New Sugar Cosmetics Plush Hour Matte Lipsticks

New Sugar Cosmetics Plush Hour Matte Lipsticks

Heya all my angel fam. It’s been quite a while since I have come up with any blog post about fashion and makeup. My international trip consumed a lot out of me. But now that I am back in the city, I can’t wait to bring to you people all the fashion updates.  So beginning with some major fashion updates- here’s something new in the tinsel fashion town. It’s always good to go with some changing and emerging fashion brands. You get to choose from a variety of things. And here I have brought to you people, a range of extremely amazing matte lip colors by TrySugar. New Sugar Cosmetics Plush Hour Matte Lipsticks , Go through the review and give it a try for yourself.

I got a lot of things from my vacation this time. But there was something waiting for me back in India that I just couldn’t contain to myself. The quality of the product was so amazing that I had to bring it to you people. So this is a range of plush hour matte lip colors brought to you by Try Sugar. The texture and finish of the product is worth a buy. The comfort that it gives is completely non negotiable.

The brand has launched a set of 6 lip smashing and alluring lip colours and trust all of them are super killer when it comes to the presence and the finish. It’s almost a dream to have a lip color on that not only looks good but stays for the longest time. Most of the matte lip colors available in the market are either light in texture or have a shorter stay life. TrySugar did not disappoint me on any end. Matte lipsticks are generally known to make your lips look cracked and confined. But this is one thing that I could rejoice about when I wore this lipstick. The finishing of the lipstick was as good as a regular stay lip color or even better. And the texture it came out with was sultry and matte. That is like the best combination ever. Beauty Blog

There are a lot of things that I loved about this new range of TrySugar Plush hour matte lipsticks. The pigmentation quality of the products ranks first on my checklist. There is absolutely zero feathering and fading when it comes to the texture. I am totally in love with all the six shades but my favorite one remains the Cherry Jane shade. This is a pouty cool red shade which brings a lot of oomph to the look. The others in my kitty are Teaker Bell which is brown Burgundy shade for more intense look. Then there’s a Power Buff Girls which is a muted reddish brown for light subtle looks. Next in their kitty is the Minnie Mauve which is a Rose Mauve shade for some flirtatious looks.

All the shades from the Plush Hour Matte lipstick range of the TrySugar brand are worth a try. And each of them amounts to Rs. 499 only. So that is great festive deal for all you girls out there. Do not waste a single minute as I could manage to save my favorite lip shades in this exciting price. Go and grab yours and create some amazing festive looks. Fashion Blog.


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