.

Drinking on the Keto diet doesn’t need to be tough if you know what is best. If you are unsure if your drink is right for the Keto diet, check the nutritional label.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Science Shows Soy Helps in Weight loss

Science Shows Soy Helps in Weight loss
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If you are struggling to lose your weight but the diet you are currently following is not helping you lose weight, there is something that you can do to alter the nutrition requirement of your body. According to the scientific researches it has been found that the protein-rich soy foods can help you lose your body weight and fat. This can happen if you replace the other sources from which you are currently taking proteins with the soy protein options in your diet. Soy foods can help you life a healthy life in many different ways and the added benefit of soy protein is that it supports the body by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while it helps in controlling weight.

Before we begin, let us know: What is Soy Protein?

Soy protein is a protein that is plant-based and it comes from soybeans.  It is a natural protein that is free from cholesterol and lactose.  It has the capability of giving the required amino acids to the body and it also provides the body the required nutrients that are essential while weight loss. It serves as a protein that you need in the growth of your muscles.

Diets higher in protein can help curb appetite by increasing feeling of fullness and satiety. High-quality proteins, including soy protein, have been shown to increase satiety. In addition, protein can help maintain muscle mass on a calorie-restricted diet.

Snacking on soy protein is healthy; it improves your appetite, satiety and diet quality, while also beneficially influencing aspects of energy, mood and cognition when compared to a high-fat snack or no snack. I swear by my soy protein snacks, as eating high-protein snacks can aid appetite control to manage you weight better.

There were many experiments done by the researchers in order to seek and establish the strength of the evidences made on research on four projected mechanisms in which soy protein possibly aided weight control. Scroll down to know more:

  • Soy helps in increasing the rate of weight loss when it was consumed by a person at an equal calorie level as the other food products.
  • Soy boosts weight and fat loss as it helps in decreasing the caloric intake of a person.
  • Certain soy based foods promote glucose control and heart health while a person is undergoing the process of weight loss.
  • Many foods based on soy proteins help in minimizing the loss of bone mass ratio while the process of weight loss happens in the body of an individual.

The analysis done by the researchers along with the results from around eight human studies got to a conclusion that: most of the individuals lost equal quantity of weight and in some of the cases equal inches of fat from the waist area while they were on soy protein diet. Using soy protein as a replacement of dairy products and meat replacements at equal calorie levels helped in losing the weight and body fat of the people. This definitely suggests the scientific illustration of the value of soy protein while a person is on weight loss program.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Tips To Decorate a Romantic Spring Wedding

Tips To Decorate a Romantic Spring Wedding
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Spring is, by far, the most romantic and a perfect season to get married in. It is characterized by all the beautiful flowers blooming in and the warm sunshine which pleases our soul after the chilled winters. If you are planning to tie a knot in this season, probably it’s the best part of the year to make your wedding memorable. A spring wedding includes lots of bold and colorful flowers, plants, a glass of wine, and the bride’s mermaid style wedding dresses. So here are some of the tips that may help you in decorating your spring summer wedding:

1. Wine Glasses:

Use wine glasses of different shapes and sizes to decorate your table with those blossomed flowers arranged under these glasses. To add more beauty, use scented candles on the top of the glass. You can also add colors to wine glasses by using glitter at the base or on the walls of the glass! Match the colors with the bride’s wedding dresses if the groom doesn’t have an issue.

2. Tulips in Glass Vases:

Tulips are everyone’s favorite. Decorate slim and tall glass vases with these fresh spring tulips, make a bundle of two or three freshly picked tulips and place them inside a decorated glass jar. Tulips create a romantic atmosphere. Soft, lush and pastel pink tulips can draw the attention of a major chunk of people. Also, they will compliment bridesmaid dresses!

3. Tea Cups and Roses:

Add a vintage feel to your romantic spring wedding by using a bunch of statement flowers in a teapot. It is such a charming centerpiece, creates a vibrant atmosphere with freshness all around.You just need to find vintage tea cups or colorful ones from a thrift market, then bunch together some beautiful flowers and place this combination at the corners of the table or at the center.

4. Romantic Wedding Gowns:

Wear gorgeous Wedding Dresses with feathers, laces and floral detailing going all over them. It will go pretty well with the whole spring vibe and leaving them to spell bounded. Opt for off shoulder lacy gowns to add more charm to your beauty! Hot feathers going down from waist upto the floor adds so muchglamor to an ideal spring wedding that we are completely drooling over! A little bit of feather detailing in your Bridesmaid Dresses will also match up with the vibe.

5. Decorating Aisle:

Surround your wedding aisle by white flowers or a bunch of them combined with tulips and lilies to create a romantic moment! You can also play around with white rose petals; fresh rosy smell will result in a soothing atmosphere all around. If it’s a destination wedding at the beach, march down the aisle with a cool breeze coming from deep blue waters for a mesmerizing natural décor!


Try out these tips and make your D-Day exciting and appealing. You don’t need to do much because spring comes naturally with bloomed flowers and green plants. You have the advantage of nature welcoming your wedding guests at its peak, enjoy the beauty of it!

AngelMstyle – Indian Fashion Blogger

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Cost-Conscious Fashion for Beginners

fashion blogger
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Fashion is about looking like a million bucks — but it shouldn’t be about spending a million bucks. While some of us may assume that looking stylish is a pricey proposition, the reality is that all people can get away with spending less on style if they understand what they’re doing and know a few simple tips and tricks.

That’s why we’re here to lay out your cost-conscious fashion plan. We’ll explain what you need to know about the world of fashion to become a savvier and more efficient shopper. We’ll also share some helpful little hints and tips to get you started. Here’s what you need to know about looking better while spending less.

What You Need To Know To Find Bargains

Why are some clothes more expensive than others? Well, sometimes it’s because those clothes look nicer and are of a higher quality. But that’s not always the case. Some pricey clothes are actually just overpriced, and some affordable pieces are actually really nice, high-quality garments that will last you a lifetime. The key to dressing well on a budget is finding those latter sorts of clothes. So how can you do it?

You need to learn how to recognize the clothes that will look good on you, stay in style for as long as you need them to, and last a long time even when worn often.

To find clothes that will look good on you, you need to understand your body type and pay attention to the fit of your clothes. Look for clothes that flatter your body type, hiding the things you’re maybe a bit less proud of while emphasizing and enhancing other features. Take some time to do some research about fits and body types, and learn to Recognize a Good Fit in The Mirror.

Knowing a bit about fashion trends will help you shop smart, too. In general, the clothes that you’ll get the most mileage out of will be the ones that do not emphasize flash-in-the-pan styles. Fewer details and more classic cuts will mean more months and years before a given piece goes out of style. And pieces that last you will be pieces that save you money, because you won’t have to keep buying the same sorts of things again and again.

Finally, learn to recognize quality stitching and other Signs of a Well-Made Garment. Timeless style isn’t so timeless when your clothes wear out after just one season, so steer clear of fast fashion shops (which are Ethically Questionable anyway) and focus on finding stuff that will last.

Tips For Shopping Smart

Armed with some basic background knowledge about fits, fashion, and quality, you can now start leveraging your knowledge and hunting down really good deals. Here are a few ways to do so.

Shop at online boutiques. Brick-and-mortar specialty stores need to charge big bucks for their clothes to make rent, and giant e-commerce sites are going to have poor quality clothes and unfortunate fits. With a Trendy Online Boutique, you’ll get the best of both worlds: hip, high-quality clothes at low online prices.

Check out secondhand shops. A lot of junk is in even high-end secondhand clothing stores, to say nothing of the stuff you’ll find in thrift shops — but there are gems in there, too. With enough know-how about fits, fabrics, quality, and fashion’s circular paths, you can grab a gem or take a diamond in the rough to your tailor.

Know when prices are low. What’s the best sale of the year at your favorite shop? You should know when it is. And check out items when they’re out of season: a winter coat purchased in June will cost less than it does in December, but you’re still getting the same coat.

You’ll find lots of ways to save as you learn to shop for quality clothes. As long as you know what a good fit looks like and remember how to identify high-quality clothes that will last, you can be confident that you’re saving money instead of just buying the cheap stuff. Good luck!

AngelMstyle – Indian Fashion Blogger

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Indian ethnic wear has its own charm and beauty that remains evergreen and unmatched by the western wear outfits. What’s happiness is to see that a lot of teenagers are happy to put on Indian ethnic wear. Most of the high-profile designers are experimenting on this only to give a fabulous fusion look of ethnicity with western.

Time is changing and so, the Indian Women and their fashion. They have found a new definition of style and statement. Yet, when we look through the pages of history, we find that Indian women are always known for their graceful attire and have always been the fans of the great Indian sarees. The colours, materials and designs have always captured their imagination, and every Indian woman yearns to make all of them a part of her wardrobe.

There are ample of traditional or ethnic Sarees that are available in Indian markets. These sarees are actually loved by most of the Indian ladies. The main varieties include Kanjeevaram silk, Banarasi silk sarees, Paithani, Settu saree, Chanderi Sarees, Bandhani Sarees and many more. Let us take a tour through this fascinating journey of exploring the various sarees available in different parts of India. You can wear them on any occasion and look like a stunner every time. You will absolutely look gorgeous and exquisite at the same time.

Sophisticated Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram Sarees- Traditionally woven by the weavers in Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, these Sarees are woven naturally and are often distinguished by their wide contrast borders. The main highlights of Kanjivaram are their temple borders, checks, stripes and floral buttas. These are the traditional designs which can be found on Kanchipuram Sarees.

The sarees come with intricate golden designs which make them a favorite in bridal wear. These special traditional sarees have actually originated from the place of Kanchipuram, and it gets considered as the excellent dress amongst the traditional and ethnic wears. Known as the symbol of the ‘luxury in silk’, the beautiful motifs, typically birds and animals, and its shinning golden border are absolutely sure just to make the head turns whenever wear it. The components like intricate patterns and weaves, gold thread, opulent silk fabric, etc., make them actually one of the costliest bridal dresses. Go elegant and classy by choosing the graceful Kanjivaram silk sarees online. Apart from anything, you can also take the assistance from the Bollywood divas, who have already worn these sarees.

Marvellous and Absolutely Stunning Banarasi Sarees

Originating from Varanasi, and is undoubtedly known as one of the most exquisite and rich sarees that are woven in India. Banarasi Sarees are elaborately ornated with heavy brocade work and intricate zari-work. The sarees are always woven onto heavy gauge silk, which is one of the popular choices for bridal trousseaus. This was introduced in India by the Mughals, and hence, Mughal motifs and designs are quite common on them. Delicately woven floral patterns, architectural designs, along with figures of animals in gold, silver or multi colour thread are some of the features of this saree.

The ancient living town of the world, Banaras, also known as the city of Gods, provides one of the beautiful Saree of the nation. This hand-woven apparel along with the explicit embroidery is almost incredible for any Indian woman to give a miss. If you find Banarasi sarees extremely costly, then you can opt for numerous alternatives like jamawar, meenakari, georgette, zardosi, etc. They will give you the same look at the low cost.

Pretty Paithani Sarees

Originating from Maharashtra, the pretty Paithani Saree is the lushest and best quality apparels of this state. Paithani sarees have got their name after the Paithan town in Aurangabad, Maharastra state where these sarees are woven by hand.

Made from very fine silk, the sarees are most popular among the Indian ladies and are considered as one of the richest sarees in India. These silk and gold apparels were actually made just for the high-end and limited purchasers. Available in different beautiful designs, their pallus are embellished along with the beautiful peacock designs and the borders are characterized by an oblique square design.

You will get the patterns and designs from animals, birds, to Ajanta Ellora caves. Among them, kaleidoscope- single colored designs are also popular. These hand-woven dresses are actually made to perfection and suit all events as well as ages.

Classy Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi is a small town situated in Ashok Nagar district of Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi Sarees are originated from there only. These sarees are a blend of silk and cotton which makes them relatively lightweight and ideal for summer season. You can buy on line from Voonik.

The Chanderisarees have a unique translucent structure and are very comfortable during the hot summer months. The sarees are mainly produced from three different types of fabrics that includes pure silk, Chanderi cotton and silk cotton. Some of the chanderi patterns in which the sarees are woven are traditional coin, floral art, peacocks and geometric designs.

Chanderi Sarees are known among the finest collection of Sarees in India and are popular among the Indian ladies for their silver and gold brocade or zari fine silk and opulent embroidery.

Mundum Neriyathum- Love of Kerela

Coming and Originating from the southernmost state of Kerala, Mundum Neriyathum is a simple elegant saree in white/cream colour with golden threads woven into its borders. The saree, comes as a two-piece set, where the mundum is used on the bottom half of the saree, and the neriyathum is the pallu that is draped around the upper half.

Mundum Neriyathum is made of cotton and it is very comfortable to wear in the hot and humid state. The colours are woven into the borders, and the pallus which carry elaborate Kerala mural paintings look extra- ordinary and absolutely classy.

These were some of the best type of Indian Sarees that no Indian woman would like to give a miss. You can wear them on any occasion and can look classy and elegant at the same time. You can buy them at affordable prices online during the sale season. Use Voonik Coupons and avail heavy discount and cash backs on your Favourite Saree.

Stay Beautiful! Stay Classy!

Happy Shopping!

AngelMstyle – Beauty Blogger

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5 Really Cool Reasons to Visit Dublin in 2019

5 Really Cool Reasons to Visit Dublin in 2019
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It never fails that as each year draws to an end, you are already planning for next year’s holiday. Actually, that’s just the way it should be done! Not only can you get the best deals by booking early, but you’ve plenty of time to research things to see and do once you’ve arrived at your destination. Since you’ve always wanted to visit Dublin, why not make it your holiday destination for the upcoming year? Here are five really cool reasons to make this the year.

1. 21st Century Technology of the Docklands

If you are interested in keeping up with technology, Dublin has much to offer. Often referred to as the Silicon Docks, the Docklands in Dublin is a hub for such technology giants as Twitter, Google, and Facebook. You might expect this kind of technology in cities like London or Birmingham, but few people actually know that the Republic of Ireland has its very own technology hub, and with the likes of Daniel Libeskind’s Bord Gais Energy Theatre, you’ll soon see how this tiny nation is keeping up with the times. In fact, the Docklands is considered to be one of the up-and-coming hi-tech centres in all of Europe.

2. Easy Access from UK Airports

One of the really surprising things about travelling to Dublin is that it’s so very near, yet so very far. Most people look for European holidays on the continent, but there is one neighbouring country closer than most that often goes unnoticed. You can easily find parking at Birmingham Airport, for example, enjoy a short flight to Dublin, and then have even more time to spend getting out and about.

Who wants to waste a good bit of their holiday travelling? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time touring, dining and enjoying the local nightlife? You can also get good rates for Birmingham Airport parking, which leaves you more to spend on holiday. Check out Birminghamparking to see just how little it costs when parking for a shorter holiday so near home.

3. An Amazing Number of Pubs – Old and New

Much of Dublin has been restored to preserve the history of the city. This will not be more noticeable than with the pubs, which have been around for countless generations. No one knows how to enjoy a mug of ale or a shot of whiskey quite like the Irish, and in Dublin, you’ll find a fun-filled nightlife like few places on earth. If it’s innovative cocktails you’re into, try Mulligan and Haines, which just opened for business in 2017.

Not only are the cocktails inventive, but they have a lovely assortment of dinner entrees and sandwiches to enjoy. But, lest you forget the pubs with history, don’t forget to pay a visit (or two or three) to the Brazen Head which, believe it or not, has had its doors open since 1198. Then there are the ‘new’ pubs founded in the 1800s, like the Stag’s Head, but don’t forget, there’s always the Docklands if you’re after a pub scaled up to 21st-century tastes.

AngelMstyle – Indian Travel Blogger

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Here are the Most Recommended Rhinoplasty Clinics in Bangkok Based on Reviews

Rhinoplasty Clinics in Bangkok
Here are the Most Recommended Rhinoplasty Clinics in Bangkok Based on Reviews
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Thinking about a nose job? Technically know as a rhinoplasty, you may need this surgical procedure for purely cosmetic reasons, or to fix a problem such as breathing issues. At any rate, the procedure will cost you a pretty penny in Australia or New Zealand. Thankfully, rhinoplasty clinics in Bangkok offer this solution for much less. How much is a nose job in Bangkok? Let us go over five of the most recommended rhinoplasty clinics in Bangkok and see how much they charge for this procedure.

Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre

Founded in 2007, Nirunda International combines advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched experience. This helps them provide the best rhinoplasty in Bangkok. Their surgical team has been trained abroad, offering you the same level of expertise you would expect back home.Without the hefty price tag. You can get a nose job here for as low as AUD $1,296 / NZD 1,391.

KTOP Clinic

This modern and well-equipped clinic features state-of-the art facilities. The experienced surgical staff here uses advanced medical techniques to deliver impressive results for their clients. The clinic is driven by the philosophy that everyone has the right to look good. Rhinoplasty at KTOP costs around AUD $1,080 / NZD $1,164.

Samitivejv Sukhumvit Hospital

Established in 1979, Samitivej has been a leader in the region’s medical tourism industry. Since their inception, they have had the capacity treated thousands of local and foreign patients each year. You can get a rhinoplasty at this leading hospital for AUD $9,000 / NZD $9,690.

Bangkok Hospital

Endorsed by the Royal Family, the hospital boasts cutting-edge equipment and a highly qualified and team. Rhinoplasty is one of the many cosmetic and medical procedures this hospital offers. The hospital holds the internationally renowned Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. A nose job here starts around AUD $1,233 (NZD $1,300).

Apex Medical Center (Main – Ploenchit)

Founded in 2001, Apex has several branches across Bangkok and beyond. The clinic’s founder Dr Nantapat Supapanna chart is a specialist in aesthetic medicine. He is also a member of numerous prestigious organization such as International Society of Dermatology and the American Board of Laser Surgery. You can get a rhinoplasty here for as low as AUD $13,892 / NZD $14,904.

Now compare the above Rhinoplasty Prices in Bangkok with those Down Under:

  • Australia: AUD $12,600
  • New Zealand: NZD $13,575

The price difference will more than cover the cost of travel and accommodation. The main reason for the price difference is Thailand’s lower operating costs. The country’s lower cost of labour and materials and stiff competition among the clinics also keeps prices in check. The best clinics and hospitals understand they have to provide impeccable services to survive in this industry.

Feel free to learn more about the rhinoplasty clinics in Bangkok mentioned above. You will get the same quality of surgery you would back home. And you get to enjoy an amazing holiday in Bangkok.

AngelMstyle – Indian Beauty Blogger

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Drink your way to Health with Plan Old Water

Drink your way to Health with Plan Old Water
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Drink your way to Health with Plan Old Water

Can a simple thing like drinking water actually make you healthier?

Well Yes! you’ll be surprised to learn the benefits that simple, plain water can bring to the human body when its treated in the right way.

Enter Alkaline Water…

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How to find glasses which really suit your face shape

How to find glasses which really suit your face shape
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How to find glasses which really suit your face shape


Every face is uniquely different. When it comes to finding glasses frames to match your shape it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are great tips out there for finding the perfect match and knowing which face shape you are is a great place to start.

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