L’Oreal product-Paris UV Perfect Transparent Skin – Review

L'Oreal product-Paris UV Perfect Transparent Skin

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We can already fell summer and every one need skin protection from the harsh light of the sun. So today my blog will introduce a product which will help you to protect your skin in this blizzering heat. It’s a L’Oreal product-Paris UV Perfect Transparent Skin – Non Tinted.

Overview of L’Oreal product-Paris UV Perfect Transparent Skin:

From the beginning of the March, everybody can easily sense the knock knock of summers. In this weather our skin is attacked by various harmful radiations like UV rays and others. Therefore our body starts asking for something which can not only give nourishment infact which can also save us from Tanning.  This product is the answer for all these questions and it is available on Nykaa for just INR 420 Rs. It gives a perfect deep as well as outside protection to the skin from brown spots, skin darkening and ageing. It provides UVB and UVA protection. It is filled with detoxyl therefore also prevents dullness. It has anti-oxidant supplements which gives skin the most required supplements necessary for the skin. The best part of it is that it just not only acts as a sunscreen instead it is also very much useful in picking out the pollutants and protect from pollution.

L'Oreal product-Paris UV Perfect Transparent Skin

Method to apply:

Take a pea in your hand and apply it on the exposed area on your face,  hands and neck. ( Trust me if I am saying just a pea/drop that means you surely need only that much). You can also use it at the end of your make as a touch up. Use it daily without worries. There is no harm in using it daily as a moisture cum sunscreen. It can be used as 2 in 1.

Review of L’Oreal product-Paris UV Perfect Transparent Skin :

I applied it in the morning before moving out and to my surprise it lasts till evening. That means it is really long lasting. The amount I use, I am sure my one bottle will last long for around 3-4 months. It means it is really worth for money. The most important attribute of it is that it does not gets sticky at all which most of the sunscreens usually lack in. It hydrates. It is very light weighted and very very effective. It gives protection from Tanning and at the same time gives moisturizer like nourishment. Your skin will feel like breathing.

At the end, I would suggest its a must buy product! Go grab it as soon as possible and feel the change. Happy summers!

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