Sparkly Crewneck Sweater

Sparkly Crewneck Sweater

Hello guys Meena is back with New year Post,
Hope you all have checked out my last blog “ Lakme Complexion Care Cream “,  So today I will be writing about how cool is to wear a Sparkly Crewneck Sweater and how it can help you  to embrace your look.

I still remember how much I have hated wearing sweaters while I was growing up. I felt it made me look very fat and bulky. Winter is an amazing season and how we dress in this season makes it more special. keeping oneself safe and yet look elegant and stylish is the key for fashion in winters. As it is rightly said “better safe than sorry”,  so dress yourself in a way that you are warm and comfortable with fashion blogger.

I have never liked any kind of sweater in my early days, but as I grew up sweaters have become a daily wear for my way to work or hanging out with friends.  The fabrics are really soft and comfy these days that you can wear it very easily embracing your look.  So recently I got this beautiful Sparkly Crewneck Sweater with the amazing fabric and yet it was very stylish and comfortable. I wore this Sparkly Crewneck Sweater post my new year celebration  as it was getting very cold.

Sparkly Crewneck Sweater is woven with the metallic yarn on the outer side and cotton from inside which is simply cozy and comfortable Fashion blogger. This Sparkly sweater look s very fancy but at the same time its is very comfortable , it’s the blend of comfort with style. The fitting is very relaxed, with long sleeves. I found this sweater very useful which is just perfect for a holiday party or brunch with friends.

Sparkly Crewneck Sweater

Sparkly Crewneck Sweater
Sparkly Crewneck Sweater

AngelMstyle:- Indian Fashion Blogger

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Lakme Complexion Care Cream

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I hope you guys have already checked out my last blog I wrote about What to wear this Christmas Day  and I hope you liked that too. So today we will look at the most popular complexion cream available in the market right now. Its the Lakme Complexion Care Cream or Lakme CC Cream as we say, comes with two different shades which we will be exploring today.


What is Lakme Complexion Care Cream ?

Lakmé CC stands for Complexion Care cream. It combines the goodness of your daily skin cream with just the right touch of make-up to give you that perfect look in just a few minutes.
Its skin care benefits include sun protection (SPF 20), moisturising, brightening and freshness while its make-up benefits are an even skin tone and basic coverage.

However if you plan to stay out in the sun for long, you need to apply moisturising cream before you apply the CC cream. Its gives a sun protection of 2 hours but not more than that.

What are the different shades of the Lakme CC Cream?

Lakmé CC comes in two shades:

  • Beige –  This shade is for a fair to wheatish complexion.
  • Bronze – This shade is for a dusky complexion.

It is a light formulation that ensures the cream is easily absorbed into your skin and also gives it a perfect, even tone that looks natural and not made up.

My experience with the Lakme Complexion Care Cream:

My first CC cream was the Lakme CC (Bronze), since Beige was not available in the market yet. I work in a corporate firm and this cream has been my life saver. The Bronze shade did well my skin but when I got Beige it was even better.

I used to apply this cream early in the morning and its stays well and good until my lunch time, that is around 2 pm. The Beige shade is what suits me well which comes for a fair to wheatish complexion. It is definitely a better choice than the last BB cream by Lakme. Some important points before you plan to buy:


  • Excellent Packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives you a smooth and flattering look
  • Hides little imperfection on face
  • Blends properly
  • Evens out your skin tone
  • Perfectly natural look
  • Affordable price


  • Dry skin needs to moisturized first before applying.
  • Oily skin needs touch up frequently.

*If your skin is dry, apply moisturizer before applying the Lakme CC cream.

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What To Wear This Christmas Day

What to wear this Christmas Day

Hello Everyone,

What to wear this Christmas Day

First of all, I would like to wish you and your family “Merry Christmas” and may you live a long and happy life filled with goodwill and friendship.

What To Wear This Christmas Day

I hope you all have read my last blog “ Outfit for Winters “, which was about long coats in winters and trust me guys its doing very well for me.

December is at its end and its time for Christmas and New Year party. This is the time when we are very confused about “What to wear this Christmas Day” get that perfect look which can make this occasion special and memorable. With so much options around it was really hard for me to decide what should I buy and I finally settled with this cute Red little dress.


What to wear this Christmas Day

What to wear this Christmas Day

christmas backdrop


What to wear this Christmas Day


Why Red on Christmas?
Red is colour of Passion and desire and it also represents Santa’s uniform. So what could have been better than wearing red on the Christmas eve? Having a Red dress is a must for every women and specially at this month of the year. This is the perfect choice for every Christmas parties or Christmas celebration.

A Red dress does not need much accessories, the pop up colour of the dress says it all. It gives you confidence and it is a strong colour which is simply timeless. You can always wear heels and full cover jacket or coat to keep to warm enough if its cold. Lets admit, its very cold at this time of the month so I used my long pea coat which I used in my last blog and and the stockings long socks to cover it all.

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Outfit for Winters

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Hello Friends ,

Winter had already arrived and it is so exiting to see the latest fashion trends of this season. Its freezing cold and its really hard to choose what to wear which will look great but still keeps you warm.

When it comes to decide your Outfit for Winters, the safest option is to go for pea coats. A long coat which is fashionable as well as comfortable and a must have for every girl for outdoor outfit. No matter what the season is, I always pick an outfit which stands out and so this is my first outfit this winter which looks classy and comfortable .

I decided to purchase this particular pea coat which keeps me warm and comfortable and yet looks very trendy. You can wear this beautiful pea coat with Skinny jeans or leggings with a round neck top or shirt. You can always style it the way you want and it will never loose its charm.

AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters
AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters
AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters
AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters
AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters
AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters

AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters

AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters
AngelMStyle - Outfit for Winters

This comes with different sizes from thighs to knees or below knees. However there are few things you need to keep in mind while purchasing one of these:

    1. Buy the perfect size: Never buy coats which is over size, this is a common mistake women make while purchasing coats. Oversized coats make you look heavy and big.
    1. Wear complimentary bottom/top: Always wear complimentary tops or shirts under the coat and the same goes for the bottom wear. Go for colours which are just opposite or same as the colour of the coat.
    1. Match it with your skin: Buy the coats which favours your skin tone. Be bold! try colours which flatters yours skin and gives a punch to the overall look.
    1. Choose your style: Pea coats are available in different styles and for different body types. Choose your style very carefully.

Pick up coats which admires the femininity in you.

Be bold and awesome..

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Top 5 Budget Mascara To Try

Indian Fashion Blogger, Delhi Fashion Blogger, Angel M Style

Hi everyone,

So last time I blogged about the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and today we will checkout Top 5 budget mascara to try.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. Eyes plays very important role in the overall makeup. Kajal is great way to make your eyes look more natural and beautiful. But is it possible to make your eyes more beautiful?

The answer is mascara, which gives you amazing punch to your eyes making it more attractive and beautiful. So let’s review top 5 budget mascara to try which is not heavy on your pocket.

Maybelline Volum Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara:


Maximum volume and maximum definition for your eyes – that’s what you get from a single swipe of Maybelline’s Volum Express Mascara in the shade Glam Black.


The superior formula is waterproof and holds its own when you swim, run for cover in the rain or shed a few tears.

Smudge Resistant

The jet black color clings to your lashes and stays put even if you accidentally touch your eyes. Imagine a formula that is waterproof and smudge proof – now that’s something!

Collagen Enriched Formula

The unique formula is enriched with collagens that plump lashes one by one and provide you thick lashes that almost reach the sky!

No Clumps

The creamy formula goes smoothly and separates each lash without making them clump together for a gorgeous finish.

Contact Lens Safe

Tested and found safe by ophthalmologists, this waterproof mascara is safe to use by contact lens wearers and doesn’t cause irritation.
Define your eyes with those dramatic and thick lashes and stay gorgeous, come rain or shine.

 Price: INR 308

Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara:


Lakme gives you the ultimate in mascaras with this lovely curling and jet black Eyeconic Mascara that gives you those coveted lashes that almost touch the sky!

Smart Curl Brush

The brush, with a pointy tip, is designed especially to easily reach even those tiny lashes at the corner of your eyes, separate them and provide definition.

Intense Black Finish

The jet black color offers instant definition and color to your eyes and effortlessly adds glam and volume.

Lightwear Mascara

The smooth formula doesn’t clump together and is light and easy to remove at the end of the day.

D – Panthenol Moisturizer

This special moisturiser keeps your lashes smooth and nourished even after use so they have a healthy and nourished shine.

Easy to Remove

Don’t let the chemicals get to your eyes while you sleep at night by removing this Eyeconic Mascara with just one swipe of a damp cotton wool.

Flaunt luxurious, silky lashes with gorgeous volume and definition with the Lakme Curling Mascara in your makeup kitty.

Price INR 265


Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof:


Your deep, charming eyes will get dramatically glamorized with this mascara from Maybelline. A mascara gives a great finishing touch to your eye makeup by making your lashes look thicker. This Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Easy Wash mascara beautifies your lashes wonderfully. With the Dark Black shade, this mascara makes your lashes voluminous and vivid. Apart from making your lashes look thicker, this mascara also curls up your lashes to give your eyes an alluring appeal.

With a long-lasting formula, this mascara stays on your lashes and keeps them curled up and voluminous for as long as eighteen hours. When you return home tired after that roaring party, you will not be daunted by the task of removing the mascara as it can be washed away quite easily. This mascara is innovated for gorgeous fashion forward women.

Directions for Use

• Apply the mascara on your lashes by moving the brush applicator upwards to cover the lashes from roots to the tips.
• Add more coats if you wish but avoid applying another coat if the mascara has already dried.
• Use the mascara on both upper and lower lash lines.

Price: INR 220


Maybelline Volum Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara:


Give a sensational and attractive touch to your eyelashes with this Mascara from Maybelline. Whether you want a refined look for office or a bold makeover for a happening party, this mascara can work wonders for your eyes.

Pro-keratin Formula

Enriched with pro-keratin formula, this mascara adds volume to your eyelashes without forming any lumps.

Spoon Brush

This mascara comes with a spoon brush along with a flexible wand, that helps you apply it smoothly from one corner to another. The flexible band gives you fuller eyelashes without forming any gaps.


This mascara is ophthalmologically tested and is safe to use when you are wearing contact lenses.

Price: INR 425

Loreal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara:


Create a spectacular effect on your birthday or day out with your friends with perfect eye makeup by applying this Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara from the esteemed beauty house of Loreal Paris. Packed with special and unique features, this mascara is a must-have for every beauty conscious woman. The Renewal Serum Inside Mascara is enriched with a potent mix of ingredients such as Arginine and Centella.

The Arginine used in this mascara promotes growth of your eyelashes thus, making them look longer and thicker. The Centalla included in this mascara helps in revitalizing and strengthening your damaged eyelashes thus, promoting new hair growth.

This mascara adds depth to your eyelashes by providing an intense black top coat and serum base coat. With a renewal lash serum, this Serum Inside Mascara leaves your eyes fortified and nourished all day long. This Ultra-lengthening mascara makes your lashes look up to 80 per cent longer. Look naturally beautiful and appealing with longer eyelashes by applying this Loreal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara.

Price: INR 925

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