Men’s Jewelry : How To Get Started

Men’s Jewelry How To Get Started

Jewelry has always been synonymous to women’s jewelry. When we think of jewelry, we imagine a woman with adornments. Why it is that men’s jewelry has become so underrated, despite the fact that we know that men have been wearing jewelry since ages? Emperors used to adorn themselves with precious jewels and it was a status symbol among the rich. It is time we bring back the lost trends and encourage more men to start wearing jewelry.

Men’s Jewelry: How To Get Started

Comfort: With the right kind of jewelry, a man can look both classy and trendy at the same time. If you want to start wearing jewelry you might be unsure how to start. You do not want to wear something that is outside your comfort zone because wearing jewelry for the first time can be intimidating. We are constantly conscious about our appearance. Being even slightly uncomfortable in what you wear can totally ruin your look. So, remember, being comfortable comes first.

Simple: Always KISS! Keep It Simple, Silly! Yes, as simple as it sounds, it is easy to avoid overdoing jewelry. A piece of jewelry that looks good in its case may not look good when worn, simply because it’s too loud or bold. For someone who has never worn jewelry, you want to make sure that the first time you wear it, you do not look uncanny. Maybe wear a ring or a men’s gold chain. Remember, wear only one piece of jewelry. Starting with a ring, chain, earrings and bracelet all at the same time will make you look anything but classy. Never forget, less is more.

Style: Create your own style, do not follow trends blindly. When wearing jewelry for the first time, do not go for what is latest in fashion, wear something that suits your personality. If you are a fitness freak, bracelets are your things but heavy gold chains might not go with your personality. Remember, jewelry is a way to augment your personality. If it is not doing so, what is the point in wearing it?

Men’s Jewelry: How To Get Started

Types of Men’s Jewelry


Chains or necklaces are one of the most basic jewelry items for both men and women. And it is not easy to classify them. There are a variety of chains and necklaces available, from Dog Tags to Gold Chains for men, you have several options. In Gold Chains you again have different links like Figaro, Box, Curb, Rope etc. Do not get overwhelmed by all this. It is best to try on all these, wearing your most regular clothes. If you’re in corporate, try on necklaces wearing your suit. If you’re into athletics, go in your jersey. Try to blend in the necklaces with your most natural appearance.


Most men wear nothing more than their wedding ring. Well, it’s a classic symbol of love but not completely representative of your personality. Our hands speak so much about the kind of person we are then why not go ahead and adorn them? You can pick simple bands or rings with gems. This is the most interesting aspect about wearing rings. You can wear them with your birthstone or any gem that you like. It adds a different level of panache to your appearance and makes you look trendy and classy and the same time. What’s more, gem studded rings are something that have rarely ever gone out of fashion, so if you are a fashion conscious person, you’re sorted on that end too.


Men are often very passionate about their watches, so much so that they cannot imagine substituting them with anything else. What needs to be made clear is that bracelets are not a substitute for watches, they can be worn with and without them. Also, bracelets are as manly as are watches. If you do not want to wear a metal bracelets, leather bracelets are your thing. You also get bracelets with a dial that doubles up as a watch!


Diamond studs are a classic when it comes to men’s earrings. They are minimal yet trend and never go out of fashion. There are plenty other options available like hoops and barbells. It can be difficult to convince someone to pierce their ears, but it is not necessary. Men’s earrings are available in clip on as well. Now there is absolutely no excuse to try on some classy earrings.

Jewelry should never be about showing off something that you are not. The jewelry that a man wears speaks volumes about the kind of man he is. Truth be told, men have to pick their jewelry more carefully than women because they cannot get away with anything and everything in the name of fashion. But on the brighter side, the world of men’s jewelry is much simpler. There are classic styles which never fail and you will not be confused by several choices. Wear your jewelry with confidence and you can never go wrong.

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