Making the Laser Hair Removal Choice

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Making the Laser Hair Removal Choice
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Making the Laser Hair Removal Choice

There are many different ways to get rid of unwanted hair on your body. Waxing and shaving are, of course, the two most popular ways to do it at home. But there are also ways to have the process done in spa or clinic settings. As far as professional hair removal goes, laser hair removal treatments and intense pulsed light (IPL) are definitely at the top of the list.

Lasers Work on Any Amount of Hair and Most Locations

One nice thing about lasers is that they work on any amount of hair and also on most locations on the body. So, if you have areas with just a few stray hairs that are hard to remove accurately at home all the time or with a lot of unwanted hair that is difficult or painful to shave or wax off, lasers are a great option. They are also helpful because they can get rid of embarrassing hairs in places that you can’t easily see or reach yourself at home, such as back hairs.

Lasers Remove Hairs with Total Accuracy

Another thing that makes using lasers to remove hair such a popular process is that the lasers are completely accurate. They won’t leave any stray hairs behind in the treatment area. That’s something that can’t always be said for waxing or for shaving razors. In fact, lasers and IPL hair removal devices don’t even need a lot of hair poking through the skin in order to work. The light beams can travel deep into your skin tissue, easily targeting each hair below the surface. That’s a definite bonus, since it means that you don’t have to let embarrassing hairs grow out a lot before your laser or IPL treatment.

Light and Laser Treatments Don’t Hurt

When done by a certified expert, light and laser treatments aren’t painful. IPL devices don’t even give off much heat. As for lasers, although you might feel a little heat, the technician should numb the entire treatment area before the laser is ever activated. So, it shouldn’t be very uncomfortable at all. In fact, many people say that it is more comfortable than waxing hair away.

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Expect to Repeat the Process Often at First

Laser and IPL treatments both don’t work permanently just after one treatment. In fact, if you decide to try the procedure, your clinician will probably schedule a series of multiple treatments right away. It’s also quite likely that you will decide to have another round of laser procedures done at some future time. Although that might seem inconvenient, it’s still going to be more convenient than all of the waxing or shaving you are probably doing at home right now, especially since the length of time between treatments being needed should continue to increase as more and more hair follicles are damaged. The damaged follicles should take much longer to regrow the hairs.

Things to Consider Prior to Using Lasers

Before you have any sort of laser treatment, whether it be to remove hair or treat any sort of skin issue, you should consider your own skin color and type. Certain laser machines are not recommended for use on those with oily or dark-colored skin. If you fall into one of those categories, before to discuss all of your treatment options with your skincare professional. They can recommend specific laser machines or other treatments that will be safe for you.

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