Mirror Image: 3 Ways to Make Sure What You See in the Mirror is What You Get

Mirror Image: 3 Ways to Make Sure What You See in the Mirror is What You Get

When it comes to buying or installing vanity mirrors to do your makeup with,  Mirror Image: 3 Ways to Make Sure What You See in the Mirror is What You Get , there is actually much more to consider than you may think. Where you use your mirror is as important as its size and degree of magnification but you don’t want to risk applying makeup up in a mirror that reflects poorly so that when you hit daylight you resemble something from the circus!

Here we make things a little easier for you by talking about the important things to consider with your vanity mirror so that you can narrow down your options. If you carefully consider the following, you’ll easily find the right mirror that gives you the same reflection that others will see during the day.

Location & Mounting Style

First of all you need to figure out where you want to have your mirror and if it needs installing. There’s absolutely no point in falling in love with a mirror’s design and then shoving it in a dark corner of your house. Makeup mirrors usually come with wall-mounting fittings or they can be table-top designs. Perhaps you would prefer the option of checking your makeup in different lights in which case you want a mirror you can move around the house. Otherwise, once you’ve found the perfectly lit spot you can have your mirror wall-mounted at the right height for you to see everything you’re doing with crystal clarity. Obviously, the better we can see what we’re doing with our makeup, the better the results! If you have small children in the house, a portable mirror may not be the best idea and so you should consider the wall-mounted option and think about the best place to put it out of the way of little hands.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to keep your mirror, you need to turn your thoughts towards lighting. Natural daylight is always best but if you have an early start and want to get your face done before you leave for work, that’s a luxury you probably won’t have. Some of the best lighted makeup mirrors are framed with the right kind of lighting to emulate daylight no matter where you install them and this is a great option if you want the mirror for your morning cosmetic routines.

Lighted mirrors are favored by makeup artists because they prevent any strange discoloration that poor room lighting can create and also remove shadows from the face when you’re applying your makeup. We all know what a huge difference the right lighting does for how we look when we are fully made-up but it is just as important when you’re putting your makeup on in the first place. Working with light that is as close to daylight as possible ensures you never leave the house with a clown face!


The final consideration when you’re buying a vanity or makeup mirror is the level of magnification. Some people like a stronger focus and others not. For people who have difficulty applying makeup without their glasses, good magnification is obviously important – as long as you check your final look with your glasses on before you leave the house! Other people with excellent vision can also benefit from more magnification for the fiddly things like plucking eyebrows or applying eye liner. Contouring is the latest thing is makeup and to achieve the best look, you really need a well-lit mirror with the right kind of magnification. Blending different shades of contouring powder is made a lot easier with the use of a magnified mirror and results in a much more natural look too. Lifestyle blog 

The degree of magnification needed for makeup mirrors is down to personal choice and depends a lot on where the mirror is located and when you need to use it. Some makeup mirrors offer a magnified and a non-magnified surface so that you can check your look in both to ensure you look fabulous from every angle. No matter what your personal preference when it comes to makeup mirrors, it’s important to make the right choice if you always want to look ‘on fleek’ with your makeup.


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