The Mythological Stories Behind The Celebration of Hindu Festival of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth

The Festival of Karwa Chauth is approaching fast. The Indian married women, especially the ones from Northern and Western India are gearing up for celebrating this festival with much zeal and happiness. On the auspicious day of Karwachauth, married women keep fast from sunrise till moon rise to please the Moon to take care of the well being and safety of their beloved husbands. Karwa Chauth means offering Argya to lord moon in an earthen Karwa or pot on the Chaturthi day of Karthik month in the Indian calendar. There are many mythological and historical stories which represent the reason and origin of this festival in Hindu culture.

I managed to collect a few set of stories on this festival which I want to share with you all. If you love your husband then why not celebrate this festival this year with him on 27th of Oct, 2018.

The story narrating the love of Karwa: Once upon a time there was a lovely lady named Karwa who was in absolute love with her beloved husband. Because of her intensified love towards her husband she gained some spiritual powers in her life. One fine day when her husband was taking bath in the nearby river he was attacked by a big crocodile. Noticing this brave lady Karwa tied that crocodile using cotton yarns and started calling the name of Lord Yama who is the god of death. This made Yama feel very scared and he was expecting to get cursed by this devoted wife who loves her husband so much. Yama was left with no option other than departing the crocodile to hell and returning the life of the husband.

The Story of Savitri and Satyavan: The character of Lord Yama is also here in this story of Savitri and Satyavan. One day when Lord Yama arrived to take the life of Satyavan with him, his wife Savitri started crying and demanded to give her husband’s life back. When Savitri failed to convince Yama she found no other option and stopped taking water and grain and started following Yamraj when he was taking Satyaban with him. Noticing this Yama got soft-hearted towards her and said that she can ask for any boon from him other than her husband. She was a clever lady and using her presence of mind she said that she want to get blessed with the child of his husband. She added that she is a loyal lady who loves only her husband and can’t get into any means of adultery for having the child. Yama was left with no other option other than returning the life of Satyavan to allow Savitri to have children from the husband.

The Story of Queen Veervati: It’s the story of a beautiful queen named Veervati. She was her 7 brother’s one and only darling sister and all loved her dearly. It was the day of Karwa Chauth and she was with her parents at her parental house. She was on fast after sunrise. In the evening she was looking up at the sky to see the moon and breaking the fast. She was in bad shape because of thirst and hunger. Her brothers failed to bear the pain noticing the condition of their sister. They planned something and used a mirror to create an illusion of the moon on the pipal tree. The moment she broke the fast she got the news of her husband’s death. She started crying like anything and then goddess arrived and told her that she was completely dedicated to performing the rituals of the festival but her fast broke because of the trick made by her brothers to relive her from pain. After noticing her genuine dedication to perform the puja of Karwa Chauth fast Lord, Yama, restored the life of her husband.

All these stories I heard from my mother and Nanima (Granny) and now I shared with you all to let you know how the origin of the festival happened in India. Are you fasting for your husband’s well being this Karwa Chauth? Celebrate it with complete devotion and let your husband know how important he is for you.

Happy KarwaChauth To You All Lovely Ladies!!!!!!!!!

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