Bright and Colorful, The Vibrant Holi Experience We Had in Rishikesh

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I and my bestie are travel and adventure lovers and celebrating Holi in Rishikesh was something in our bucket list since long. So, this year we decided to celebrate Holi in Rishikesh. We have been to Rishikesh in the past and we have enjoyed the water sports, attended the evening Arti and we have been to most of the local attractions like the famous Beatles Ashram, and have been to all the temples and most of the cafes in the place. This time was a different experience because we were about to be a part of the colors crowd having fun on streets with the other travelers and locals. 

On the day of Holi apart from the color, joy and fun was in the air and it was so good that we thought of not missing a single part of the Holi celebration there. Right from the night before Holi, there was festivity all around. At Lakshman Jhulla, Holika was burnt and locals as well as the tourists participated in it. It was like a public party scene where everyone was wishing us and we were reverting with smiles and joy. Music was there, fire was there and the mood was set for excitement and fun. The enthusiasm of people was so up that we forgot that we have just met them. And all this happened a night before the main festival. 

Next morning, I and my friend were both geared up with our Holi colors and water balloons left our hotel and that was a grand celebration in which we participated. There were people playing drums on the streets, music was everywhere and people were even burning crackers. The sky above us was colored in multiple layers of beautiful shades and the entire ambience was so inviting that we couldn’t stop each other from being a part of the celebration.  The joyful environment was so good that we thought of not leaving. However, we had booked our rafting package. So, after a while we reached Shivpuri from where we were to start the rafting. It was so much fun that we had. With water splashes from Holy Ganga river touching us in waves made us feel so energetic and vibrant that we enjoyed the entire rafting experience like never before. May be it was the festive vibe that made us enjoy each and every second of the day. 

It was an amazing feel to get out of the raft and  join the people playing Holi once again and the experience was like we missed noting out of the celebration and we felt like we never left the Holi party. People coloring each other, spraying waster with water guns and throwing colored water from buckers and balloons, it was so amazing that everyone present there was just having fun and celebrating our Indian festival of Holi. I have never had so much fun in Holi before and my friend too has the back for my words. Al together it was the best Holi of our lives.

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An Adventure Trip To The Less Explored Part of Himachal Pradesh: Jibhi and Jalori Pass Trip

Jibhi and Jalori Pass Trip

My best friend is my travel companion and we both love to explore the various places in the world. After our travel experiences in tourist destination foreign lands, we made a visit to the Kullu Valley recently and headed our ways to the less explored parts of the. We planned for Jibhi and Jalori Pass and that was the best travel decision we took. 

On the long weekend of fall, we headed with our SUV and reached the Aut tunnel at a chilly and misty morning. Reaching till there was a great experience altogether however we had no clue what all was waiting for us. After having tea at a small shop near the tunnel we started driving towards the Banjar valley. Banjar is on the left Bank of River Beas so far it is a place that is less crowded. With the Majestic Mountains lined up across the entire view, Jibhi is a place that has not attracted a chunk of travelers like Manali or Parvati Valley. I and my best friend decided to visit Jibhi because we wanted to soak in the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature. Staying for a couple of days in Jibhi let us unwind our mind and we wanted to stay there for a few more days but sadly, a trip has to end. So we returned. While coming back, we took the way from Jalori Pass and reached Shimla. The roads were adventurous and the entire trip was full of enjoyment and peace that we cannot find in the city lives.

Here are The Highlights of Our Jibhi-Jalori Pass Trip in The Mountains:

There are two beautiful yet small treks that we did in Jibhi. A three hours trek from Jibhi led us to the magnificent Chaini Village that is famous for its ancient architecture that is inspired from Chinese art work. The trek begins at the place named chiladhar and we just loved walking up while enjoying the breathtaking view that got more gorgeous with the height we gained. We also went to the Sharing Bagi temple from Chiladhar which is another gorgeous place.

On reaching Chaini Village, we were surprised with the architecture of the village. There were historic buildings and relics of many abandoned buildings that were made up of rocks. My friend suggested that we should take some pictures here and we clicked some highly impressive images of the old and mysterious marvels of architecture with the backdrop of the view that is blessed with natural splendor. It was indeed a sight that filled our mind and soul with peace and happiness. 

After our visit to Chaini Village, we went to Jalori pass and Sarehul Lake and then we returned to our home. Jalori is a mountain pass that connects Kullu District with Shimla District and it is a lovely place with a low altitude of 3120 meters. Our visit here was while we were driving back home. 

Altogether it was a memorable trip that I and my friend will appreciate for lifetime.

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A Memorable Birthday Trip To Hong Kong and China

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I and my best friend are born in the same month, July and we share our birthday together with 22 and 23 of July respectively. So, we decided to make our birthday memorable and exciting with a holiday in Hong Kong and China. It was one of the best birthday celebrations that we had together. So here are the highlights of the things we did and places we visited in both the places.

Kowloon and Victoria Harbor:

We both had fun enjoyed riding the Star Ferry that we took from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. It was ten minutes ride and a perfect way to explore the historic harbor. We clicked some great pictures of the skyline while we had the cruise ride. Later we went to the Temple Street Night Market on Kowloon and we enjoyed having some delicious and spicy noodles at restaurant that are lined up across the streets. The Temple Street Night Market is beautiful and inexpensive market from where you can get indulged in shopping spree.

Victoria Peak

As we both were exploring the gorgeous city we reached the Victoria Peak that is a mountain peak located at the western half of Hong Kong Island. Being a popular tourist attraction we thought of spending some moments of joy here do we took the Peak Tram funicular railway to reach the top. The breathtaking experience is still in our memories and we loved the experience of watching the panoramic view of the city and the harbor from up there.

Tian Tan Buddha

One of the best highlights of our Hongkong birthday trip was the visit to the Tian Tan Buddha. Situated in Ngong Ping on Lantau Island, it is a very big metal statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. It is a symbol of harmony and compassionate relationship between the humans and Mother Nature, according to the local belief. I and my best friend boarded the MTR train to Lantau Island and from there we shifted to the Ngong Ping Cable Car in order to reach the Ngong Ping Village and from there we had a short walk towards the Tian Tan Buddha. Trust me; it was worth the efforts we put in order to reach there. Having religious vibes and spiritual ambience, it was a great experience to reach there.

Later we went to Chins during our Birthday trip and here are the highlights from our trip:

We reached Beijing which is the capital city of China and the first thing we did was to experience the walk up to the Great Wall of China. Being the eighth wonder of the world, it is a great experience that can add fun and frolic to any trip to China. Later we visited the Forbidden City and enjoyed visiting Temple of Heaven which is the enormous place of heaven worship; at last we went to explore the Summer Palace. Later we visited Shanghai which is one of the largest cities of China and has many historic sites.

Al together it was a marvelous birthday trip with my best friend.

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The Kikar Lodge and Fun-Filled Zipline Flying Fox Adventure Activities

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Hi, Friend, ’s I am back again after a long time to share my latest travel experience which was full of activities, enjoyment, and fun. Guess where I have been this type? Still guessing… Ok, relax let me share the experience with you all my fellow readers. Well, this time I went for a 2-day trip to THE KIKAR LODGE, which is a lovely property in the ravishing state of Punjab located at Village – Kangar, Nurpur Bedi.

This time was fortunate enough to get the invitation from Flying Fox, Zip Adventure Tours Pvt Ltd, which is a Zipline Adventure Tours company offering exclusive zipline flying fox adventure activities in various locations of India. This company is having its services available at Kikar which offers you the scope to Fly fast right above the jungle to enjoy the longest zip tour of South Asia. The other spots where you can enjoy this adventure activity by this company include Neemrana fort, Rishikesh, and Jodhpur. The activities are Inspected annually to International Standard EN15567

 I went to Kikar Lodge Punjab just for the urge to give a kick to my adventure side and experience the zipline flying fox activities for the very first time in my life. I Must say that the Flying Fox team was very professional in dealing with tourists like us trying their luck in Ziplining for the very first time. The complete team available there at Kikar was polite and well organized. One my personal view I must say that I felt completely safe and good care of was taken for everyone. As I already told you that I was trying this adventure act for the very first time I was very scared and was questioning them so many times about the safety features they are having for the tourists. They were so patient in answering all my queries and explained to them in such a lovely way that half the fear was gone already. The safety features which you can see here is true of international standard and you will feel every penny you invest is worthy. I just felt right at the top of the world when I tried this adventure act and my dear friends, I request you to come here and enjoy at least once and you will not regret rather thank me for recommending this adventure act in Kikar.

Well, I would like to add here is that Flying Fox is the only Zip tour company of India having International Standards certification. The safety equipment’s which are used by the company are sourced from Petzl, France. Before the Zipling activity starts every person attempting this adventure activity is given a brief about the safety features besides practice as well as an assessment session. All in all, the experience was a fabulous one for me.

The Kikar Lodge is the nation’s First Private Forest Reserve located at the foothills of Shivalik and spread across 1800 acres of area with greenery all around. 24 hrs power backup is there in the lodge. For the guests, there are 22 beautiful Luxury air-conditioned cottages besides 8 other Garden View Rooms. Check into any room of your choice and budget you will get all modern facilities of life like LCD TV, built-in cupboards, writing desk, mini-refrigerators, tea & coffee makers, 24-hour power back-up, and attached bathroom with all amenities. 4 types of rooms are there forest view cottage, pool view cottage, family suit, and dream luxury tent.

If you wish to go for a casual walk then take a tour of the marked trails and explore the forest and spend time mingling with the 180 species of birds residing in the forest. The Kikar Lodge is home to some of the wild animals and birds who reside in their habitat. If you visit here with your gang of friends then you can enjoy various sports like cricket, volleyball, badminton, dartboard, basketball and water polo. Arrangements for carom and other indoor games are also there.

It’s just not Zipline you will find many other adventure sports to enjoy like paintballing, mud driving, night safari, and horse riding. I tried horse riding and it was an amazing experience like never before. If you are fond of trekking then you will not miss that here at Kikar Lodge. All and all it are going to be an outstanding experience for you.

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I am very particular about my health and wellness and so I didn’t miss the chance to have a full body massage at the hotel spa. The experience was just awesome. If you wish to soothe your body, mind, and soul then choose any of the spa services you wish to avail like head massage, neck & back massage, hand & feet massage, Shirodhara (Kerala oil massage) treatment, steam bath or sauna bath.

If you wish you can soak the body in the well-maintained swimming pool of the lodge and if traveling with gang why not enjoy some bonfires at the Amphitheatre. For romantic couples’ arrangements for candlelight dinner can be done close to the pool.

The lodge is having a dedicated AC restaurant serving multi-cuisine food. Besides Indian food, you will also get excellent Continental and Chinese cuisine. Food will be served both in buffet and a la carte Menu style. Separate kid’s menu will be there for families with kids. Very well-cooked food is served at the restaurant perfect to satisfy your taste buds.

The experience was all in a fabulous one for me and I enjoyed the 2 days trip courtesy Flying Fox, Zip Adventure Tours Pvt Ltd. All thanks to the amazing team of Flying Fox and The Kikar Lodge to turn my weekend a memorable one.

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If you are looking for some getaway destination from Delhi for a weekend trip amid nature and with some adventure activities then nothing can be the best destination for you other than The Kikar Lodge. Plan for a trip to this amazing land and I strongly bet you will not repent on your decision.

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Finding a Great Restaurant in London After Work

restaurant in London

When you have that big meeting at the client’s office in London, sometimes all you will see are the hours of preparing and planning you will be going through in the preceding week. Then the meeting ends and you have to find somewhere to finally eat. Well, the good news is that you are in one of the culinary delights, London has a wide range of everything to offer and especially world-class restaurants. There are some you really shouldn’t miss.


When you walk into Scully, you cannot fail to see the influences on chef Ramael Scully’s like. Coming from a heritage of Irish, Balinese, Chinese and Indian backgrounds, the food Scully creates takes the best of all these influences. Take the less-than-classic 36 hours, slow-poached goat, which is served on a yoghurt flavoured with green chilli, pickled red onions and urd lentils.

There is nothing normal about Scully’s and it’s all the better for it.


If you have been to or heard of the Smoking Goat, then you will know of Ben Chapman. If you haven’t then this is going to be a real treat. Right in the heart of Soho, Kiln offers a minimalist dining experience with hints of Thailand infused throughout. Imagine the best of British meat, cooked over a firepit of chargrilled embers, then served with traditional Thai sauces. The flavours last in your memory for weeks.

The Barbary

The Barbary is renown for its outstanding food and the fact that you’ll have to queue. If you’re planning on heading to The Barbary, it’s wise to also book into London Apart Hotels and spend as long at the restaurant as you possibly can. The atmosphere is filled with the joyous sounds of laughter, music and the smell of great food.

Taking the best of the old Barbary Coast and enthusing it with modern Israel, the menu offers delights you’ve never heard of and will never encounter anywhere else.


Hoppers is proudly Sri Lankan. It does pure Sri Lankan food and nothing else. The way it specialises allows you to already know that it’s going to be world-class. Anyone first-time visitors must try the hoppers pancakes, from which the restaurant gets its name. It’s a small restaurant and therefore filled every night. The upside of this is the personalised experience you will get and you know that no two nights are ever going to be the same.

Smoke and Salt

Feel free to judge a restaurant housed in a shipping container, but then when you taste the food, you know you’ll be judging it in a hugely positive fashion. This ridiculously affordable pop-up ha to be high on any list. The mix of food changes with each fresh delivery, so it’s always worth popping in just to see what’s new.

Heading out to a restaurant after work is sometimes the best part of the day. One of these will definitely be the highlight of any week.

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