Which of the 4Cs is Most Important When Buying Loose Diamonds

Most people today prefer buying loose diamonds to buying preset pieces. So, why is this the case?

Figure this out. When making a diamond engagement ring, you want to make a great impression on your partner. You will need to be sure that the diamond on the ring will stun your partner for many years after you give it to her. To do this, you have to understand that the most important part of the ring is the diamond and how the quality of your diamond can seriously impact how much it sparkles.

You, therefore, cannot afford to muddle with your choice of loose diamond or the expert you contract to set it. You have to choose the most sparkling loose diamond, set it elegantly, and still stay within your spending plans.

How do you benefit when you buy loose diamonds?

  • You select your preferred stone in terms of color, shape, weight, and what suits your budget
  • Picking a loose diamond allows you to inspect your diamonds for defects
  • Moreover, you will choose how you want to set your diamonds
  • It also allows you to choose the metal type on which you will to set your loose diamonds
  • You can get a better bargain for your jewelry than when you buy a set-piece

Loose diamonds come in marquise, oval, rectangular, square, pear, or round shapes. The round-shaped loose diamonds are the most fashionable.

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How are Loose Diamonds Set?

Bezel:- You can surround your loose diamond with a metal ring. This will not only secure it but also give it an elegant look. If you are giving the ring to a person with a busy lifestyle, this will be the best setting because it holds the stone firmly.

Six prong:-  With this setting, your diamond will be held to the center by six metal clasps. You can go for this setting if you have selected a pear, oval, marquise, or round diamond stone. The six-prong setting is not good for rectangular or square-shaped diamonds since they do not balance well with it.

Four Prong:- This differs from the six-prong setting in that there are only four clasps to secure your diamond stone to the center. It is a great setting because it can secure a loose diamond of any shape.

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The Most Important C When Buying Loose Diamonds

Cut, color, clarity, and carat are the 4Cs that determine the splendor and worth of your diamond. A perfect balance of these will give your diamond a brilliant and elegant look. However, the cut matters more than the others do when it comes to dictating the quality of your loose diamond.

This is mainly because the cut of your loose diamond will influence the glitter of your engagement ring. If your loose diamond has a superior cut, you could compromise a little bit on the other aspects and still have the sparkle of a well-designed piece.

To be more certain about the 4Cs of your loose diamond, confirm the certification from AGS and GIA. These two are trustworthy bodies that follow strict gemological standards to grade and describe the quality of loose diamonds. We would advise you to select loose diamond stones with a GIA or AGS report.

You can also buy loose diamonds from reputable online retailers. Pricescope the largest diamond forum has an informative page that lists approved online retailers of dazzling loose diamonds. This would be a good place to start your journey.

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Purplle Newly Launched-Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick: A Product Review

Purplle Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hello Friends, I recently got to try these gorgeous and fun collection of Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipsticks, I tried the 10 hot and sexy shades, and trust me I enjoyed each one. From subtle hues to fearless shades, the collection is both gorgeous and bold.  Here are the ten different shades:

  1. My Cover-up Story: This is such a lovable shade that will cover your lips with a naughty and flirty swag.
  2. My first Prom Night: One of the most gorgeous shades from the collection, this one is my personal favorite.  
  3. My First Dare: If you love being the showstopper of your group, you cannot miss this beautiful shade.
  4. My First Date: The fine hue and texture of the lipstick makes it a great one to include in the collection. 
  5. My First Hug: Being a lipstick lover, you cannot miss this vivacious shade. 
  6. My First Selfie: Perfect pout needs a gorgeous color and a hint of shine, this one offers both.  
  7. My First Vacay: Fabulous shade and texture, this is a perfect color for every event. 
  8. My First Dress Up: Having this lip color is a must because it is a shade that you can wear with any of your dresses. 
  9. My First Bae: This shade has everything, from fun, flirty and fabulous. It is a must buy.  
  10. My First Sleepover:  This is a shade which is light and pretty for the fun nights with the group. You will love the lip color if you like to be subtle yet cool.

Here are the details of the Purplle Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick:

  • The lipsticks are made to give your lips a finish and hue that can help you look attractive and gorgeous.
  • With the Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick on your lips you can have an enticing look
  • After you apply the lip color you get the best shade that doesn’t require multiple applications. 
  • Each of the lipsticks is enriched with Vitamin E and it gives conditioning to the lips and you feel moist for hours.  
  • The lipsticks are smudge proof and you don’t have to worry while you smile, talk, eat, drink or kiss. 
  • With the water resistant formula of Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipsticks, you can enjoy your drinks without worrying about the color getting faded.
  • While removing the lipstick, your lips don’t get any stains.
  • The best thing about Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipsticks is that these are free from any cruelty to animals.

Good points that I noticed about the Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick:

  • The packaging of the lipsticks is gorgeous and classy. The applicator is nice and perfect for application. 
  • It dries up fast and you get the perfect opaque finish with just single application.
  • Each of the lipsticks from the Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick collection is transfer proof as well as water proof.
  • The shades are perfect for all the skin types and the variety in the shades make it best suited for women of all age and skin tone type.
  • I have been using all the ten shades of the lipstick since a month and I am really happy with it. 

If you want to bring your sexy, wilder side  out while dressing up for any event where you need to look special then try out these amazing shades of  Purplle. Each one of the shades is so unique and eye catching that it will be hard for others to take eyes from you. Look like a true Diva this diwali covering your sexy lips with these amazing shades of lipstick.

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A Blissful Trip To Uttarakhand With Fellow Bloggers Courtesy UttaraKhand Tourism Development Board

Meena Travel Blogger

If you are the follower of my blog then am sure you already made an idea how much I love traveling and exploring new locations. This time an opportunity came in my life where I along with some esteemed fellow bloggers were invited for Blogger’s Bus 4.0 trip organized by UttaraKhand Tourism Development Board.  The trip itinerary was planned to explore the natural beauty, culture, and traditions of Koruwa, Chakrata, Hanol, Mori , Sankri , Lakha Mandal, Kalsi, and Dakpathar. It was a 4 nights and 5 days trip and the organizers planned each and everything in such a beautiful way that the group enjoyed this amazing trip completely. 

The journey began on 4th June 2019 and all bloggers met at the square communications office, Delhi at around 8 Am in the morning. We started off at 9 Am and our destination was Koruwa and we reached there around 5 PM. We were served tea, breakfast, lunch from time to time during the journey. After check-in hotel and getting freshen up we joined together to enjoy local folk dance and together explored the hotel which is really a beautiful one. We enjoyed dinner in the hotel and stay at night.

On 5th June morning, we stepped out from the hotel at 7 Am after breakfast to visit Tiger Falls. It’s a lovely place for photography. We explored the other nearby places of visit before we march back to the hotel for lunch. From 4 pm onwards we again started our journey towards Chakrata and explored Chakrata market.   On our way, we visited Chilmiri Top and then proceeded for Ramtal garden. There are many sightseeing places which are perfect for photography and we all clicked many. We had a night halt in the hotel and had dinner over there.

On 6th June early morning, we left Chakrata after tea and breakfast and first visited Budher caves. We explored Hanol and Mahashudevta and captured the scenic beauty behind the lens. From Hanol we left for Mori at 2 PM. Here the team had a blast while enjoying Mori River Rafting at Mori camp. After this, we had lunch and left for Sankari. We reached Sankari around 6.30 pm in the evening and enjoyed an overnight stay and well-served dinner. 

On 7th June we marched towards Lakha Mandal and explored the destination completely. From Lakha Mandal we left for Kalsi and reached there at 4.00 pm and enjoyed sightseeing and lunch. From Kalsi we again started for Dakpathar and by 6.30 pm we reached our destination. We explored the place and enjoy every bit of its natural beauty. Had dinner and night halt in Hotel of Dakpathar

It was time to get back home and we started around 10 AM from Dakpathar on 8th June towards Delhi. Way back home all 5 bloggers who traveled together enjoyed antakshari and other indoor games. We realized we all turned good friends and that was the best realization for all of us.  I heartily thank the team of UttaraKhand Tourism development Board for organizing such a brilliant trip for us which we all thoroughly enjoyed. I strongly recommend to all planning for Uttarakhand trip to book your packages from Uttarakhand Tourism board directly. Trust me the experience will be awesome and worth memorable for you.

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Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire Perfume Review

Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire

Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari is a vibrant perfume that reflects a true blend of fun, daring and sweet fragrances including frangipani, sparkling pink pomelo, and vanilla musk. Spraying the perfume makes you feel spontaneous and elegant. It would not be wrong to say that it is a festive floral eau de toilette that captures the quintessence exciting and sweet scents.  Created by celebrated perfumer, Alberto Morillas, who has also created Omnia Crystalline, the Pink Sapphire has a whimsical blend of bright citrus and exotic floral scents. Throughout the year Bulgari has given us elegant fragrances inspired by gems and Pink Sapphire is another valued creation by the brand. 

The perfume is aimed to inspire the perfume admirers of generation that dares the perfume lovers to be themselves.  The packaging of the scent, Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari is same as from the Omnia collection by the brand but the color is beautiful pink, since the fragrance is named after Pink Sapphire Gem. It looks adorable and even if you are not a perfume lover, you get attracted towards the delicate color and elegant design of the bottle. 

I fell in love with the bottle and wanted to buy it because it is really gorgeous and anyone call fall in love with it at the first sight. The design of the bottle is inspired by gem, it forms two rings that are flawlessly flowing into each other and that looks like a gorgeous jewel. It looks like the symbol of infinity that is a stunning representation of powerful and limitless emotion of freedom and abundance. The bottle is too attractive and the color is just amazing.

Similar to the bottle of Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari, the scent is sparkling and fun. It has an infusion of energy and power that blends well with the feminine side. It is good to smell even after hours and women of all age will love this for sure. Be it everyday routine or a special occasion the Pink Sapphire perfume from Omnia range of Bulgari is something that can make anything go ideal with the perfect mood that it can set. I loved the scent because as I have already mentioned, it can be used for parties or every day. It fits any occasion and young as well as old perfume lovers will enjoy its fun, fresh and elegant scent. Another good bit about eau the toilette is that it can last for longer time and you don’t have to spray it too much. So, the bottle doesn’t ends too early. You can use one bottle of Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari for a longer time. I love it when fragrances surprise me and this one does it so well. At first the perfume is attention grabbing because of its bright and flirty fragrance, later it becomes sweet and enticing and it ends up with the musk scent that is deep and classic. It is one of the most elegant and soft scents that I admire personally. If you have that liking for soft and tropical scents and you do not like the strong fragrances of floral smells, you must try it. The spicy scent gives the perfect blend of musk and floral blends at its best and it makes you have fun with complete elegance all day. 

Even in the case if you want to make your lady love feel really special then this Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari can be a perfect gift for her. Let this fragrance spark up the feel of romance in you.

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Dharamshala: An Abode To Spiritualism and a Great Place To Enjoy Various Activities

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Recently I and my best friend got a chance to make a trip to Dharamshala. We were excited for the holiday and as per our expectations, the place treated us with a plethora of activities to do and things to explore. It was one of our memorable holidays that we relished to the fullest. It started from Delhi and we reached Dharamshala after an overnight journey. The very first glance of Dharamshala filled our mind and soul with the positive vibrations. The Dhauladhar ranges topped with snow, the misty morning, natural beauty and the tall deodars made the holiday amazing. 

Once we reached Dharamshala we checked in our hotel and after relaxing for a couple of hours we started exploring the place. Trust me, this was a great trip and once in a while, we all need such holidays to rejuvenate our senses. 

So, here are the few things that we did in Dharamshala and the point of interests that no one should miss. 

  • Mc Leod Ganj:- Being the home to His Holiness Dalai Lama ji, Mc Leod Ganj is a beautiful hill top that is also a Tibetan settlement where there is a beautiful temple for monks to practice their education in Buddhism. The view from this temple is breath taking and there are many cafes and shops from where we purchased some gifts for family and friends. 
  • Up from Mc Leod Ganj is Bhagsu Nag. There is a famous and traditional temple of Lord Shiva in Bhagsu Nag and there is a small waterpool where pilgrims and tourists take a holy dip. After walking up from Bhagsu nag there is a gorgeous waterfall and if your reach there before sunset, you can watch the beauty and natural colors of the fauna in the vicinity. After walking little up from the water fall is a famous café named, Shiva Café. The food there is amazing and the cafe offers a great view of the Dhauladhar ranges. This is one point from where we saw the trail for Triund Trek. 
  • On the other side of Bhagsu nag is Dharamkot. It is the starting point of many treks and the place is itself a gorgeous beauty. Also known as mini Israel, this is one of the coolest places in Dharamshala where you will find the hippie culture. On the top of Dharamkot there is a vipasana centre and if you want to practice vipasana they offer courses at various levels. 
  • There is a famous St. John church in Dharamshala, which is located just before Mc Leod Ganj, the church is located at Forset Ganj and it is a famous place of interest among Indian as well as foreign tourists. 
  • When you go little down towards the main town, there is a breathtaking Tea garden located in Chilgadi. This is a famous tea garden spread across the entire hillock and most of the Kangra Tea is grown in this garden. We smelled the aroma of tea and enjoyed the trip to its fullest.

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