Matte Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

Matte Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

Matte Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey eyes have been en vogue for quite some time now.  Matte Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial Smokey eyes give an air of mystery and sophistication to your entire look. When you think of smokey eyes, you always wander into the black, gray and silver territory. What if you are not a big fan of this color palette, but love the smokey look? Fret not; I have a new twist on the smokey eyes you love. Instead of the regular palette to create this look, I’ll take plum. With autumn here and winters fast approaching, our entire color palette shifts from bright to deep colors. And it is no surprise that plum is one of the most popular colors. It is a deep and rich color and suits all skin tones. What could be better than this? Let us see how you can get the plum smokey eye to perfection and rock it!

Matte Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

As mentioned earlier, smokey eyes makeup don’t always have to fade from black to gray. Let’s give a twist to this classic look and use a purple/ plum eyeshadow palette to bring on your A-game!

Matte Plum Smokey Eye
Matte Plum Smokey Eye


  • Start off your eye makeup by using an eyelid primer. Use a brush or your finger to cover all the creases. An eyelid primer may seem like a hassle, especially if you don’t use it on a regular basis. But an eyelid primer is necessary to give a smooth finish to your makeup, and it also ensures that your eye makeup stays on longer, without smudging. LORAC, e.l.f and MaryKay have amazing eyelid primers.


  • To create perfect plum smokey eyes, take a deep violet liner, such as MAC’s eyeliner in Snow Shadow, and line your inner, bottom lashes at the root and just under them. Make sure you don’t leave any empty spaces. The main objective is to create a smokey look that shows up.


  • Since an eyeliner creates a sharp look, you will have to soften it up, using an eyeshadow in a bluish-plum hue. You can use a cotton bud to extend this eyeshadow along the lash line right up to the outer corner. This not only softens the look but also makes your eyes look bigger than they are.


  • Coming to the upper eyelid, first line your lash line with the same liner you used before. Stay as close as possible to the lash line and follow the natural curve of your eye. Start with a thin line and gradually thicken the line as you move out.


  • To create a long-lasting look, use the same pencil and smudge it on your eyelid to form a base. Use a brush to spread it properly.


  • To create the smokey look, go over the base with your eyeshadow and keep on blending till you get your desired intensity.


  • To blend out your smokey eye, use a taupe colored eye shadow in the crease and blend the purple eye shadow upwards with the taupe eye shadow. This is important as it will show the transition from a dark shadow to the skin under the brows. You don’t have to use taupe colored eye shadow as a strict rule; you can use any natural color.


  • After blending your purple and taupe eye shadows, it is time to blend the upper and lower outer corners of the eye to give a complete look. You can use a brush to blend the edges, by moving your brush in an outward direction.


  • Top off your eyes with mascara, and you are ready to go!


Matte Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial- Plum Smokey Glittery Look

Who doesn’t like glitter? A simple twist on our plum smokey look is to add glitter/ shimmer. For your glittery plum smokey eyes, follow the same steps to create a plum smokey look. Here comes the twist! Beauty blog

Plum Smokey Glittery Look
Plum Smokey Glittery Look
  • Since this look is all about shimmer and glitter, use a shimmery color, like MAC’s eye shadow in Nylon, and brush it on the inner corners of your eye. This opens up your eyes and creates a sun-burst like shimmer effect.


  • Take a superfine shimmery eye shadow in either the same color as your original plum eye shadow, if you want a subtle shimmer, or a shade darker to create a bold look. Tilt your head back and dust it on your eyelids.


  • Finish it off with mascara, and you are ready to glitter and shimmer!


Matte Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial- Plum Smokey Party Look

Nothing makes you more excited than a party, and we know it. To create the plum smokey party look, follow the same steps as above but with a few variations. Instead of lining your upper eyelids with violet eyeliner, opt for black eyeliner to make it stand out. But make sure not to pair this look with a bold lip color.

Plum Smokey Party Look
Plum Smokey Party Look



With these simple and easy to follow steps, I hope you’ll be rocking plum this season like a pro!


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