Not Getting the Right Fit Clothes in latest Fashion?

Not Getting the Right Fit Cloths in latest Fashion? I think, I’ve found the solution! Last week I came across this innovative ecommerce online fashion store WWW.LURAP.COM. And, I felt like they have the perfect solutions for people like me, who would like to get the latest fashion clothes customized as per my size and get delivered at my doorsteps instead of me going in the traffic, finding a mall, then walking length and width of it to find just a dress. Hence, I thought of sharing the same with you.

Not Getting the Right Fit Clothes in Latest Fashion?

Most women today face the problem of ill fitted sizing while purchasing dresses online. And, to be very honest those standard clothes in the store, never fit anyone perfectly. But, what if I tell you that someone has finally come up with a solution, where we could order dresses which are of your exact size, regardless, if we are XS or 7XL. We can also get the designs, fabric and every other thing related to the dress custom made. Now, that’s LURAP.

Lurap means Love-Ur-Appearance, and when I can get my dress stitched according to my style with no lose fitting, no matter my size… why wouldn’t I love my appearance?

This is what Lurap is:

Lurap is an avant-garde website offering the best fit for each personally!  It offers customized style, trending designs and best fit experience for every women. Ever since they debuted in the industry, one thing has been constant- their users have shown preference for custom clothing! The customers choose the style which is tailored fit by expert professionals to create a signature style for every buyer. Aiming to offer customized clothing without boundaries!!!

How Lurap works:

1. Select your favorite dress:

Choose the dress you wish from the wide collection at lurap

2. Give you measurement:

Give your measurements and lurap will customize your dress accordingly.

3. Style your dress:

If some changes are to be made according to the style like longer sleeves, neckline, etc. you can do it too, just select the options and it will be done.

4. Get ready for the final product:

The customized dress will be delivered at your doorstep in 12 to 15 days.

People with plus body size often suffer from wearing what they don’t like, since they do not get what they love. Lurap has truly revived the concept of fashion for every women in this world.

This is quite an amazing buy and the best way to get your perfect dress without any hassle at your doorstep.

Moreover you can register and get offer of Rs.2100/- Discount on your first purchase.

So ladies do try out at LURAP to get your right fit, and let me know your experince. Till then take care .

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  1. The other look was with this amazing grass tote and a fun necklace. I can already tell this tote will be a summer staple for me. I can fit all mine and the kiddos stuff in it. Perfect for a picnic or a day at the beach! Both looks are paired with floral pumps.

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